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  1. I think she’ll pretend FF and BJ don’t exist as she should!

    I think she genuinely likes Glory you could tell during its promotion plus she mentioned she wanted to add more of it to Piece Of Me but her team wouldn’t let her. I also think she likes Circus to a degree as well so I can see her continuing to perform Womanizer and If U Seek Amy (which I feel is one of her faves from the album)

  2. 6 hours ago, Kevney said:

    Didn't at one time people here think it was a song? It was a long time ago..

    I think that was the Red project she kept hinting at which now I think may have been the Netflix documentary that she somehow knew about. 

    Part of me thinks project rose is her next album, especially now that she said Beyoncé influenced it and as someone pointed out Britney talked about Lemonade and how that must have been therapeutic for Bey. So I now think “rose” is B10 and it’s super personal and an outlet for her feelings. We also just got that rumor that she’s been writing a ton of songs. 

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  3. 19 hours ago, G-unit said:

    Given the way she spoke during her testimony, which was a pretty typical (albeit angry) Britney voice, I believe the way she speaks in IG videos is just her being silly or trying to have a “cutesy” voice in her videos.

    The signature Britney laugh was even there when she giggled after she said “because I know I might need a little therapy.”

    She also sounds normal when Sam posts videos with her talking in them as well. 

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  4. I always laugh when people call Blackout dark and personal , it’s not! Most of the album is about s**/partying/love and there’s only a few songs that could be considered personal! I hope B10 is more like ITZ honestly, very personal and experimentation with a variety of sounds! I’d also love something like Kacey’s Star Crossed a chill vibey deeply personal album! 

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  5. 4 hours ago, Blackout2006 said:

    They even voted for Slumber Party as a single when Change Your Mind was in that same poll :queenie_falling_dying_dead: The levels of clownery :clownery_makeup_meme:

    Well Slumber Party is a WAY better song! Change Your Mind is overrated af it’s not single material at all! The song that was really robbed from Glory is If I’m Dancing! It should’ve been the 3rd single! 

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  6. 33 minutes ago, Kevney said:

    does Britney even like this album? she never performs the songs from it

    it's one of my least favorite Britney albums, it's at the bottom with BJ.


    I don’t think she likes it because it’s not the original direction she wanted. You could tell she felt bored and unenthused when promoting it! BJ, FF, and BOMT are my least favorite albums of hers! 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, ElenaB said:

     Criminal is the second best song on the album, the most pop-ish and it's getting the attention it deserved back in the day thanks to tiktok :ban_britney_ff_femme_fatale:

    Inside Out was a missed opportunity for sure as well as HATLM (although i like the ballad remix better).

    DDB on the other hand :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:

    Criminal is the worst single she’s ever released! 

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  8. 9 hours ago, TTrouble said:

    The song is already on Spotify.

    I'm a huge Kelis fan and this sound is.. very in the moment, but still very her. 

    But it's nothing special :flop_britney_candies:

    2/5 at best. Very disappointing.

    It’s kind of lackluster for a lead single which I’m assuming it is. This would make an ok album track, it’s just missing something....the verses feel off. 

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