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  1. How do you think she's gotten the "reboot" to go ahead? She's been licking Lou's hole since Britney stopped working....Lou is pretty connected and has an entire company. Trust me James and Lou will be getting their part of the stake . Not to mention this b itch will be getting Britney's fortune if god forbid....... so yeah it's one circle otherwise you'd see JL standing up 4 Britney and her freedom but no she's running after her interests.
  2. The twitter comments Britney fans left her are just hilarious. By the way , dare i say i can't wait for this? As in i can't wait for Britney's team to turn her into their new cash cow....maybe after 12 years of non stop working she'll know what Britney feels?
  3. He's probably hitting that . Oh plz we were all thinking about saying it . Adele wtf r u doing thoigh?
  4. Oh wow .. she's so pretty i swear. Just with the right angle and maybe make up. She looks so natural and im getting major prime Britney vibes. I love the fact that she hasn't gone 100% plastic like other celebrities. I hope she's relaxing and staying drama free. This woman is enduring so much right now yet remaining so SANE. Mentally stronger than all of us put together regardless of her strict and crazy environment.
  5. Oh look .... a dimentia patient on the beach. ALONE. I wonder how she could walk on sand , and how she could remember how a beach looks like. Is her team back at it again? " look she's out and using a PHONE"
  6. Man what the hell happened to JL? She literally used to give me dakota fanning tea when she was younger. She was so bright, funny and talented. And not her showing more interest in that kids toy than her actual sister's mental health and wellbeing. This family just can't stoop lower and it's frustrating to watch because they're so deliberately oblivious to what's going on.
  7. Hold your conspiracy horses children , she'll either put on red lipstick or wear a red top in her next pic Or she's just announcing to us that her period is happening soon save the date #FeministQueen
  8. Hmmmmmm perhaps this is the reason why Britney won't attend. In case she gets overly emotional, passionate and breaks down which would only result in horrible (god forbid) consequences . I hope this is wrong and i hope she does attend and gets the right support from her boyfriend, lawyer and some of her family and friends
  9. Ingham is getting hardcore and this is all so positive. He basically threatened that Britney has things against Jamie however she cannot do anything due to the legalities of the C-SHIP ...that's 2 birds in one stone...Judge Penny should be swift enough to get his intentions.
  10. THANK YOU. People don't understand that Muslims have been getting killed and targeted way before 9/11 even occurred. Upon the fact that Sharia law and countless of popular misconception about the religion itself have been infected and twisted. Sad situation all around tbh. I don't even like to discuss this usually.
  11. How despicable. Why? this so offensive , i don't even have words to explain how incredibly offensive and blasphemous is this and im not even remotely a religious muslim. One of the biggest wrongs is to manipulate holy sayings and playing with them. And this is the issue Islam as a religion has been facing since it was introduced....people basically interpreting words and twisting them to their own agenda. I just can't express my disappointment in this woman. Just dirty and despicable. Im a MASSIVE fan too.
  12. Britnry is Toxic .. Toxic is Britney. It defines her as an artist and as a performer. The song was made for HER since Kylie turned it down. And for the confused people , she said she wrote it "Janet in mind" the same way Umbrella was written for Britney in mind. Lota of songs were initially created for particular artists.
  13. It is so unfair to speak about someone who isn't even speaking for themselves. They always make her out to be a murderer crazy bat sh it lunatic woman who cannot remember her own name. I will only take it from Britney's mouth .... im done with people speaking on her behalf.
  14. Those kpop stans are worse than satan's balls. They're so damn annoying. I cant wait for kpop to be over.
  15. Sounds amazing. So sick. I want her to change this boring phase pf music. This beat sounds real edgy. Now drop it already
  16. The blackout theme and aesthetic was just PERFECT but i still don't get why some outakes weren't used for the booklet or for the main cover instead. With some retouches this could be an awesome cover.
  17. Do some pop girls get in a relationship just to break up and release a song about it? It's getting tired , lame and old at this point. Only taylor got away with it since her music was good.
  18. I've never seen the appeal. she's a good performer but she is anything but authentic or genuine , she's beautiful and talented yet her songs only reflect THAT only and not enjoyment thrill or good time. As in to me she's another Xtina and i cannot get over her ego throughout her songs it only screams ''IAM A GOOD SINGER AND I CAN HIT NOTES'' . Single ladies is a good ....bop but where am i going to listen to it? I downloaded lemonade and was literally tired of the songs by day 3 except for Formation. I loved six inch heels but it's incredible how her songs age like milk. Just don't see the appeal or buzz , she's a female singer who has a fake reputation for being a ''feminist'' and all about ''girl empowerment'' which clicks in this modern era of women empowerment and that served her well. Whereas her husband cheated on her countless of times yet.....she's still with him.
  19. hmmmm so it's basically a ''better attorney'' battle just like any case. Im wondering how will Britney pay for those lawyers when her money is controlled by the Con team? Will this mean we see Britney putting out independent releases to keep paying? or will she use her ''54 million fortune''?
  20. I just hate it . It's toxic ... and it exists in both the gay and straight communities. The concept of equality is highly misinterpreted and falsley comprehended. I had people pushing me and trying to box me so many times in high school and university when i wasn't leaniant to either gender just yet. People are scared of the slightly different since the terms gay, straight etc were coined. You're either this or that. And you should be into certain things if you are .... it just screams olden and traditional i mean really we're no different than the 30's 50's in fact going back in history being both or either was a normal tradition/nature in various cultures. Anyways lol maybe im speaking from my own point of view but i hated the ****** orientation labelling experience and i still hate the attitudes towards that.
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