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  1. I like what im hearing and idc what everyone says
  2. Can megan trainwreck shut the **** up already about Britney? She's too salty aka katy perry salty type. Britney lives rent free in those Z-list celebrities' minds . And was that Myah jean shade? Seema like she knows ALOT of inside info ..... wonder who's informing her of this *coughLOUCIFERcough*
  3. OMGGGH Jayden is literally BRITNEY in every way . Splitting image of her Too bad they don't have her mannerisms . They haven't seen their mum properly since 3 years ago. Their charactiristics are Kevin on point. Poor Britney.
  4. Ok im an absolute firm and stubborn believer of the movement. I mean iv gotten banned for hating on her team and Lou so much . However , i honestly think we need to be logical here . This isn't a new project ... this is 2 new songs on an old album so it is business and record label motivated. Secondly , you really think us boycotting those 2 new songs will help free her? We're ALL already streaming her older songs on the regular and this is NO different. I peraonally don't buy anything or pay for music at ALL not even Britney's , especially now . But i will be streaming and listening to this. Britney is in a LEGAL delimma.... even if she goes 100% broke and becomes a regular citizen what she's in won't change unless we apply PRESSURE. yes , her father also wants money , yes her team will benefit .... but either way nothing will change unless it is LEGALLY changed. If anything, Britney needs money now more than ever to FIGHT for her own freedom. All in all this is a very weird situation , i mean some FreeBritney members are starting to sound just straight up HATERS of Britney online at this point. And even for people buying the re release it doesn't mean that they're exploiting her either not at all ... most actually have good intentions. Britney needs our support in various forms.. and if anything this will bring light to her case since we NEED the GP on our side if we want to free her for real. I honestly see talk and less action from FreeBritney advocates at this point.... if they were THIS serious then spend your money towards contacting journalists and paying media outlets to cover stories about her and set up an office somewhere even. But no it's just hate and sabotage and useless talk at this point. If this is a new album with videos??? I'd be personally sending DM to each supporter telling them how horrible they are. I honestly this we will hurt Britney if we didn't support this. Feel free to change my mind.
  5. Incomplete , show me the meaning of being lonely , larger than life , the call , i want it that way , everybody . They're bigger than NStink. Plus i can tell Britney is behind this , she just ADORES backstreet boys. If only this was released 5-7 years ago it would have SMASHED. But she still has a chance . And im very pumped to hear it .
  6. Oh don't be so dramatic it's literally a 2016 album and it is one hell of an album . If anything RCA is quite considerate of her obliging to her wishes of not releasing an entirely new material. Plus this is just a bonus track to push for an album to reach a certain unit .
  7. I agree . I mean the BSB collab would've been cool 6-8 years ago and it is still random. But i mean i can see why Britney would choose them... she loves collabing with people she genuinely like as persons and feels comfortable with . Plus Miley collabed with an 80's singer recently and the remix is just incredible. This could be too I mean could you imagine? Forget charts and popularity..... this would probably sound like the Oops or Britney era mixed BOMT and larger than life etc . With a modern twist.... and might even have a chance on radio and the GP.
  8. Lots of reliable sources have confirmed it is BSB. Do it is happening . I think the tracklist just hid the feature. Im very very excited . With all thats goin on . I might not buy the vinyl but i will stream. I think this is a good positive move to Britney's music brand , the label ( whom probably pushed to get her brand active again) , Britney herself ... because this will be talked about and her case will be brought to the front table.... and at last to us fans . This isn't an entire new album or era and im happy about that. I don't believe this is an exploitation .. just purely business especially the fact that Britney herself recorded this very recently as the source on ATRL mentioned. Im excited .
  9. No she had a song called matches apparently . Back in 2010 or something when she released her sleep deprivation album
  10. Why not? They're such an incredible band and they have pure love for Britney and so does Britney to them . We've gotten a tinashe , iggy and SAABE... so this is actually a positive change. There's no way we wouldve gotten someone current.
  11. I have said this in another thread and i will say this again . This is purely corporational. Yes the timing isn't the best and this is coming from a very hardcore FreeBritney stubborn supporter , however , we have to realise that popstars have contracts and obligations to follow. Hence why there are contracts and so forth. Plus Britney artistic image is deteroirating at this point . You mention her name and people just go " Ohhhh poor her " instead of linking her to her art and efforts. It has been 4 years and counting . If anyrhing this is a very good step from RCA if they were truly greedy and would take advantage of the situation? They'd put an entire album out with 30 songs and a kickass old outtakes and call it a day. But no , that's something Lou taylor and TriStar would pull off. RCA is refreshing her current artistic image and it is positive , think of it as Blackout situation where the album was released only to "Blackout the negativity" and craziness Britney was going through when her rep was in the mud , and it worked perfectly. I support this 100% . I honestly don't believe Britney isn't on board with this , she's refusing to work PHYSICALLY ... and especially performing . This is me supporting Britney the artist , her vision and her contribution because i care especially now . It isn't over , it doesn't mean that my grudges against Lou taylor , James spears JL and the entire Con team isn't there or that iv given up and accepted the situation NOT at all if anything this is more fuel to the FreeBritney fire . Having said that , if they release another "bigger" project , i won't support at all.
  12. I think this is purely RCA . And it isn't wrong in my opinion. We need to realise that Britney and every other popstar belong to an entity/corporation which market their brands and the money is then divided however. Britney's been off for 4 years now. With things going on with her , her artistic and career relevance dies further and further , not to mention the company need the artist to contribute every now and then hence contracts exist. Ariana doesn't wake up one day and go " im gonna release an album" as ideal as that sounds there is an entire marketing team worlwide that works to take advantage of what sells and what's hot then the artist does the job and both are happy. On top of all , Britney's situation could help the label in terms of exposure . So think of this as a "Blackout" situation type where the album was released to literally shift the negative attention which worked perfectly at the time . And now this little deal. It's positive , it's business and i don't think Britney minds it at all ..... Britney is denying to work PHYSICALLY and be pushed .... Anyways u get the point of what im trying to say i guess lol
  13. @Jordan Miller can we please practice our freedom of speech ... Freely? It's obvious that we hate JL since she's acting like Britney isn't ****. We're not here for anyone else but Britney . I openly dislike her and will continue to do so. She's making this VERY difficult for us to even consider her as a good person. Her answers are highly calculated and extremely sarcastic and hateful... alluding that Britney's having the times of her life atm. What a scum.
  14. First off , she's so rude and sounds salty AF... "room for anyone else"? And says that with a straight face? Give me a break Jucanda Lian ... the only "fans" that you truly "had" were US Britney base since the only one/thing you're referred to is Britney spears's sister. Secondly , she's more evil than i thought because her answer is CON worthy. "Britney's on vacation" RIGHTTTTTTT just ignore the entire movement and the fact that your sister is refusing to WORK. This Bi tch really wants us to put her on our hitlist.... Lou really rubbed on to her . Stupid b itch .
  15. She's calculated . She wasn't the mastermind of Britney's imprisonment for no reason. She didn't leave when Wallet resigned even though she knew the storm was building .. No... she waited and released perfumes , vinylas , mood ring etc to get some cash while she's at it . She's played Jamie spears like violin too , manipulated him used him to do her dirty work while all sides were getting the cash too. Now Britney's dad is literally the last man standing and he'll probably be in trouble the most if the lid gets exposed. He's an idiot but also a monster himself.... people have left ... WHAT THE **** ARE YOU STILL DOING AROUND? But NO chocking his daughter till the last breath is his objective it seems.
  17. Oh boy i have SO MANY im not even joking We used to stay with my auntie at her house in the middle east since she was on her own . Anyways my older sister used to read books at night and wold have the lamp light on since me and my other sister slept on the floor ( house is massive but we were both children) . One time i woke up at aroynd 12:30 and saw the book get pulled away from my sister's hand and i freaked out ... my sister did too of course so she just asked me to go back to sleep and she kept on saying some prayers ...... the same week i heard her screaming and whatever it was .... was pulling her blanket we both freaked out and left the room She tried to comfort me since i was under 10 years old ... but are you sh itting me ? I knew what i saw Turns out my poo sister's been experiencing this for months and she hasn't said anything to freak my mum and us . Long story short , it turns out my Auntie's house and neighbourhood was built on a battlefield where tons of soldiers and people died and weren't barried properly the evil demon or whatever it is actually followed both my auntie and my sister . My sister had a horrible 4 years of craziness and weirdness before we asked a very nice family friend whos very religious and it took him 5 months to get that thing out the house . I went back to the middle east in 2016 and she was now living in a very nice and big house .... everyday at 3 am EXACTLY some weird weird sh it happens to me ... and when i spoke to my brother turns out it happens to him too I spoke to my auntie and she just brushed it off and said " yeah they annoy me sometimes but nothing serious" Sis WHAT?? I have more stories ...... believe it or not
  18. Horrible . Disgusting . Infurirating . Frustrating . How is that woman even still patient and calm?? And how corrupt is the american legal system? ... and why is her father straight up an evil person? Why does she have to pay for some stupid mistakes she did 15 years ago? Her life is being stripped away one year at a time. She lost her damn youth and she lost her best years in this prison working only to pay to get more years . I just don't know what is keeping her so strong im honest here . This woman is made of steel. Dear lord what a nightmare . Her dad deserves a mixed cocktail.
  19. I've seen corruption and heard of countless of horrible stories but im sorry to the american fans.... this has to be one of the most corrupt and evil legal systems i've seen .even though the law in Australia is just horrible and you could literally make up a lie and get someone in massive trouble and get paid for it ( family courts and divorce etc) . I don't know how she's holding up. Im actually being serious, if i was in this situation i'd do something REALLY stupid because this is basically your right to breathe and right to life and it is slowly going on and on and she's running out of time. I mean she lost her youthful years to THIS. So fuvking messed up god .
  20. How ? Just how is she even patient and calm? I'd honestly literallg show up to his house with some weapons and **** him up. I mean can you just imagine yourself in such situation? No honestly imagine this , you're dealing with some sort of "mental illness" then you're under law which REQUESTS you to go by your own father's words . And after 12 years you pay for him to hire his own lawyers to fight you back and keep you in the same loop you've been in for 12 years. Yeah i'd rather die .
  21. I dont get it . Madonna's videos are always bizzare and katy is just straight up a weirdo online. I honestly believe she should delete her instagram and maybe comeback later not because of what people think but to make a statement. Otherwise she could continue posting whatever she wants draw more attention and followers until she drops a killer album. Somewhere Larry is itching to call her and say " iv got a new album plan" you know he loves the whole controversy then an album drop.
  22. Then why did you release it you dumba ss?? Im sorry i just lose respect for people that diss their own sh it . That's your own WORK , just don't say anything and appreciate the success. Plus i used to be a MASSIVE JT fan , but i have to say his songs aged like expired milk.... i just tried to listen to his songs the other day and couldn't unlike Britney and Rihanna's songs. On top of all his 20/20 experience album is seriously cursed .... every time i put on that album in my car something horrible happens... so i got rid of it
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