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  1. Lmao ... That was so funny. Some of you need to lighten up btw
  2. The video is weird . I mean the applause are strange choice lol . But i think i've cracked the code about the mystery with her instagram posts. Britney writes the way she speaks . So just imagine her actually talking to a friend and doing gestures. Thats why we find it "weird" the way she writes her instagram posts and her use of emojis.
  3. This makes me SOOO happy because i have always loved that song. And always hated how much it is unappreciated. Now all who hate this song can CHOKE.
  4. Some of you are terrible. She's literally just reflecting on her brief experience with Britney and how badly her pov was used and twisted. She seems nice and genuine.
  5. It really isnt our place to to decide nor even pass an opinion however in my VERY personal opinion . I think Britney needs to stay away from the any possible trauma triggers and vegas is a big one. I dont know , i just dont think her signing onto another deal would be beneficial . Except if she wants to make some serious money , enjoys herself and hires new choreographers and managers. That way she and only HER calls the shots . To spend her time being busy and doing what she loves . That maybe the case in 2 years time. She needs alot of space. Even instagram and social media , deactivate it all. Spend some time yo heal and comeback whenever you feel like it. Let her spend her money and enjoy , only god knows she needs it.
  6. Look how radiating she looks. My god she must be over the moon mentally. Im so happy for this woman.
  7. Im happy for her . But the photos are bad. Hire a photographer Britney , you have enough money
  8. How good does it feel? All these years waiting for hold it against me and womaniser work ***** etc at crazy hours 20 mins to go . Gonna overmedicate myself and grab some snacks
  9. An hour to go in Australia I'm pumped Let me get the snacks ready First time ever , something exciting happening and it isn't late at night here in Australia How does it feel , peasants
  10. Oh my bad lol . I had my first dose a week ago and i had a terrible night yesterday . Shivers and fever and all. I think I have the actual virus. That's why I asked lol. It might be perfect timing so I could watch the docu lol .... The silver lining I guess
  11. Wait so in 3 hours it will be on Netflix Australia? Perfect ... As I might have COVID and I'm still waiting for my test result result
  12. Bro wtf is this bi tch on about? Nothing makes any sense. What is she even addressing? Nothing is coherent . Whoever's writing that is doing a great job. Like wtf . This only make me believe that she' literally being fed bits and selected pieces and the woman is kept somewhere in a bubble. Or .... Maybe she is a lil .... Not in touch with reality? Drugs ? Meds? What is it?
  13. Let's just be freaking thankful for what WE Britney fans did ... AND for free. There's no strong point he's making , it isn't about the money . This is about exposure and a Netflix special is major. Now the entire world will legitimately know about her case because let's be honest , it is just the hardcore fans and the U.S that knows and actually cares about her case. This will pop the lid off . Im so greatful for what this movement has achieved . He should be thankful if anything.
  14. Dude i never bashed her dancing videos . She's free to do whaT she likes but dear GOD im sick of them at this point Can she post something else? Spice it up Britney. Post some cooking vids . She'sso hungry to dance , make an album queen , and release a video for every song instead of this looped up mess
  15. The title is GENIUS. And it is enough to tell us thagnit will 100% pro Freebritney. I mean why would netflix in all its glory be against the movement and against Britney? This is going to be MASSIVE. Imagine if they blow the lid off and call out everyone and show the extent of the exploitation she's endured. Then literally the entire world will know. This is bigger than massive.
  16. Why does she keep cutting ties with big hitmakers and people? She's gonna end up where she started , knocking on jimmy kimmel's door with her old wooden guitar.
  17. Love miley she's a real one. Off topic. How are you guys having concerts and everything? Are things back to normal in the U.S? We're still in lockdown in Australia until everyone's vaccinated
  18. The album is incredible . I haven't liked an Arabic album like this since her 7th. Id say this one is her best after "B tfaker fi eh" . This song should've been the lead imo
  19. Nancy bland? The entire 24 Arab countries , asia and wherever Arabs exist disagree sis come on , she defined the entire 2000's pop and our generation.
  20. One of my fav songs from her tbh. I remember buying a CD with ALL of Britney's songs and remixes back in 2004. And the song was on it i was just OBSESSED with it . Wish it was released as a single after breathe on me and touch of my hand . Man so many missed opportunities during that era thanks to ******* Kfed and outrageous video.
  21. I honestly always thought he was paying extra attention to her more than anything. He was the closest to her afterall
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