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  1. Aww Thank you, i am so grateful for my experience, as i know the majority wasn't too great, my partners included, so i was very lucky.
  2. Doesn't he mean an ear piece?? Wasn't this rumour at the time that she wore an ear piece and was fed her lines to say to the contestants.So this is not new information!!!
  3. I think we are taking everything so seriously, i think the joke is on us, i think she is trolling us with everything she writes. lol
  4. she is looking AMAZING.... its crazy what going just a lil bit easier on that eye liner can do to her face. Looking fresh Gurl!!!!!
  5. Fell in love with this song all over again!!! Great remix. Wish this could be released, This song would defo up her credibility with the GP.
  6. I defo feel there is a deeper meaning for her paying homage to Britney in this vid, especially with the message she is trying to get across in the video about freedom and all that jazz...
  7. Wow, watching this makes you realise how much she has changed, but i guess it has been about 10 years?
  8. Thanks for sharing, Never seen this. Amazing performance. Choreography that suits and compliments her. She looked amazing. Always loved her performing this track
  9. Loving this version, Really well put together. This will be my go to version from now on....
  10. I am living for this, every time i log back on there is new candids, i feel like i have gone back in time. She looks really well and really happy, I can't remember the last time we had pap pics like this. I hope this is a sign she is in a much better place.
  11. Slay Yvie!!!!! Hope it is shown. Team Brooke Lynn Hytes over in this corner!!!!
  12. She looks AMAZING. Hope this is a reflection of what she is feeling on the inside. I hope she is feeling in a good place that her life finally maybe hers again, that hope must bring her some happiness.
  13. i don't know why, but i find the vid of her watching Ri, so cute.
  14. This is so set up. Damage control at its best. She looks so sad, i don't think we have seen her look like this since way back. I really hope she's okay and we have just blown this all up.
  15. Exactly what i needed, Trying to read through all those pages and keep fully up to date was tough going lol. Thank you for this!!!
  16. Ive watched it about 100 times and i really don't know how i feel. I think the execution of the video is not that great. ( i know its prob a rough edit) but it doesn't feel well shot, it feels a bit sloppy. Brits body looks banging, but her hair and make up in some scenes do not look polished enough for a music video. The bad body double at the beginning offends me and even the scene in the cage with the red glitter looks cheap in HQ. I can kinda see why they scrapped it. The Make me video we ended up getting was boring AF but the way she looked compared to this Video was worlds apart. Its a shame because if it was executed right the original could of been up there as one of best videos. But massively happy to have something new to entertain me for a while...
  17. This is true, She did have her moments. Man we need some new music and a new MV ASAP lol. (and yea the body double.... lets ignore that part lol )
  18. One of my Fave Britney songs. One i never get bored listening too. I just wish she wasn't so vacant in the video. She is so disengaged. It would of been on fire if she brought the energy she has now. But the Video is just a reflection of where her state of mind was at the time.
  19. Thank you, Was really pleased. and V lucky by the sound of it lol
  20. Thank You and you know what you are right i should be a lottery ticket lol, i owe u a drink if i win lol
  21. Wanted to repost this after hearing all the negative Meet and greet experiences happening recently. Theres still hope.... So, i don't normally post in here, but after my experience with Britney last night, i feel the need to share my story. After reading all the meet and greet reviews i was mentally prepared for what could happen, and that it was going to a quick (possibly a little awkward) i was just praying for a good picture and to know i had stood next to her was enough. So when queuing to meet her, we got told the normal rules, no hugs and so on and that is she is shy. I had gone with my fiancé and we got chatting to all the people we were queuing with. Thankfully the guy behind me had already met her a few times, so he was giving us low down of how it goes down. Then the first person was called and it was really quick like one in one out, so i knew there was going to be little interaction. I can't not explain how nervous i got. So i walked in the room, saw her and told myself in my head "keep it cool" She was wearing 'the coat' and is so tiny and v pretty in real life. i shock her hand and introduced myself. She said omg i love what you wearing, my son has an outfit just like that. i told her that her son has some good style. She then asked what my name was again (with a sweetie at the end) So i responded (my name is Daniel btw) As we starting getting ready to have our pick she told me first person she ever fell in love with was called Daniel. I said thats great that means you can love me. (luckily she laughed along with everyone else in the room) I was screaming inside that i made Britney chuckle. We posed for our pic and she continued and said but he cheated on me and broke my heart, all i could think of to say, was thats not good. DAMN MEN, so maybe you won't love me then ( i am sure she could tell i was actually gay and wasn't being serious) Again, laughing she said it was lovely to meet you and enjoy the show but get out of here, get the **** out of here Daniel, pointing at the door YES BRITNEY SAID TO ME GET THE **** OUT OF HERE..... How many people can say that Britney has said that to them. Everyone in the room was laughing, i said thank you again and told her it was lovely to met her and she said your welcome sweetie . Her female assistant (which if anyone knows her name please let me know) gave me a thumbs up and as i was walking out shouted it was lovely to meet you. I spoke to the guy who went in after me and asked me what i had done with Britney to make her laugh as she was still laughing when he went. It was honestly the most surreal experience of my life. and i still can't beleive that i had that kind of meet and greet experience. Never in my wildest dreams did i think it would ever been like that. She didn't come across shy at all and she made me feel very at ease, she has made me love her even more (if that was possible) I am still buzzing. i can't believe i can say I had banter with Britney Spears and she told me to get the **** out of here......BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE
  22. She was so funny and on point, i am so glad i got to see that side of her.
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