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  1. I swear it seemed like she was actually interested based on the rehearsal footage, but what do I know? Lol
  2. This is what doesn’t sit right with me. At least have someone snap pics of you in Louisiana or whenever Jamie is. Post a pic of him like JLS has been doing on insta or snap. If you’re reason for postponing is really to be with family and your ill father, why not be with them? I’m just confused and frustrated at this point. Ugh. ...maybe she really is pregnant and that’s the real reason?
  3. Wow... I really am not 100% what this is going to be but I’m excited lol. Love the mix in the short video!
  4. Ugh I miss Britney. It’s dramatic AF, but I feel like she’s already been on hiatus for 3 years
  5. I don’t think too much was actually shared. We got 30 seconds of twitching for BTI, 15 seconds of actual choreo for Coupore Electrique (sp?), the tablecloth from DYWXO, and a preview of the slave mix/choreo. We don’t know much about the setlist (other than if we believe NappyTabs about Overprotected and My Prerogative). We didn’t see set pieces, the stage, costumes, or much else. That’s 2 minutes tops of a 90 minute show... lol
  6. That’s the show I was going to, also! My birthday is the 28th and I wanted to celebrate with her ?
  7. I just hope Britney and her team really tread carefully these next few months after Jamie recovers. How they handle her re-announcement and return to music/performing is going to be critical and might decide the rest of her career.
  8. I actually think the response was their way of not confirming whether it was on the setlist or not. The ?? has be believing they’re not saying/keeping us guessing and the “sorry” was them apologizing because they couldn’t give a proper answer.
  9. Yeah, I agreed with a lot of it, but there were moments where I was like “uh...” lol. For example, I didn’t agree with the fuss they made about changing the profile pics, banners, etc. on her social media. She has a team dedicated to taking care of that for her so why wouldn’t that change immediately?
  10. It’s not great, but unfortunately this stuff happens all the time with celebs. So many “breaks” and “getaways” that are used to cover up so much more. I hope we get candids of her in Louisiana soon. She doesn’t owe any of us anything, but it’ll be nice to see her there since that’s the reasoning we’ve been given for he postponement.
  11. A Netflix doc would be a great move for her and for the residency. Similar to what IABJ did for POM, this could generate interest in Domination/new residency.
  12. I was thinking July too, but didn’t want to be too optimistic lol. I also think there’s an album ready that would’ve come out with the second set of Domination dates to lure fans to come back to see the new music performed and create more GP buzz.
  13. Haha thanks! I work in the hotel industry and we work with big performers all the time so I’m hoping I’m right, but I in no way, am pretending that I know anything about Britney/Domination specifically. Just want to make sure people know that lol. I DM with one of the dancers from time to time, but haven’t asked him about this. I want to, but don’t wanna seem insensitive.
  14. Okay so here’s what I think is going on, yes it’s kind of long but I hope you take the time to read. I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday morning. Jamie is sick, yes. That’s evident in JL’s Instagram stories and posts. It’s likely they thought he’d be 100% by now, which is why they continued planning Domination, but I think as time went in they realized he wouldn’t be 100% quite yet so they started reducing the already little promotion they’ve been doing for the show. I’m sure Britney wasn’t as concerned about the show as she should’ve been, given her dad’s condition. Then, her team and MGM realized that grouping up the less than stellar (but still not terrible) ticket sales with Britney’s father’s health becoming her priority and not having adequate time to finish rehearsals/preparations in time, would not be a great combo so they panicked for a hot second. The decision to “postpone” NOT cancel Domination was mutual between Britney, her team, and Park MGM because it’s a win-win-win. It’s a win for her because now she’s painted as the “sweetheart daughter,” who instead of taking in millions to perform in Vegas, is rushing on her father’s side to help care for him and be with her family during the “tough times” of his recovery. The GP and the media will eat this up and she’ll come out shining once he fully recovers. It’s a win for her team and MGM because now they have more time to prepare for the show and improve what they need to improve before it kicks off again. NappyTabs teasing about the setlist (Overprotected, My Prerogative) and vocals is likely all part of the plan to hype it up so when it’s back, her fans are excited and will flood the box office/ticket master to buy tickets to see what is supposed to be her best show to date. Her return will be branded as yet another “comeback,” which the GP/media will be all over because everyone loves a good comeback story, right? This will help MGM sell more tickets to the GP and fill the venue/ their hotel rooms/casino—which is where MGM’s real money comes from. Don’t be fooled into believing otherwise. Here’s what the plan would look like for her return (if it’s not, her marketing team needs A LOT of help): 1. Announce the “indefinite hiatus” on a Friday morning so it’s watercooler talk in the office, but close enough to the weekend where it’ll be brought up in social interactions with people you’re more likely to visit Vegas with. This “postponement” story will be all over the media for a couple of days and keep people talking about her and getting her sympathy points. 2. In a few months or so, maybe around early March, post a pic with Jamie and confirm he’s at a full recovery and thank fans for their patience and prayers. Tease that Britney is ready to get back to work again. 3. Leak something (maybe Pitbull track) to spark interest in her music again and get people talking about her professional life again, not just personal. Shortly, announce that a lead single, which she’s readied since before her hiatus, is coming soon. Release single/MV. Use the “comeback” angle to really push this single. 4. Later, announce an album and that the residency (maybe new name?) is back on. Release dates and new rehearsal footage. NappyTabs back in the picture. Again, it’s a comeback so people will be all over it. Promo for both will kick in to high gear. Tickets will sell, album will likely sell with it. (Hopefully they’ll bundle the two, but it’s Britney’s team we’re talking about) 5. Album comes out mid summer (July-August) with a combo promotional run for the residency. Residency kicks up again towards the end of summer/early fall (August-September) with the hype from the original show teases and the all the new exposure she’s gotten from being a good daughter and the buzz of new music. Again, win-win-win.
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