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  1. Honestly, I am not upset with it provided Britney knows this is the agenda. Anyone marrying Brit would be set for life. That’s not the problem. Is it all underhanded or not is the question. Having passion and wanting to improve yourself via your connections is not a bad thing. Brit wants a sperm donor and he could supply. As long as Britney is well aware and they have agreed - which I’m starting to feel happened - then she is an adult who can make a conscious decision about it.
  2. Could have sent the walking on the beach vid and said paps should leave her alone but they became creative. I dunno. But we should expect them to try and screw with the fans to try and kill her fandom and sabotage the movement. We know what’s coming today so this is all to be expected. They will go down Kicking and screaming, so until Brit is free, don’t get baited by social media posts
  3. They all need therapy. Being involved with an abusive parental figure can really mess up a family.
  4. Take everything with a grain of salt. Until she’s free, we don’t know who is posting on her behalf.
  5. Honestly, I think Xtina is hugely talented and has sometimes been done really dirty in the industry for being too vocal and too much of a feminist… but I am so glad she is the diva she was born to be. She knew her worth and people tried to bring her down for her power, she made mistakes too, but ultimately, I’m happy to see her strong and healthy and happy and able to be there for Britney in her hour of need.
  6. They’re acting like he’s some kind of saint now. No, he’s always been thirsty. He wants to be a famous model and actor. He’s passionate and driven. That’s good: he’s different than all the bums like K-Fed she’s been involved with, but it also makes him sus. I mean, if he doesn’t get what he wants - and I firmly believe Jamie promised him certain connections and exposure that he couldn’t follow through on - that he won’t stick around. Personally, I’m not against marriages of convenience, like Will and Jada Smith, but both parties have to be fully on board. If Britney and Sam have had a heart to heart, and he’s told her he can’t commit to her romantically only through show, but he’s willing to help her get free and have a healthy child, and she’s on board with that - more power to them. It’s an adult decision. But it’s one that needs to be made between them in full disclosure mode. If he tries anything underhanded like take over her fortune, he better watch his back because I doubt he’d want the lioness on him lol
  7. Knew it... but let this come out and let’s end them. Help her by trashing her to hell and back and trying to make her out as a crazy liar? Ohhhhhhh.... yeah no.
  8. That was her point and I’d have to agree. It seems they used those things as her benchmarks before and kept pushing her to “prove herself”, so she’s done playing this game. A decade is long enough honestly
  9. Because the evaluations are stall tactics and a sham: she said they told her she failed despite knowing it makes no sense. The doctors are paid off. She knows they would fail her again. I wouldn’t comply with it especially if they did what she described: full on mental and physical torture
  10. Oh he better make this happen ... and I think he’s waking up to why. He could be disbarred if he doesn’t start actually doing his job. He could still be. She outed him as incompetent or deliberately deceptive ... he’s gonna need to fight for his legal life
  11. The narrative spin is obvious: “she has to take an evaluation, and if she fails, the c-ship stays.” They clearly will try their best to make sure she fails. Maybe more forced Lithium doses or solitary confinement. They made her sit for 10 hours a day.. she exposed their torture tactics
  12. Yes. They have made this mistake once before when they reported before the actual event: this exposes them as on Team Con’s payroll because they can’t write spin without a source. Team Con talked and they jumped the gun.
  13. Now we know why Kevin put out the article about the evaluation. Prepare to be crucified you scum for showing your hand: you want the conservatorship to stay and this, like many times before, is his ploy to ask for more money before he gives in. Mark my words: Kevin is bidding to sell Britney her freedom.
  14. This. Shut up Kevin. But thank you for confirming your scum status through your scum lawyer... both of you bought and paid for with Britney’s money. You need to be evaluated for your nonexistent manhood. I’m so done with this freeloading tool.
  15. Harsh? While he had a woman knocked up, he wormed his way in to Britney’s life. Had two babies with her, demanded a garage full of cars, for her to support his music career, and then still cheated on her. Harsh? He gave no craps as he ripped her kids away from her and then facilitated her enslavement. He’s demanded enough money to feed ALL his kids with her and two other women, which on no other planet would anyone consider normal. Harsh would be to castrate the loser so he doesn’t keep spreading his spawn like a disease and making kids he can’t care for. He worked until he met Britney, now he’s a stay-at-home… what exactly? we haven’t even scratched the surface of his disgusting behavior over the years. I’m sure we’re about to find out a whole lot more and this level of ‘harsh’ about to feel like cotton candy.
  16. Yeah, that struck me too. She sounded totally insincere with her praise at the end and seemed to jump on the idea of changing her care plan rather than ANYTHING Britney had to say. Not surprising since she heard it all before and dismissed her then too. She should be investigated. Corrupt judge for sure.
  17. Stop. Seriously. Dislike people but don’t body shame. Remember what it did to Britney and countless other women. It’s wrong.
  18. He’s going to be “exposed” as a cheater. That’s how they got rid of the others.
  19. I think he swapped sides to benefit himself. He uses Britney as a prop. We saw it when he brought her as arm candy and every so often he shows her off on Instagram. I don’t get lovey dovey vibes. I get trophy gf vibes. Even her behavior seems placating at best. I think she’s using him too.
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