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  1. Or watching Frozen. You know, your favorite movie where one of the girls moves away to her mansion because she can’t deal…. Not the story about the love between two supportive sisters.
  2. Where’s the dance studio in Maui? Also, Britney doesn’t use ellipses in her writing. Cassie does.
  3. Every time I get angry.. I imagine 13 years of this tomfuxery and try to calm down. Britney is a damn saint
  4. Guaranteed, if they are good people, they will see the truth as adults and elect to cut him out of their lives for the abuse to their mom.
  5. Wow. I’m speechless. But yeah when your own family can’t speak up for you and all those so-called female rights advocates in the industry are silent…
  6. Better yet: play chillin’ wit lu
  7. Glad we agree the thing needs to be terminated. Why is this so defensive? Just get to the point faster next time lol. The longer you drone on the more guilty you look.
  8. Rats scramble when they know the ship’s sinking and will likely climb each other trying to get to a lifeboat. Too bad they haven’t made Mars travel viable yet.
  9. I remember this …was shocked by the hate he got. I thought he was hot and low-key sad he was gay. It made me realize tho just how bad homophobia was and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t stick up for him more out of fear. I did try a few times in my family, but then I got labelled and bullied, so I shut up about it all. But later when he pulled down the posters in the other video I felt betrayed a bit although I also understood since I had to do the same to avoid being vilified by people I knew who were anti Britney
  10. That’s the sad part…. and since they screwed up all her business holdings and Lou made off with millions … it looks like he’s trying to screw up Britney as much as possible just like he managed to screw his life multiple times before he was put in charge
  11. She files to terminate. Kevin objects. Her dad objects. She writes Kevin a check. She drags and exposes her dad. She countersues him and wins. He avoids jail due to health issues. The folks he screwed over by shutting down domination sue him. Britney launches her own label and puts out new music in a bid to regain her lost finances due to all the litigation. Fans support the crap out of her and she destroys the music industry. She has a baby girl and lives happily ever after. They name conservatorship laws in her honour. She gets a statue for being a legend.
  12. On the contrary… I want him to keep talking. The more he talks, the more he incriminates himself. Notice how he doesn’t address the past abuse. Who supported her management’s bid to go on tour? Who signed off on her forced institutionalization? Who beat her kid? He is exposing Jodi, exposing Sam… and he exposed himself: if he has no contact with Britney, he doesn’t have any legitimate reason to stay on board as a conservator. He doesn’t represent Britney, so he needs to be fired. There’s no justification for his paycheck anymore.
  13. I just love how she pre-emptively struck out at them in court with her whole: my fam likes to talk and I won’t be surprised if the ones involved stress their concern when I want this gone. So, concerned leeches count: 1 - JL’s husband (surprised me honestly… who is he to talk?) 2 - JL 3 - Kevin via lawyer 4 - Jamie … C’mon Bryan … we know you’re there somewhere
  14. She really has. The evaluations are stall tactics. If she really failed, do you think she would have been able to work? I don’t know any employer who would see an employee fail a psych test and be like, “We should sign you up for more work. That should help cure you!” Lol… This insanity needs to stop
  15. Yeah I posted this vid yesterday and I’m guessing it’s been merged here too somewhere
  16. Exactly. Love and miss her from behind bars. Take your best friend Lou and your namesake with you back there. The Emancipation of the legendary Ms. Britney Spears coming soon.
  17. Sam is way, waaaaay different than K-fed! 1) He is a bodybuilder - aka he is self-motivated and disciplined 2) He works and continues to seek employment /business opportunities in his industry despite his connection to Britney 3) He didn’t need Britney to fix his teeth or help him clean up his image: he likes to look good and knows how to take care of himself. He also encourages Britney that way too 4) He’s advocating to free Britney. K-fed is pro conservatorship One is a driven opportunist and the other is a straight-up leech. I prefer the driven one. I don’t like Sam, but I’m not going to deny him his merits
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