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  1. I have one major complaint about Sam: His freakin’ name!! Hesam is a gorgeous Arab name. Why would you change it to bland and boring ‘Sam’? To go from a sharp sword to that common BSery… urgh! I can’t! Be proud of your heritage ffs.
  2. I don’t think we should be claiming corruption and fraud and then committing it ourselves. I’d like to legally help, but I’m also not American.
  3. Kinda a given now.. that’s the second strike against him
  4. I thought you can’t do that… it specially says names aren’t allowed. Unless she’s suddenly a concept. But who the hell would want her name anyway? XD
  5. I want to know who fed TMZ / Jamie the lie that the docs were ready? And why? Was it just to expose that connection and prove the fraudulent use of her money for media spin? That would be awesome but I doubt Sam I. Would come up with it.
  6. Guys, I don’t think pressuring people to show support is right. You don’t know what she’s going through right now in her personal life. She could be suffering privately and here you are asking her to put on her show face to please your needs. Ask nicely and then step back.
  7. That’s giving the control-freak too much credit. I genuinely doubt an absentee father who only re-emerges to assert financial control and demands outrageous sums from his daughter is anything more than a glorified pimp.
  8. Some people explore and react publicly and he was respectful about it and sympathetic. If that garners her more attention and opens dialogue, that’s great. From an academic perspective, he nailed the fundamental issues. This is about control and regaining personal autonomy. The argument that she’s crazy doesn’t hold water. No one should own her regardless of her celebrity and the system failed her / took advantage of her.
  9. Exactly. As long as this stays in the public eye, they can’t touch her or do anything to her or they will be immediately implicated.
  10. At this point, I don’t care. She needs all the help she can get. We can crucify him later after he helps our girl.
  11. They were denied in regards to having sole rights to everything. They petitioned Jamie out and them in and for him to surrender all he has. Since they were appointed co-conservators they would have needed to share. As far as I understood
  12. They must have been misled into thinking Britney had some kind of control but they are now realizing the opposite. At least we know they are pro free Britney and stepping down shows they think something shady is going on
  13. Because reproductive rights are a human right. You can’t dispute it. No man should be able to control a woman’s body.
  14. This is what I think too. They get control of the finances, check them, bring up any issues, and then she files to terminate. Strategically, this gives Britney more leverage as a) she has evidence, b) he can’t bar her from her own money or act as sole gatekeeper, c) if he does deny any request, the Trust can look at him and be like ‘why?’ And if he has no good excuse except he can or tries to intimidate them, they can destroy him. When Jamie surrenders control and they look, that’s when the real fireworks are gonna start.
  15. Yeah I think this is a good step. For years Jamie has been playing with the money but now Britney can see exactly where her money has been going. I’m sure things will come to light that were hidden before and she’s gonna be pissed. Bet you anything the “blonde broads” someone spoke about will appear as a business expense … among other things
  16. Yeah… a person who admitted his crime because he was assured he wouldn’t be thrown in jail if he did is free… and folks are heralding it as a win for some amendment right. Whereas a woman who has worked for 13 years to try and get out from her legal entrapment has been denied even access to her own lawyer. It isn’t the whole world that’s messed up: Americans, your legal system is absolutely dog. There’s corruption at every level and it’s all thanks to your god of capitalism. Land of the free my butt! Maybe for criminals!
  17. I don’t care if JL gets cancelled or not. I have disliked her since she was a kid. She comes across as an entitled, self-important brat to me. Her message rubbed me the wrong way as the way she spoke about Britney’s hopes were flippant with their hyperbole. “I don’t care if she wants to run off to have a million babies ..” (not exact but you get my meaning.). Who says stuff like that? She’s wanted ONE BABY GIRL for more than a decade. As a woman, that’s a basic human right to control your own body. “I support her and am involved only as a sister…” what does that mean? If your dad is abusing the crap out of your sister, where have you been? Why don’t you help your sister by standing up to him? I am a sister and have taken beatings for my siblings. I actually stopped my dad from forcing medication on one of my siblings before and it was later confirmed excessive for her condition (bipolarism). People make mistakes, but silence is being complicit. I’m sure you have a life Jamie Lynn, but be a sister in more than word or go to hell with your fake love.
  18. Thank you, Iggy! Let the floodgates open. You want a war Jamie and team CON? The war is on.
  19. I really don’t like this. Britney isn’t a criminal. He’s an admitted one. I don’t think we can or should equate.
  20. I bet if we put a Britney fan against him in a 1 v 1 showdown, who can fill out and file the petition faster, he’d get creamed. But he’ll still claim his fees are justified. -#Scamyourefired
  21. You know what I’d like to forget? His name. But someone every week has to mention him. Can we try to forget him - develop collective amnesia - please?
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