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  1. It looks really bad. Very manly and there's something so wrong about her face/head.
  2. Well, I never thought I would see the day when she became a perfume saleswoman ... doesn't promote her own music, just sells another ******* fragrance.
  3. Assume it's not and be happily surprised if/when it does.
  4. Did you have to Google every meme imaginable to try and make your point? Spend that time better by analyzing what made you so triggered yourself. Also, I love how a message directed at women has men up in arms. Why is it so offensive to hear women try to empower other women? Nowhere did Madonna talk about men, and yet here are responses that have to insert a ***** in to the equation. Get over yourselves.
  5. I would love to see Britney is something that didn't resemble underwear. So, yes.
  6. Next time you try to school me, take a more educated approach, instead of just a lousy meme: "Racism takes many forms and can happen in many places. It includes prejudice, discrimination or hatred directed at someone because of their colour, ethnicity or national origin." "Race: refers to physical differences of skin tone, hair texture, and facial features. Because people can be grouped by any number of physical differences (height, foot size, resistance to certain diseases), race is an artificial way to categorize people. Nonetheless, race remains an important concept because of the social and political issues that arise from it." And before you go and say something stupid like "'hair color' isn't the same as 'hair texture!'" I'd ask you to spend some more time Google searching what that definition actually is instead of finding another useless meme for your counterargument.
  7. Her hair is naturally dark. So, saying "dark hair doesn't work for her current face" makes zero sense. I'm not sure why folks prefer the washed-out version of Britney (left) over her trying to go back to her natural, more authentic self (right). I would ask yourself some hard questions as to why you think a girl who is naturally closer to a brunette is less appealing to you than her fake, washed-out, platinum alter ego.
  8. These outfits all look designer compared to what she's wearing.
  9. I mean, she looks great, but the outfit is an interesting eclectic ensemble ... to put it politely.
  10. I don't know what the hell you're all seeing... I just see a girl with dark hair. It doesn't look bad by any far stretch of the imagination. Some of you sound almost racist with your hate for dark features. >_>
  11. Considering how dying your hair is extremely damaging to the scalp, promotes hairloss, and Britney's forehead is more prominent now due to that hairloss/with age, I think she should go back to her natural shade with highlights/lowlights. Basically, something a lot more low maintenance that doesn't require her to continue to damage her body. Naturally, she has extremely thin hair, and I think that before the residency, she asked for wigs to try and grow back her natural do, but the wigs were terrible and so she went back to weave/bleach. I genuinely hope she asserts her independence and control over her own body by electing to go au naturel one day.
  12. I think people will experience the stages of mourning and nostalgia in their own way. And there's no question that Britney has changed and it isn't just the way she looks or a result of age. It's how she behaves, her connection to her fans (lack thereof), and overall, a huge chunk of her personality. Maybe some of that anger about this disappearance is projected on to her appearance. It's actually the hurt felt, kinda like how someone who is dealing with a relative/loved one suffering from Alzheimers might feel frustrated and scold the ailing person. It stings a little to know the individual you really admired and loved is slowly drifting away further than you can reach and will soon be gone completely. You think they're inside there somewhere and you rage against everything praying that something will reach them, 'click' with them, and you can bring them 'back to their senses'. I think it's a secret hope - a longing - a painful piece of reality and the fragility of existence - and I don't think anyone really wants to give up on her completely and admit the truth - but they also don't know what to do or what to say. They just watch her pick apart her own face with unnecessary surgeries, smoke until her vocal chords strain and crack, and watch her skip training to sluggishly move around the stage and it's too much for them. It's kinda like how no one wants their parents to age, get ill, and die. However, we're in that stage when our celebrity idol is fading and the one thing we wish would stay a bit constant is her appearance. I'm not saying to look like a 16-20 something... but people don't suddenly become different people in the span of 3-10 years. They retain mannerisms at the very least. It may seem shallow, but I think mulling over a nose, her lips, or eyes - central features of her face - has a deeper significance. I miss -Britney- and even though there were times when she was angry at the world, it was still her in there: She still had the same eyes and the same facial expressions, the same cute little cheeks albeit it sometimes a tad chubbier. But I don't know this girl that acts so painfully awkward, looks terrified half the time, appears gaunt, and smiles like she's supposed to rather than she wants to. It hurts me to see her like this and so unhappy, losing any and all sparkle in her eyes that once existed. I genuinely don't know what to do because loving her through this is painful. My anger doesn't mean I love her any less. If anything, it shows how much I do care that I would passionately discuss anything at all.
  13. Yeah... no... There are folks who dance like their MVs and do so with passion and energy.
  14. Watched the interview after reading the meltdowns... She looked fine. Same new face and look we're getting used to since her many surgeries. Honestly, she sounded adorable... although her voice sounded like gravel. She needs to stop smoking. I don't know if her speaking voice will ever heal, but being a chain-smoker this long really shows. She sounds like she's trying to breathe through a really thin straw. Could be after she narrowed her nose it's harder for her to breathe properly, but it really hurts my heart to hear her sound like this. I have a very long list of dead family members due to smoking and watching her slowly turn in to them is heartbreaking to me. It's not a pleasant death. Out of the 13, most were cancer and some of them were as fit as Britney but you can't run from it if you abuse your body with smoking for this long.
  15. Another residency or a retirement announcement? Honestly, I'd pick the retirement because it's better than the slow death in Vegas.
  16. I've seen amateur drag shows with more choreography.
  17. This. Also, don't touch your face if you're feeling depressed. Clearly, she was in a bad place mentally and decided to make changes to her appearance. Normally, someone would get a haircut or dye their hair, buy new clothes, or go out on some date nights with the girls, but Britney chose instead to play with her face. Maybe she wanted to become someone else, but it did nothing to enhance her features. I personally think this whole eyelifting business ages a person rather than makes them look more youthful and her nose was perfectly fitted to her face. I don't know why people think a pointier nose is good... it looks witchy and doesn't fit everyone. Her plastic surgeon should be fired. He/She should never have taken advantage of her and advised her against any procedures. But I guess they need to make money off of someone's insecurities... too bad there's no way to fix their greed.
  18. To be honest, the name is growing on me... Fanbase changes its name to Meltdowners.
  19. Motherhood. Maternity-Fantasy. Artsy-Fartsy. Tigerney. In the Redbull Zone.
  20. What number perfume are we at? Brit should quit music and just become a perfume shop keeper, spritzing her eau de toilette on unsuspecting customers passing by while shouting her catch-phrase, "I'm gonna mark my terri-tooooo-rrrreeee.."
  21. I'm really getting tired of the "I'm wearing my underwear to do this show" look.... It was cute here and there in performances for shock value, now it's just plain desperate. It's like she's only visually appealing nude to some folks... which is sad and depressing. I love Britney clothed and in pants... then the focus is on her talent not on her body. That's where her focus should be.
  22. Oh Gods above please no... Camila is so thirsty and if I have to watch her damn over-exaggerated facial expressions and attempts at being **** beside Britney, I'll puke. She was NOT my favorite on 5H. That try-hard is so cringeworthy. That being said.. I don't know how I feel about this. Pitbull does consistently make decent songs, but they have been very generic lately. I'm not really here for another "Black man's version" of S&S where she's just tacked on for hits. Honestly, Britney needs a smash OF HER OWN. I'm getting pretty tired of collabs.
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