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  1. They negotiated deals that demanded she stay in a conservatorship… Personally, that should be illegal. You should not have a say on whether or not someone remains legally entrapped in an unnecessary personal arrangement. It’s insane.
  2. I think it’s also awesome that he won’t propose to someone in a conservatorship. If he’s waiting for her to be free so she can choose to say yes or no… that’s admirable. If he’s waiting for her to have free will, I support this motion.
  3. Amen. I’ve said Boycott for a while. Boycot TMZ and PerezHilton. Never click their websites again so TMZ and TMZ Junior can stop making money hurting Britney. I tried so hard to talk sense in to Perez but he won’t listen and is so fake about being a good person. They’re just leeches with no morals at all.
  4. I have a feeling Britney and Sam have already hashed out the details. But we already knew this was coming in the sense that no boyfriend is ever allowed to live happily ever after with Britney. If Britney chooses him, that’s her choice or her mistake to make. Just let her live and grow. Mistakes are part of life and she needs to be able to live and learn like anyone else.
  5. This. This is the second time he said, “I don’t know when Britney will work again.” TBH it’s like a disgruntled boss who when the employee tries to walk away tries to hurt them by saying, “Oh yeah? Well you’ll never get work again, if I can help it!” How dare he put it in HIS statement that she’s thinking of retiring (again)? It’s BRITNEY’S MESSAGE TO SEND! Frankly, he exposes himself with this statement as the control-freak and manipulative person Brit claimed he was. Larry: do you really imagine we care? Do you think I’ll cry if she retires? Do you think I’ll get mad and curse her name? No… What you never understood is we fell in love with BRITNEY. Not Britney the artist - Britney the person. I never cared for her fake persona. In fact, I found it cringe. I love and lived for the moments when she was vulnerable and real. The woman in the courtroom giving the lot of you rats a piece of her mind: that’s the Britney I am proud to stan. As an entertainer, you could tell when she was in to it and when she wasn’t. The times she danced and let go because she felt so in to the music that you could feel the love of her craft… those are the moments I cherish. The days it was clearly forced on her, I cursed your name. For every tear she shed, I will continue to curse you. Yeah, you had a job to do to ‘manage’ her career, but you should have been our Britney’s greatest advocate, not her jailor. Goodbye. Don’t let the door hit your where god split you. P.S. I support Britney in whatever she chooses to do next with her life. When you love someone, you let them go: you give them their freedom so they can spread their wings. If they come back - if Britney chooses to write and put out music - I’ll be there. But I will only support and Stan a FREE BRITNEY.
  6. He probably has no clue just how badly his dad screwed his mom over. It will take time, and a few relationships, but they talk like Kfed and it bothers me honestly. His influence is showing and that’s not a good thing
  7. Great! I’d love for them to see this: F you Jamie. Hope you rot for everything you’ve done to Britney.
  8. Um, a screen with silhouettes dancing is not a concept you can give to one person and claim another stole from it. Literally puppet shows have been doing this for years. Lol. In fact, none of the concepts used by any artist are new and have more than likely been done at some point before. It’s ridiculous to try and claim Beyoncé is directly stealing when they all kinda are. Next you’ll say she posed a certain way with her body and that’s stealing because another woman poses that same way before. Pinup poses are not new. Just stop.
  9. Sources with direct knowledge to the situation say TMZ have a trained baboon chained to a typewriter punching out stories. However, we have not spoken to the baboon in question but we’re told he’s completely thrilled to be enslaved. Per the source, “The baboon gets 3 meals, a straw mattress, and is allowed to see the sun through the bars on their window. What’s not to get excited about?” Some animal rights advocates have been pushing to #freeSidney, but the source tells us they don’t understand the complexity of the situation and are woefully misguided. “If Sidney wanted to leave, he could have said something by now,” but sources claim he’s never expressed such interest, especially given his daily massages with a whip. Handlers posted pictures and videos earlier this week showing the baboon disheveled, anxious, and mildly confused, but we’re told it’s due to the medication used to treat their host of illnesses not being correct. “We’re the saviours here. Imagine what kind of life Sidney might have if we didn’t help him. He’d probably die.” P.S. I hope Britney sues the crap out of her father and his team of media spin stooges.
  10. Honestly: I had a mass in my sinus cavity too and it was initially biopsied because it might be cancer, so I don’t know why this person keeps insisting it’s a lie when Lynne never once says it isn’t truth. It was scary and I went through surgery but the whole while I was testy. The person labelled “me” sounds like some drama Queen and **** disturber. Lynne seemed annoyed with Britney and although they were nice to try and bring her in, people who are mad say a lot of crap. Plus “me” swears non stop and hammers messages. It’s kinda manipulative . I agree that she needs therapy tho. Jamie Lynn can shut up now about always loving Britney because by her own mom’s statement she was hot and cold with Britney like a jealous ****. F the family. Poor Britney. She was abandoned by then at the height of the insanity they threw her in.
  11. Yeah this makes more sense (the blue line). The red line does not. But then again, most artists don’t support as many people as Britney has: (dad, sister, brother, lawyer, two conservators, two kids by her, 4 kids by K-Fed and his wife, nurses, doctors, therapists, manager, media manager, etc…). Honestly, most people support their immediate family and give gifts to the others every now and then. But the con-ship takes and gives whatever it feels like. What she spends on herself is reasonable. I was adding up just Jamie’s lawyers the other day and it was more than five times what she spent on herself. It’s no wonder Jamie was a failed business man: he knows how to hemorrhage money.
  12. If her dad called her ugly and fat, I can see her altering her appearance to try and please him. Though you can say it’s “her decision” it’s really her feeling pressure to be perfect and ultimately regretting that kind of mental abuse. Just like when a spouse tells you your breasts aren’t big enough and pressures you to get a **** job or to fix your teeth etc. It’s not really your decision… you’re caving to the abuse and trying to placate.
  13. Personally, I don’t like him, but Hesam has his good points. Every dude Britney has dated was smeared though so until she leaves the con-ship we won’t know anything real about his character. We may hear things intended to throw us off. I don’t know. The con-shop is the problem.
  14. Yeah he’s still scum too. Who let’s randos in someone’s home from the paps? They’re not reporters or holding an interview
  15. So a mentally ill person who can’t be trusted to make her own decisions as per your say so, Jamie, and needs you to make decisions for her, made a decision to go on tour? Which is it? Either she’s healthy or unhealthy. Either she’s capable or incapable. If you want to argue your stupid point that she wanted the tour, you better come up with way more creative excuses why she needs you to manage her. Jamie, let me save you from embarrassing yourself: you’re fired. Pack up, leave, and start tanning cause orange will match better with a tan complexion. Seriously, what idiot wants to argue that their conservatee is perfectly capable of making decisions if it makes money but not capable of handling money? “I tell her to rob the bank, and she does it. But I hold the bag when she comes out cause she doesn’t know what to do with it.” Please… ****ing moron.
  16. A thief complaining about working hard? Must be so much work embezzling money from victims… All that manipulation and creating phoney accounts. I mean, I’m breaking a sweat just thinking about pressing keys to move funds. Real Talk: Tone deaf post referencing laziness of a legend that has worked since she was a child… Meanwhile, in Louverse…
  17. Yeah my sister’s ex was the same way. He tried many times to take her to court just to scare her in to paying him for something . He threatened her with court one time because he needed 2 grand (he gambled). Another time, he threatened her with the kid to sell her his passport. Kevin is scum. No one can convince me that monopolizing kids from their mom is for their benefit. Just like Jamie, he wanted to exercise control. He had 2 other kids that he didn’t see at that point. A good father would see the mom love her kids and try to make things easy. One day, the kids will understand and if he hasn’t totally poisoned them, they will cut him out of their lives. Hope he enjoys the karma.
  18. I understand wanting a light-hearted thread but given Britney is literally fighting to regain her life right now after servitude to make these albums… I dunno.. Her discography is the last thing on my mind. Moreover, this sounds like fodder to/for her team.
  19. If they have to do an audit and the people know they stole from her… I highly doubt they will willingly stop it. Can’t we contact the mayor or something in California?
  20. No. Just no. Let Britney get free and then do whatever she wants for however long. If one day years from now she wants to sing… good for her. I’ll be there to support her. But never, EVER again to the extent she was put through most of her life. That hell should be behind her. She deserves a happily ever after
  21. She’s just as abused as Britney. They will both need intense therapy after all Jamie has done to them.
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