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  1. That’s assuming a lot. Who exactly would be drooling if it was a man? I’m a woman, I like men, … but I don’t like shirtless, crotch-grabbing / nutsack cradling poses. So, no, “you’d all be drooling” is simply too far of a sweeping brush and dismissive of personal taste/opinion. There’s tasteful / artistic nudity… and then there’s this picture that would benefit a nose doctor who needs a good angle to discuss nasal orifices. I don’t find it **** at all to play spot the booger while I smash my mammary glands. I’ve even had a mammogram that looked less painful than this. I cringed less during that than I did staring at this picture. There nothing s**ist or contradictory about it. It’s called having a difference in aesthetic taste.
  2. Not a good look or a good idea. Kinda what you’d imagine a disgruntled boyfriend would post if they had access to your phone. I’m not saying who I think is actually posting just that it’s in poor taste and kinda tacky.
  3. If she can drive .. how do they justify a conservatorship?
  4. Not sure why everything she does is Britney newsworthy. I thought we weren’t supposed to give trolls attention
  5. Agreed. There’s no need to talk / comment about someone’s looks, weight, etc. Who cares if someone has thin lips or whatever? Commenting about their behavior on the other hand.
  6. Write an autobiography about everything: Britney - In My Own Words … expose everyone and everything to filth. She can do that from retirement
  7. OMG shut up about Sam Lufti!!!!! He was beyond sketch and did a number of dangerous actions like bringing strangers/paps in to her damn home. The guy was bad news in any book but that’s all a lifetime ago now.
  8. I’m having trouble understanding how with ANY of the multiple supposed diagnosis now they made Britney perform for 13 years. This would definitely be conservatorship abuse to force a person with paranoid schizophrenia to perform for the public. And how would that make her susceptible to COVID? It’s more likely she has an STI and they are using it as an excuse. No hate if she does btw: it’s just a medical condition and I don’t see the big whoop.
  9. Vivian comes across like a petulant child. If she wants to make Jamie look worse, she should keep talking. Embarrassing. Poor Britney dealing with these vultures for so long. It’s clear no one is interested in Britney except her new lawyer. Everyone just wants money.
  10. I’m not sure if it will be so long. It’s already imploding. What worries me is afterwards .. the backlash from all the people she rebelled against. If anything happens to her, Heaven help them.
  11. When you encounter a worker at any place of business - barista, hostess, bank teller, etc - and they look bored, irritated, sluggish, and annoyed to be there, when they treat you poorly, you won’t sit there and be like, “Gee, I wonder what’s happening in their life that they’re treating me like **** instead of doing the job they signed up for?” You would be like, “Gosh, she’s rude! Why the hell come to work if you don’t want to be there and do a good job?” Basic courtesy and customer service is the expectation . Clearly, Britney at times was over it - and now we know she was blackmailed, drugged, and forced to perform. This is an unusual situation. A multimillionaire in a conservatorship being forced to continue to work and rebelling at times at her fans out of sheer frustration… it’s understandable NOW, but it wasn’t then. I’m not discussing the body shaming - it’s still going on here and the mods should be doing a better job shutting it down. But to blanket criticize individuals for pointing out something shady with Britney and her behavior and lumping them in with body shamers is what I take issue with. The insistence of creating pockets or categories of fandom is counterproductive: “Britards,” “stans,” “haters,” … why can’t we just all be adults and fans who have differences of opinions? Can we not engage maturely without labels and not invite drama with such useless threads designed to create in-fighting?
  12. It’s called they read Exhale and thought it would be funny to speed up a video
  13. Whose “they”? By your account: you were here, you’re here again, so you were/are a part of this community. I don’t think an “us” vs “them” mentality is cute either. A peppering of academic jargon disguising vitriol is so last season. Anyways, like I said: hindsight is 20/20. I doubt anyone would have dragged Britney so harshly if they knew what we all do now. But as far as the looks part of it all - there isn’t a man alive - black, white, orange, gay, straight, Spongebob etc - that hasn’t dragged a woman for her looks at one point in their life. Sadly, it’s part of the intrinsically misogynistic culture. I’d love it if my gender wasn’t reduced to ****, butts, makeup, hair, and fancy strips of clothing, but hey, it’s so in right now to pretend women are just an aesthetically pleasing combination of these elements. The day a man doesn’t give a woman unsolicited advice on her looks is a day I sadly doubt I’ll ever live to see.
  14. Let’s be real for a second: blind faith is what the con-ship wanted. They would be happy if Brit worked like a machine and folks ate it up without question. It’s the critical ones that pushed for change. Confusion, irritation, criticism is natural when you don’t have the full picture. Moreover, fans were being lied to. She was not behaving professionally at times and they called her out on it. The underlying root was what we didn’t know, but again, hindsight is 20/20. It feels like you came on here just be like “I told you so!” And it’s like, is this really necessary or productive?
  15. It takes years to heal from trauma and sometimes never. Jamie is clearly abusive. The whole family needs therapy.
  16. So he’s allowed A TEAM OF LAWYERS on Brit’s dime, but he objects when she wants ONE????!
  17. I do feel bad for pointing out her lack of enthusiasm during Circus and her clear irritation with it. It’s obvious now why, but I think we were all under the impression she was trying to come back. So, it was confusing. Definitely reaches me to be sensitive to the possible struggles of others that they keep hidden.
  18. Don’t they get their news from Jamie? So is he pressuring Ingham to split more than Ingham himself actually wanting to go?
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