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  1. I remember it took me days to finally catch the making of the video because my uncle didnt want me watching Mtv while visiting for spring break. I was 14 Oops was my favorite Britney song for a good decade and is still probably in my top 5.
  2. 99% of the Circus album is just one or two takes and then autotuned. She knows what she did. And Circus the song is the first time they gave Myah lead vocals over Britney.
  3. I like the idea, but Britney doesnt talk like this...
  4. Blackout . Circus-Britney Jean she clearly stopped caring vocally.
  5. I can't remember, if ever her team has ever mentioned anything about her vocals or talent in general. I believe an insider or fans put 2 and 2 together because she literally sounded sick during the time of recording.
  6. No, the next post will be
  7. She's not holding notes very well in the verses and thats the easiest part of the song. And by this point in her vocal career she had found a good balance between baby voice and natural. And it sounds like shes having a hard time holding it.
  8. I agree. Now the edited vocals they used for her "live" performance is another thing.
  9. Matthew Knowles is literally the devil. I'm still waiting for Kelly and Michelle to denounce and expose him, but I guess their waiting on that final DC reunion that won't happen unless he greenlights it because he owns the name. Ironically he sabotaged every artist he's ever worked with to ensure Beys reign.
  10. 08-13 was her trying to beat every rappers record of recording songs in one take and then leaving the studio to get starbucks. I feel like a lot of the producers she works with assume she cant sing better and just choose to autotune her.
  11. Finally getting an official release for the FF anniversary
  12. Christina was probably the smarter choice when it came to radioplay on urban stations. But the song wasnt going to be much of a hit regardless.
  13. The one time Britney does a major feature on a song and she has covid 11. I like that Rihanna defended her and said the song is really high vocally to sing, which couldnt have helped.
  14. If you havent noticed, Britney always wants the song that sounds the most different from any other song on the album to be the first single. MATM was especially special because she wrote it.
  15. They filmed this performance twice and the first time Melody had mic issues and then it came back on and it through Nicole off. And they edited both performances into one.
  16. The only song that could make sense being called "Me" is Overprotected and even thats a reach.
  17. I would bet money that there's no autotune on Britney's voice on her first 3 albums, definitely first two. The background singer on Overprotected is very autotuned though. Piece of Me is a vocoder. Her MOST autotuned albums are Circus, FF and Britney Jean. Glorys is the most subtle.
  18. I think Mariah was being nice tbh, she said good things about them too. Her brother has more of a case against her than her sister who is clearly troubled.
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