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  1. Nicole is the only one with leverage to get creative control and was the only one who had any in the past. The tour was the only thing she originally agreed to and then when covid happen, she seemed excited about working on new music and finding songs for PCD and more talk about a new album was forming with ALL the girls. All Robin has been wanting to do is form a new PCD and her statement literally proves that she just wanted to use the old girls to help push the new brand.
  2. This what you do when you only make subpar music. The kids and the gays are loving it though
  3. Robin should just let the girls have the name for the music and touring and she can keep it for whatever other delusional projects she attempts at. It was always weird how she always inserted herself in performances and interviews once the recoring group was established. Nicole may be a flop, but she was a genius when it came to putting PCD together creatively. Robin only had input on wardrobe and sometimes chorepgraphy.
  4. I guess this means her album is ready and a single will be coming. Otherwise there's no point of releasing a teaser trailer 5 months early.
  5. Sam seems like he just copy n paste whatever Britney stans say and repost it as his own. He's the like the Watchmojo of boyfriends.
  6. They won't release new music because they're (Mel C) afraid it wont work without all 5. And they don't want to flop again. Since Headlines didnt work.
  7. Robin is more like Lou Pearlman, who put in the contract that he was the 6th member of NSYNC and owned the group. ALSO, all of the girls are have been super friendly on social media with Nicole all summer, This seems like Robin is the problem. She wants to keep reinventing PCD as a girl group but has no understanding of how girl groups work and how the fans dont want members to constantly be replaced.
  8. Only one of them really likes the other. And we already have them on a song, it's called We Will Rock You. I also hate when Britney works with producers that dont utilize her voice correctly, it happens in almost every single feature she's been on.
  9. Make Me, Pretty Girls, DLMBTLTK, Criminal and Slumber Party all say hi...
  10. To be fair, music just stopped being categorized by race in the United States a few years ago (15-20 years give or take). POP did mean WHITE, not just popular music. There were only a handful of artist that were able to blend and cross those lines with their music in the 80s and 90s and not be forced into one category of music. The music business is very political. It was just easier to sell artist with certain ethic backgrounds with certain types of music, whether or not that was the type of music that they did. Honestly they still do that today, even with movies and tv shows. If you have a majority of actors within in one ethnicity, it becomes that kind of show. They still believe in pandering to certain communities to push whatever they're selling. A great example of this was Mariah Carey. They went out of her way to hide her black facial features and make her music sound less rnb to sell her to a more white audience. And then they did the opposite with Justin Timberlake when they started to realize that not only white people enjoyed NSYNCS music. They pushed him to the front and released the only RnB singles on the Celebrity album once they realized that pop music wasn't selling the same anymore. Suddenly Nsync was on exclusively black and rnb radio and BET. Suddenly every love interest in his videos was a woman of color or racially ambiguous. It just became easier for POP radio and Tv to just start playing all types of music, all while still categorizing it as something "different" from Pop. Even though theres almost no genre of music that isnt mixed with another nowadays.
  11. Last I heard, Britney owns her masters. She was one of the highest paid entertainers through most of her career. Most of her peers were not making much money from their music and did not have the endorsement deals that she had all over the world and that gave her the leverage in negotiations.. Before the conship, her business affairs were always handled very well. The one thing Larry was good at, was making sure the largest amount of money was coming in from whatever deal she made, so he could get the highest payment for his cut. I don't know if she bought them at one point or if a deal was made for her to own them if she gave the label a certain percentage of other things she did.
  12. I only want it if its gonna go for everyones throat and spills all of their dirt. Like we do on here
  13. I feel like her legacy was sabotaged in order to make people forget about her. Theres no reason why they arent trying to make money from her music.
  14. How come nobody ever ask how Sam is the only person/boyfriend thats allowed to be in her life, while people she's known since childhood are banned? All while believing that Daddy has control over everyone she's allowed to be around?
  15. Wonder if The Neptunes were credited on this, unlike Prince was on Slave 4 u
  16. I hope Lou gets put in prison more than anyone else. She deserves it... (not allegedly)
  17. No, but the "Destinys Child" version of it is better, before she did a Radar and put it on her album two years later.
  18. LOL at this being bumped to shade everyone who hated the song, and now its a hit.
  19. Whoever leaked it and synced it with the video was trying to be shady
  20. So this is real but this is not the audio from that show, it's from another show. It's the most obvious during BOMT because that was actually live on tv, and it sounded better, so were some parts of Crazy. The original airing of the show, some of her live vocals can be heard. And she gets a bad rap for this, because people think she's trying to sing well here and she's not. She's trying to dance and LIPSYNC WELL. Her ear piece for her mic is almost never in her ear because its used so she can hear herself sing on key, not so she can hear the music. Compared to Piece of MeNey who probably has no audio from her mic feed at all
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