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  1. It looks like the walmart shirt... how creative
  2. I thought I want it that way, went number one and also didnt Baby hit one in 1999? the same week the album hit one?
  3. All this Wade shade, like you guys were there when he was ra-ped by his idol. Guess we only believe all women... And we're really acting like it hasnt been Britneys choice to be Armney the past decade.
  4. I'm so surprised at Perfect Lover hate... That first verse is amazing. Small Soldiers Stupid Frickin Things Extra Extra This Just In
  5. Fe was disappointing. I'm wondering if her interview was before Britney spoke out, so she didnt think she should say anything. And this doc was great, we finally got them to go in on Lou. I wish they took the part of Lynnes book where she said Lou and Jamie planned the con ship.
  6. It would explain how the conservatorship is legal, because a clone has no rights.
  7. Wouldnt they have met numerous times during the Vegas show?
  8. Because raising two boys all alone is so hard. Britney also pays for extras like their school. So it really makes no sense that he gets paid so much. Calis laws are all so corrupt and are directly about extorting money from rich and famous.
  9. I also think POM video was edited badly on purpose. The label has the final say on whats released. To this day we still havent seen the original Everytime video.
  10. People forget or don't know, before the con-ship there were people not publicly in her life going out their way to make her look worse and crazy. Those people were in the industry and they're the powers that be that cancelled the whole Original Doll era. They sabotaged an entire era just to put Britney in her place. They didnt care that Mona Lisa was number one. They only cared that she got out of line and they were losing control over her. The same people sabotaged the Blackout era. The same people could easily turn everything around and make her look great, like they did during the Circus era, when they had control over her again. Gimme More was sabotaged on purpose. It literally looks like they only kept the performance parts of the video, because they refused to pay to reshoot it without the funeral plot. They were punishing her for stepping out of line again. We all want to blame Larry, Jamie and Lou , but forget about about all the people who were pulling strings before those 3 came into the picture. #NotAConspiracy
  11. You guys are delusional if you think most of these celebs are vaxxed and have to show proof anywhere they go. All while all the staff and workers are forced to wear mask at the gala, but none of celebs and guest have to, why arent we calling them selfish for putting peoples lives at risk? since the virus still spreads through vaccinated people.
  12. I wonder if Jamies husband signed a prenup so he doesnt get half of Britneys money incase of divorce.
  13. I thought this was going to be MTV reversing and doing a vote audit of the 2004 VMAs where Britney lost best female video, all while being the only female nominated for VIDEO OF THE YEAR. So they owe her two Moonmen
  14. Yeah that performance looked extremely last min. Probably why it was pre-recorded too.
  15. Probably retired, imagine spending years of your life shawdowing someone else to keep them safe. He had his own family. I'm sure he made good money.
  16. I never heard that she wrote S&M. If she did, it was probably a few words and chose not to take credit. Something she often does. Also she was still sick when she recorded her part, which why she sounds the way she does. Britney should be credited for producing Everytime as well as the lyrics, but they werent interested in lifting her up back then when it came to her musical talents. Perfume was technically written by Britney, she told Sia exactly what she wanted to say and Sia wrote it verbatim to music, giving her writing credit. I don't know about Work *****, the whole Britney Jean era was a mess .
  17. You'd think after20 years of stanning you'd all realize that all these labels are the same and incestuously owned by the same people. The only leverage Britney has right now, is the hype around her personal life and promoting new music around that hype.
  18. Sounds like bullcrap. Jodi is a career con artist, just like Lou is. She just went through the legal courses to become one. Britney is fine, she needs REAL family and friends who WANT to be there because they care about her. And not because they care about the money or fame. She needs people that will be completely honest with her and have her best interest in mind, something her father was suppose to do. The original problem was, the people that cared about her (Fe, Rob) were also on the payroll and moved on with their lives when she decided to settle down and get married and have kids. Thinking her husband would take care of her (but became focus on his own fame).
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