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  1. They’re trying to make it look like she’s posting directly to Instagram but it’s obvious Sam can film things with his phone and they would then get filtered through her team. Still not buying it! Try harder.
  2. Why did I even open this. Body-shaming trash in this thread from the usual suspects. Exhale is a safe space ya'll!
  3. Here come the hateful comments! I love how safe exhale is for people of all walks of life 💜
  4. Wow. Just wow. I have to admit I left exhale for a long time and just came back to stay in the loop around the conservatorship and Free Britney movement. Between this thread and the Elliot thread I’m shocked by how close-minded and downright bigoted most people are here. Britney would be ashamed. This is a very unsafe space for anyone who isn’t cisgender. And clearly it’s a problem at the admin level or these types of threads would be moderated.
  5. What the **** is this 😂 you can’t make this **** up!
  6. Imagine getting upset/confused by pronouns. JFC ya’ll sound like hillbillies from the 1950s. The fact that some of you use English as a second language as an excuse is also in poor taste. You can still educate yourself like a decent human instead of disguising your transphobia as confusion. Next time you feel triggered by someone simply openly being themselves then take a deep breath, do your research on the topic and come back to converse when you’ve done the absolute bare minimum required to have an educated conversation.
  7. The leak is like 192 kbs so it’s half the quality of the real version. It will sound way more crisp and clear than this one does.
  8. Using they helps normalize gender identities. Translation: it helps create a safer world for people who identify as non-binary, in the same way that straight people calling their bf/gf their partner makes it safer for gays.
  9. Honest to god where are the moderators. Transphobic thread.
  10. Why are you quoting me? I didn’t quote anyone.
  11. To all the bigots in this thread, you don’t need to understand why some people struggle with their identities but you do need to respect them and stfu.
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