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  1. Honestly ya'll must have nothing going on in your lives to analyse things to this extent. She's getting her freedom and finally able to talk more openly about her situation. If anything shady is going on with her socials her lawyer will be on that faster than you can say Lou Taylor.
  2. It's actually way more likely that she had to write the post back in April as part of her "weekly routine" and "pretending she's ok" as she stated in court. But go off.
  3. There's literally nothing discrediting about her instagram. If anything it's been refreshing to see her account speak more candidly about the situation. I'm not saying we should blindly believe everything posted there but it's not helpful to try to guess who wrote what. Like I said, anyone could write those posts. They could have both been Britney for all we know.
  4. This topic is stupid. Anyone can "ghost write" for someone. I could write a post right now that sounds like Britney. It's quite possible that one is written by her and one is written by Cassie. Either way they all go through Crowdsurf before being posted so why does it matter?
  5. This article looks good on the surface and then you get deeper into it and realise it's basically placing the blame on fans for supporting Britney during the conservatorship and how "divided" we've been. Here's a better idea: "How Britney's Conservatorship Conned Loyal Fans Into Fueling Their Criminal Activities" Billboard should write an article that focuses on the CONTROL and POWER these people enjoy having over such a force as Britney. Even if us fans had not supported her the last 13 years she would still be in the conservatorship. Her perfume brand alone (which is def purchased by non fans) would bring in enough income for these leeches to live off. "Spears' situation is a wholly unique confluence of circumstances: The reason she could be exploited this way for this long is because she has such loyal fans; if no one cared about her or her work anymore, she wouldn't be exploitable." This paragraph is bull****. Even her refusal to work hasn't ended the conservatorship. The only thing that's starting to open the possibility of ending it was her getting a chance to speak openly about her experience with a public hearing and audio leaked to the media and the world.
  6. Exactly. The headline makes it look like James is doing Britney a favour but he's actually giving the Judge an opportunity to approve security for everyone INCLUDING Jodi. Can someone update the OP?
  7. The court documents show there is more to this. He's actually saying that if the court is going to grant Jodi security then there needs to be security for EVERYONE who's impacted, including Jamie Lynn and I'm assuming even her management. Basically he is saying it's not fair that Jodi would get security and no one else would. This is really bad. Imagine Britney paying for all these leeches PLUS paying for all their protection while still being trapped in this God-awful situation. I can't even.
  8. This headline is such clickbait because it makes you think it's HER home, not one they used to shoot the video lol.
  9. Iggy for conservator of the person! Jk but thank god she’s speaking out. We need more people who experienced this **** first hand to come forward.
  10. Apparently they're very interested in Lou Taylor's role in everything and are currently investigating her.
  11. It's quite possible she chose to have the IUD at one point because it can be better than taking birth control pills since it doesn't mess up your hormonal system. The issue now is she's being prevented from removing it. So that could be James and/or Jodi depending on how long she's been trying to get it removed.
  12. Can I just say your points are the most rational and well argued in this thread. Please keep posting, you’re talking so much sense and it’s refreshing af. I had an argument on another forum the other day where someone likened celebrities speaking out about free Britney as someone putting a black square on their profile for Black Lives Matter. I feel like they are very different issues especially for celebrities and popstars. Britney is their PEER and in many cases she paved the way for their careers and they can’t even say one thing to show support? And yet iconic forces like Mariah and Cher (who Britney looks up to I’m sure) have stepped up without hesitation. I agree that reaching out privately is important too but if you won’t take a public stance on this issue as an influencer you are indeed complicit.
  13. We don't get access to the Zoom call, it's a separate audio stream that won't have any impact on her call. I think it's important for us to listen in as fans so we know if the media twists anything.
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