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  1. that pic with her son is so beatiful. she looks so young. i miss that look
  2. Do anybody has real power to go and talk her to get involved. Cause now seems like all the celebs don't give a ship
  3. Let's be realistic she is been under that ship for 11 years. Judge do not even questioned the fact it was report she had dimentia. And then it disappeared but she still under ship. They will use Britney untill she dies. I am hopeless she ever get out. Bc if she will all this ppl will go to jail. So they all judge doctors advocates managers her father everybody is in this mess for life. Corrupted hungry mfers they all going to get ever way
  4. I guess because they think she needs cship cause she shaved her hair once. i mean who knows. i've been asking same questions. And no1 ever will answer to us. Mostly cause that was a family agenda and celebs doesn't know her family or her in person. Britney never had famous friends. She could hang with Paris but they were never doing smth together other than hard partying. She always said she still friends with the same ppl from Lousiana and this is why celebs simply doesn't know that's going on. Or they lnow but they just mind their own money and business. They helped Kesha cause this was a lot to do with metoo which is popular today in Hollywood. If any of this metoo woman would read about her situation and try to help....but i guess they only care about man of power and Jamie is not he is just an alcoholic..
  5. Without kids she will felt even worse. Her kids r her ultimate love. Not only providing them but just being with them makes her so happy. So if she didn't have kids she def will try to have them. But yes her father wouldn't use them as a manipulation for 11 years. 11years that is so many things she could do in it but she was taken of that advantage. If i were Britney i would be def pissed of to all this ppl and i will try to do anything to make them suffer.
  6. His audience is woman and he is very well on pleasing them calling them amazing lioness etc he is good on his job. And his job is to please Britney. But nobody knows if he will start pleasing other woman will he still be faithful to Britney. Cause he seems nice but we don't know if he really is nice
  7. It is still strange why they put temporarily conservator till 2020 if they have hearing in days about evaluation of cship as a whole. Does this mean they already now she wont be free or it is a usual procedure. Also that i cant understand why some1 who is ill points out person to step in. And court listens him and judge has no problem. That is just so suspicious.
  8. the logical way for any judge would be postponing the decision till evaluation but i guess because of sensitivity of the topic -kids need to see their mother they will replace with that Jodi who. in 2 weeks her damage to Britney can be so -we will never see her being herself again. I really feel bad about that deciosion to make care manager-a conservator for millions of Britney and also for her life and security. She is not family-how can she be the conservator of the money that Britney been working for for years. How can we trust her. How can judge trust her. This is insane, and judge is insane corrupted witch if she lets them do it. I already see them all burning in hell for 11 years of damage in Britneys life.
  9. i think todays hearing gonna be uneventful they will put that montgomery till evaluation and then will see. i just hope she won't kill Britney for that short period of time. cause that care manager is just going to get full access to multiple Britney funds and hell knows she can do smth stupid
  10. Well if he is dead can they still evaluate his medical records. Or evaluation already done. I am scared for Britney. Cause ppl starting to die is really scary situation. Even if it's just coincedence but still that is really bad situation. I am not sure if ever Britney will be free woman .
  11. Some1 already posted it.yes it's good people noticing. That shady as a fk
  12. I commented that post on insta. Not sure if that Britney post. But still i do not think she is crazy. Thats just people who wants her to look that way. And by the way that is that normalcy. We r all different kind of crazy in a way
  13. I think with every album they were like if u do this we r going to let you go or bring back the kids. Smth like that. And with the glory u could see Britney was really improving. She was interested in it. She was nervous but still did lots of promo. And as world pom goes she finally finds out that they were not lettiong her out. At tge time they were numerous stories about how she is acting bad and weird on m&g. It's obvious she wanted to get out. Also then they announce domination and she wasn't even allowed to speak. I bet bc she would say smth like i don't wanna do this. Even her ellen announcement was really awkward. She tried to rebel but they cut her visits with kids and put her into facility. And now she was first time for years in court saying she didn't want to be drugged anymore. But they keep feeding us with story she is mentally unstable and almost died. That bs of her team and the whole agenda of cship and corrupted judge can't be tolerated anymore. If they not give Britney freedom or at least make temporary conservator her mother there is no further way for her career. No fan would go and buy anything to feed those monsters who got her rights taken away.
  14. that care manager will decide financials too? isn't it awkward? money goes out from the family not inside of it. highly suspicious. they aall bunch of guilty mfers i guess
  15. even if Jamie will return in 2020 i highly doubt he can force her to do vegas cause now he can't manipulate her with seeing kids cause he is the 1 who got restraining order for 3 years. Also other person will be monitoring her visits we don't know yet. so i am still hopeful tha Jodi won't get anything cause she is we don't know who. and if her mother is going she can say smth about that decision and as a choice for Britney she is better than some1 who is suggesting her ill father. so i am hopeful. even it's all fked up it' s still a small possibility everything will be ok. Still i don't think we'll hear any music from Britney in couple of years. She needs totally to take care of her own state and business. Make a decisions for herself not for the public and fans
  16. I hope they put Lynne as temporaryly conservator and then will terminate the whole thing because Lynne will show that Britney can make her own decision and her mental condition is totally ruled by herself and she is capable of handling it if she can go on a world tour and perform to the 1000s people.
  17. Just then we thought she can be free -another person steps in. That's all messed up *** hell. Definetely Jamie as conservator for Britney is a bad choice after he has a restraining order against her sons. So they come up with whole new idea-that Jodie person comes out to save the place for Jamie and show that she is better for Britney as conservator for now....when this temporarily sht ever gonna end guys. i am starting to think never-r they feedin us with that bs. why is Britney not attenting if she was attending the 1 there they decided to evaluate her state and cship as a whole. Is Britney again locked up to mental facility. What the hell is going on i don't understand it anymore.If Britney really is healthy why is her family do not defend her........ why nobody clears up smth. Why Britney doesn't address all that sht . it's like absolute madness
  18. i don't understand why they r changing conservator if they have to evaluate cship as a whole and then give all the recomendations whether she needs 1 or not. i don't know that Jodi but honestly it's not her mother why wouldn't they make her mother a conservator? i just want Britney to be free. and all this madness is just too much to understand....
  19. well like i said nothing interesting. he actually seems very nice and grounded man. I hope they r really happy.
  20. so now i really start to believe they played this to get Britney cut off her kids. They punishing her, K-fed is the one who smoked weed with her betrayed her then looking like a hell of a good guy. so dissapointing
  21. She needs 1 too. Jamie is doing great job of taking away her kids from her. That an *** man would do that to his own child. I wouldn't be surprised if Jamie and Kevin played that to cut Britneys overnights. Still nobody is concerned that a man is CONsERVATOR OF Britney for 11 years. Court is not concerned him abusing Britney if he got restraining order for his grandchildren. isn't it obvious court needs to get rid of this ill ******* right away. Cause Britney suffering for years. I mean she has to pay for her father can't handling his temper. Boys the r only thing she got that is important. Oh god i am so nervous for Britney. Her mentality been breaking down by this man and no1 no1 ever said a word. Even her sister mother only came in now then she got to hospital against her will. I have no words. And i am not sorry for those words but please God let Jamie burn in hell for longest ..
  22. I don't think we gonna get anything except i love her she is nice person i am blessed. and stuff like that. who cares then there is such a drama there Britney is under the control of her father who made a good job of taking away Britneys kids.
  23. and that man is conservator of Britney fo 11 years. He is the reason Britney got cut her overnight visits. Jamie is moron thats a fact why nobody reporting him abusing Britney for 11 years. Is he did it on purpose to make Britney suffer or he just an ill person who can get his nerve. I mean that conservatorship should be investigated LONG AGO.. Jamie should be investigated and monitored for his behaviour. Britney can be abused FOR YEARS if he is abusing his grandchildren. i'm shook. That is nonsense. Court need to give Britney restraining order against her father but wait she can't cause she doesn't have RIGHTS!
  24. I thought the whole idea of that cship was her taking back her kids but now after 11 years of her being under it she got cut of her custody to 30%. I mean i have no words if cship meant to help why is she still cuyt of her kids. Must've been a real reason. Britney herself couldn't no she wouldn't want to do it in anyway. That is obvious her father is cutting her kids away. Well they gonna grow up in 5 -6years i just hope they won't destroy Britney till that. Cause once boys can decide themselv who they wanna live with that mfers won't have leverage and will stop manipulate her with kids. System is so fked up. I wonder how Britney finds strength to live in it i would already gave up ...
  25. why doesn't she show us her brunette hair. with that hat it's hard to understand...part of her hair looks like still blonde she looks fine by the way. those shorts which agency made these photos by the way?
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