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  1. Why am i not surprised. Judge is not having Britneys best interest at all. Ingham been filing those paperworks from november. He does it do slow on purpose. There is the petition to terminate.?!We should all report ingham as he is not doing his job. He just being paid for no reason
  2. Well it is good right: 1.he doesn't want to be a conservator of a person and want's to investigate if she even needs cship of a person 2. He objects Jodie becoming permanent conservator because Britneys wish is to get rid of cship 3. He says Britney did not signed papers for Jodie to become permanent consetvator also appoints Inghams mistake. The question is WHY ISN'T HE FILED FOR TERMINATION OF CSHIP OF A PERSON if he thinks it is not needed as it is Britneys wish. They all just making it even harder and messier. I just pray for Britney to be free
  3. This comes after Jamies statement. Rats r ready to eat each other. It is nice to hear she wants to help Britney to get rid of cship.
  4. Was Jodie the 1 who called Britney saying she needs to go to that small rehab facility?Britney said it was him. What an as
  5. It is interesting they use her mental health as excuse for ending cship. Still if she is so ill-needs tools to get better then why did her conservator put her to a grueling scheldule with tours and 2nd vegas residency? It is questinable af she is healthy enough to perform and rehearse but can not li ve a normal live without cship. And ppl not stupid, we all started realizing conservatorship has not her health as priority. Cause if it had they would 1st talk to her therapist and then ask her how does she feels about making another residency right away which they obviously did not do. And then they put her on lithium so she comply. That is insane and criminal. They only use cship to take away her voice and control her so she would make money for them. It is sad.
  6. Kevin wants to make sure he can ask for more money. Get a job, maybe?
  7. her team is hard on showing her every move. her team is disgusting. give her a break.
  8. Is it too early to think about those 2 collaborate on a song like fighter 2.0 dance version. That would be huge i know. Jokes aside. No music. Just FreeBritney.
  9. I agree with her about how tricky is evaluation. They can hire any1, pay them and made her evaluation not good. Especially then so many ppl making money of her and conservator approves the doctor for evaluation. We already know they did evaluation but nothing changed. So Britney was really right by saying i want out with no evaluation cause i do not trust none of it. It is up to judge to finally do smth right. All eyes on your judge Penny u better not fail cause that can cost u ur career
  10. Kevin is her ex who has full custody of their kids so she can not do nothing but support him her kids. And this is not about money only- this is about her whole family prisoning her for 13 years and no1 did NOTHING.
  11. Now she says i am not my family. Bc Britney said out loud-her family did nothing. Probably made that statement after that fans started that netflix campaign. Forced af
  12. I want her to keep that job so she won't have more reasons to go into Britneys pocket. Stop with witch hunt. No matter how her family treated her we should not go after Jamie Lynne like this. Let's focus on FreeBritney.
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