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  1. We can have 100 topics like this and discuss and assume...bc we simply do not know the factual information.
  2. Another person in a family after Lynne tries to make money on the fact she is Spears. Ok then.. Hope it won't have anything about Britney-write about ur own individual problems and life and try to sell it. No shade to her btw. I think any1 can write a book to get a money- as long as it really only about her and not another way to monetize on the fact she has a famous sister.
  3. I mean how can u lie about ur daughters condition. Lynne saw Britney through the years. It is not like Britney lives on the other planet and only knows about her through Jamies words. I believe the whole family is very complicated and as long as not any of them but Britney is under cship-they probably r like oh she is fine. She just has those restrictions and extra help bc u know-she needs it like Brian said "will she do or order things by herself'. I do not think they truly understand how it affects on Britneys mind. They basically made her a child and they treat her like she is dumb blonde kid making millions- that is why she needs all this restrictions. I do believe they do not deep ppl who can analyze or relate to the things like mental problems or mental health. Also now it is harder bc Britney is been under it for 13 years. I believe if they dissolve it after temporary one-Britney would be a lot happier and healthier, and also their relationships in the family would be better. But they choose money sadly.
  4. She kind of always did same dance music. Some of them were hits some miss. And i think in the begining competetion was easier so her music felt better. Today is so many singers, genres of music and etc. It is harder to surprise. Fresh ppl come out like every half year. At least she is working.
  5. The whole world supports Britney but ofc her insta is all about haters. Arent u tired from that shtshow u team con?Cause we r. We r tired of the lies, secrets and even Britney tired-as she said she wants it to END. So u better stop posting at all. I think fans should unfollow her insta and we will come back whenever she is free. I unfollowed it long ago. Only checking Sams insta as it feels he is posting himself and his posts with her r NICE.
  6. I want more songs like bad guy and therefore i am from her. I love the chorus sound-very powerful. Other than that it is plain and i barely hear that is she singing. Can she just sing louder.
  7. And they still do play us till this day. The amount of disrespect and lie from her team is just enormous. I'll support Britney anyway but her team ruining her legacy-absolute trash.
  8. She just copes...copes everyday. As said in FTR. So i guess that was the time she was at least happy to talk about record she was passionate about and she loves UK
  9. Yeah i am still shocked judge could tell words like "do not tell her" and still be called judge practicing law. Judge is there to make unbiased law decisions and she just violated human rights by those words. Goetz is not practicing but can she be charged for that as she clearly saying"lye to ur client". So sad that cship system is broke from the core-and court is supposed to protect conservatee not violate their human rights. That movie with Rosemund Pike is a clear representation of how cruel is this bussiness. They all deserve jail.
  10. It says should be on 14th of july along with other matters while tweet says until 14 th of july. And he says it is complex matter so he probably wants to object it on a hearing
  11. Cassie and team con u can kiss ur as urself
  12. I really do believe she didn't like the original 1. She also said she made them cut a lot of scenes in work B. And i think sharks in work B were her idea. Makes perfect sense. Ofc it is hard to say how her opinion was heard then clearly she has a rights of a child...but it had to be her somehow
  13. As we see that complaint is not working cause it is not Britneys complaint with the facts. I guess all other complaints will have the same response
  14. Come through Britney. We got ur back. Let this mfers know who r they dealing with. Enough of silencing and abuse. FreeBritney
  15. Well it is understandable that her life can be in danger. But i doubt any1 will hurt her unless she is in jail. And i thought her lawyer really talked about privacy of Ms Spears but now she shares text messages. So not cool
  16. Judge Penny should has a common sense and grant Britney her own lawyer. Then Britney can get out and sue every1 who did not help her to get out.
  17. She should. But that next...another conservator just like another court appointed lawyer? Why can't her mothers lawyer file to terminate. Is it so hard? I am really so sick of all these hearings and delays.
  18. Does tagging should make us believe it is Britney. I thought team con will stop with games and posts but ofc they not
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