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  1. Well the post tagged him even if he knows it is not her posting but why not respond? I do not see it as strong evidence, sorry
  2. Just like Britney said stuff happens with the kids unfortunately. Ofc as a parent it is ur responsibility to make them save environment. Imo motor atv is open and far more dangerous but the girl was not a toddler. I mean look at Pink kids they r doing those crazy stuff cause her husband has smth to do with motorbikes i am not sure. And Pink do not give a ship. She knows her husband is there for her children. If child wants to ride motorbike u can do it with them or they can do it without u and be even in more dangerous situation. So let's stop hating and judging JL. It does not help Britnry for sure. And the way media treated Britney naming her bad mother-they all do not deserve to call themselfs journalists-they traumatazied Britney for years and yet she is the 1 in cship.
  3. Looking forward for it. Hope they won't get restraining order against him like for other lawyer
  4. Can we just stop bringing up this mans name every other day. He is partly the reason she is in cship today. So i'd rather stop talking about him or giving him any attention.
  5. Is this book title was just a way to distract us. No1 cares of her book
  6. U all r paid from Britneys estate. Is Jodie pissed she can't have 2 mlns bc Britney wants to be a free woman and no longer will pay these mfg leeches
  7. She just got new phone...so yes maybe finally she even has internet. God they control everything. I am surprised she made that ciurt day and spilled the tea. I will believe she is the one making weird hate posts if she'll say so.
  8. I hope so. That is my biggest wish for her. And i want it to come true.
  9. I didn't mean she will write herself. Ofc some1 writes for them. I just meant she will use her own experience not the fact she is Britneys sister
  10. We can have 100 topics like this and discuss and assume...bc we simply do not know the factual information.
  11. Another person in a family after Lynne tries to make money on the fact she is Spears. Ok then.. Hope it won't have anything about Britney-write about ur own individual problems and life and try to sell it. No shade to her btw. I think any1 can write a book to get a money- as long as it really only about her and not another way to monetize on the fact she has a famous sister.
  12. I mean how can u lie about ur daughters condition. Lynne saw Britney through the years. It is not like Britney lives on the other planet and only knows about her through Jamies words. I believe the whole family is very complicated and as long as not any of them but Britney is under cship-they probably r like oh she is fine. She just has those restrictions and extra help bc u know-she needs it like Brian said "will she do or order things by herself'. I do not think they truly understand how it affects on Britneys mind. They basically made her a child and they treat her like she is dumb blonde kid making millions- that is why she needs all this restrictions. I do believe they do not deep ppl who can analyze or relate to the things like mental problems or mental health. Also now it is harder bc Britney is been under it for 13 years. I believe if they dissolve it after temporary one-Britney would be a lot happier and healthier, and also their relationships in the family would be better. But they choose money sadly.
  13. She kind of always did same dance music. Some of them were hits some miss. And i think in the begining competetion was easier so her music felt better. Today is so many singers, genres of music and etc. It is harder to surprise. Fresh ppl come out like every half year. At least she is working.
  14. The whole world supports Britney but ofc her insta is all about haters. Arent u tired from that shtshow u team con?Cause we r. We r tired of the lies, secrets and even Britney tired-as she said she wants it to END. So u better stop posting at all. I think fans should unfollow her insta and we will come back whenever she is free. I unfollowed it long ago. Only checking Sams insta as it feels he is posting himself and his posts with her r NICE.
  15. I want more songs like bad guy and therefore i am from her. I love the chorus sound-very powerful. Other than that it is plain and i barely hear that is she singing. Can she just sing louder.
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