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  1. Although I agree she’s embarrassing beyond…. are you okay?
  2. Omggggg please make an extended version of this. That like transitions into some kind of triumphant mega mix! Would be epic!
  3. Britney is not creepy, the videos are super creepy beyond. Whoever made the video purposefully edited in a one second clip of her speeding toward the camera like a demon.. I’m sorry if you can’t see that. If it was just the topless clip this would be normal and epic. It’s always the edits.
  4. Okay I’m hopping on the train with y’all that say she isn’t the one posting! This is horrifying. Like I’m going to have nightmares of that 1 second of her flying toward the camera… If we didn’t actually know and love Brit her account would be super creepy. The only good thing about this is it’ll clear my last nightmare of her in that maid outfit against the red backdrop.
  5. Yeah he’s definitely a good guy so let’s not.
  6. If this really is her controlling her IG she just doesn’t get it and needs someone to help her. Sam understands where is he? It’s annoying me to see it over and over and I’m a stan haha. Imagine others.
  7. I’m sorry this is so iconic beyond?! She had more talent in her first performances as pop stars these days ever will? Like she was born to perform tbh.
  8. I mean it's so true. At this point there is literally no way he could stay – what is that man thinking? Every single person in the world can see right through his actions...
  9. I always thought 4:05 was one of her coolest and weirdest dance moments! I used to live for it and watch on repeat!
  10. This entire thread makes me super uncomfortable and I didn’t want to know any of you had these sad dark thoughts tbh. Close it.
  11. Jail-me Lou and Jumbo Louisiana are my personal faves.
  12. Omg I rode around in it like 6 times. Was the happiest day ever haha. So many fun things in the goodie bags.
  13. I’ve been laying here for a straight hour laughing at all the names we’ve come up with for Jail-me Lou. We’re all iconic tbh.
  14. Make sure to post these with links. What is this from?
  15. Can I be honest? I have to agree with what others have said on here. Why are y’all paying any mind to Jamie Lynn? She’s a complete loser and I’m surprised we even spend a second discussing her. She probably loves the attention you’re giving her tbh.
  16. Someone is a Beyonce stan I see. Britney’s prime was short compared to Beyonce’s? I think not. By any metric Britney’s success is much greater if you put the achievements of the past two decades together for both artists. Is Beyonce a better “singer” than Brit? I guess sure. But I’d argue Britney’s voice and music is far, far more iconic. Not to mention Britney’s performances. Beyonce doesn’t even hold a candle in the wind to Britney in that category. There’s my two cents haha.
  17. Does anyone else think Britney is the funniest person ever?!?! I’ve been laughing for a straight hour at how she says nope and oh in that sock video 😂 I love it so much.
  18. Can I ask a serious question? Why does all media keep reporting her worth as 60 million? Like I'm watching it on a CNN panel right now. Is no one doing their research and realizing it's far higher and the money needs to be found and given back to Britney? I know this isn't the most important thing today but it's still super important haha. All the fraud!
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