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  1. She just recovered from an overdose that left her with permanent brain damage and she continues to smoke wd and drink alcohol?!? If your an addict you cannot control situations like that. Why are her friends and family accepting this? She clearly needs help to handle this, feel sorry for her. California sober as a lifestyle for addicts sounds like a fast track to heaven.
  2. Haha. I tend to never proofread my posts (my adhd), so my post was probably the same way. Didn’t even notice your spelling 😂
  3. I totally agree with you. But seriously maybe that brain damage is affecting her big time, she should possibly consider not having social media if she is unable to control her impulses.
  4. Not at all, I just acknowledged that I don’t know if it could be triggering to some. I didn’t say anything about changing or calling people out. I don’t know if you watched her response video, but the things she talked about were the ones I thought she should have shared with the company in private.
  5. I don’t understand what the problem with diet products is because I thought it was a healthier alternative to a regular product with sugar, however, it might be triggering to some people but I don’t understand why she didn’t just contact the business in private. That being said, didn’t she disclose in her doc that her overdose caused her to have brain damage? The damage might have enhanced her difficulties with impulse control. So maybe everyone should cut her some slack.
  6. Still cannot believe that they literally queer baited Stiles for the entire show 😂
  7. I really hope this isn’t his goal, Britney doesn’t need to be deceived by anymore people in her life. However, by now he knows that the Kevin F method is extremely lucrative so....
  8. Yeah and she literally don’t have control of her own money. Why would she care about making extra at the expense of songwriters. She respects the writers and would not take any of their money. The whole BJ album was just team con wanting to get people to see her Vegas show. Britney clearly didn’t want to do that album and for them to make up a narrative about it being her most personal album knowing that she didn’t have a interest in making it really shows their level of disrespect towards her. Furthermore, she cared so little about the album that she didn’t finish the tracks so they had to have Myah do “lead” vocals. Britney would never sign off on that, she care about her brand. Imagine how she feels about team con deliberately furthering the misunderstanding that the gp have about her vocal abilities. She is probably really embarrassed to be honest. Team con are just Money hungry *********. Britney is such a humble genuine person and they just f-Ed her over.
  9. Yeah I don’t think Britney had anything to do with credits on that album. It is a known thing in the industry that Britney does not take credits unless she actually wrote part of the song. Team con are the only ones that would benefit from Britney having writing credits on BJ. This is just another example of them using her brand to make more money. If Britney had an interest in getting part of the credits without doing the work she would have done that on every album. Them doing that is not only taking advantage of her brand but also her integrity as a artist and person.
  10. Do we think that Britney is being forced to do Instagram content? I can totally see that being a thing because after everything that has come out about her situation nothing would surprise me honestly. However, I cannot think of what they could use to force her. Like haven’t they already taken everything from her. What do they use as leverage?
  11. I would think that Britney do care about things like this. She always puts a lot into her music videos so to me it wouldn’t make sense for her not to care about her videos afterwards. I would think it has something to do with her awful label and the fact that “the people who care about her” have stolen her entire fortune...
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