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  1. Back in 2003 Star Magazine released some pictures of Britney with 2 or 3 shirtless guys carrying her on his arms. I don’t remember the story behind the pictures and never found the scans again. back in 2007 I had some photo agency’s password so I had a lot of paparazzi videos and pics but lost all of them. In one of the video Britney was talking with a paparazzi she found cute. She said he looks like somebody she knows. He asks his name and she says “I forgot” and start to laughing. Was a cute video
  2. Last time was in 2018, they came to Brazil in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016 and 2018 Their bassist David Desrosiers is also a big fan, when they came in 2011 was around the time Britney was also performing here, I told him i was going to meet her and he asked me to say hi to her lol. After their concert he tweeted: Thanks, they are really nice people to be around! Did you ever watched their concert? are u also from brazil?
  3. oloco! ahahhahaha me de mais dicas hahaaha its a punk band called Pennywise. They didnt done the cover before. Pierre is covering some pop songs in pop punk style on Tik Tok and Instagram, the last one was Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus and I suggest him to cover a Britney song, so he did it! ahhahahahaha lots of my friends noticed that when i posted the picture on my Instagram account
  4. Yeah! Stronger would be really cool cause it have a rock vibe and the lyrics matches with Britneys situation.
  5. Such a beautiful song! I remember back in 2003 Britney said in a Kiis Fm show that she loves "Perfect"
  6. They are about to release their 6th album really soon! love them to death, they are really nice people
  7. I asked Simple Plan vocalist to cover a Britney song for the Free Britney moviment. He just posted a Oops I Did It Again cover in a pop punk Simple Plan version. Looks awesome. Pierre is a long time Britney supporter. Last time Simple Plan performed in Brazil he was wearing a Britney tshirt during the party to celebrate the end of their brazilian tour. Here i am with him during the party:
  8. Britney has a dark family secret — two of her uncles are ex-cons with long rap sheets for crimes in three states, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively from court records. While Britney has amassed a fortune living the glamorous life, one of her uncles is known as “Road Kill Willie” because sources say he likes to scoop up critters that have been hit by cars and cook them for dinner! Road Kill Willie has been busted for burglary, drug distribution and being a deadbeat dad, according to court records. He is the brother of Britney’s father Jamie. UNCLE JUNE Britney’s other uncle, June Spears, has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, driving under the influence and beating his wife, say court records. Sources close to the family tell The ENQUIRER that Britney avoids her uncles whenever she goes home to Kentwood, La. (And she never dines with Road Kill Willie!) “I think Britney’s uncles are a couple of the biggest outlaws in Kentwood!” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “Britney must think they are bums.” Willie spends most of the time living in tents and camper trailers or sleeping in cars. “Until recently, Willie was living in an 18-foot trailer on a riverbank outside of Kentwood,” said the insider. “But Willie got hard up for cash and ended up selling his trailer for $60. “These days he sleeps in his van or stays with friends. “June lives about the same way as Willie, squatting anywhere he can.” Britney’s dad sometimes gives Road Kill Willie, 46, and June, 41, work with his construction company, said a source. But the source said the pair fight so much, one of them usually has to go. Mostly the brothers just pick up odd jobs — and try to stay out of jail — unsuccessfully. According to legal papers obtained by The ENQUIRER, Road Kill Willie was charged in Mississippi with two criminal felony counts of burglary in January 1982. He pleaded guilty and got five years probation, 60-hours of community service and a $150 fine. GUILTY PLEA In January 1992, court records state Road Kill Willie was busted for distribution of *********. He pleaded guilty and was placed on probation for three years and fined $500. The following year, he was cited for trespassing while fishing on private property. (Fishing? Hey, that’s a step in the right direction!) He was given probation, fined, and ordered to pay court costs, according to legal papers. And earlier this year, deadbeat dad Willie was slapped with contempt of court in Louisiana after he fell behind on his $153-amonth child support payments to his ex-wife Louise, according to a court order. June’s criminal record is even more shocking. In September 1991, June’s then-wife Jodi filed for a restraining order against him after he allegedly kicked her in the head and chest, hit her with a cast he was wearing on his arm, and threatened to kill her. In 1993, June was charged with committing battery against Jodi, as well as two counts of disturbing the peace. The case was later dismissed. In 1998, police in Memphis, Tenn., arrested Britney’s uncle for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, public intoxication, and reckless driving, say court records. After pleading guilty to DUI, the other charges were dropped. ASSAULT On Dec. 6, 1999, he was hit with a felony charge of aggravated assault after allegedly pulling a .22 caliber rifle on a man during an argument. He pleaded guilty and received a lesser charge of misdemeanor assault. He was sentenced to 90 days in a workhouse and given a $500 fine. Incredibly, despite their long rap sheets, a source says that the pair think it’s wrong for Britney to act like they don’t exist. “Both of Britney’s uncles are proud of her accomplishments, but they’re also disappointed that she barely acknowledges them,” the insider revealed. “Willie and June never asked Britney to help them with anything. They just wish she’d remember where she came from and treat them like family again.” https://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/britneys-dark-family-secrets/
  9. i sure to god, im not kidding, i just went to her instagram post, her post about that 'book' has -1 likes. Instagram is trolling her? EDIT: 2 LIKES NOW
  10. I must confess i really standed up for her or gave the benefit of doubt about Jamie Lynn realationship with Britney until the day that she decided to do that stories about how she helped britney before 'a hashtag'. I am a fan since 2001, so, Jamie was a part of Britney's world in a positive way. But after that and everything that came after it is just like she is asking for being dragged. I even hoped she gave up about this damn book... She is so ******* selfish, talking about mental health when her sister is struggling and trying to live a life as a normal human being is just disgusting... I hope she realises how spears family situation is fuked up but i really dont think she will one day.... i feel sorry for her and hope the time will make justice....
  11. Don’t forget yellow is the newest Britney’s favorite color.
  12. That would be awesome but I’m not sure she still have the song. Maybe she could ask for help on Instagram but I doubt it. Maybe she feels she is not in the same place. But at the same time she just talked about brave new girl. Besides I think the thing with avoiding the Rebellion release was more related to the record company cause it was before the conservatorship. Still is a good idea and I hope she find a way to leak it if she wants.
  13. I feel the same. If so, the investigations will take longer. They will track every Britney’s financial history to find corruptions and ask for more documents, it may take years to find it all. But I hope not, and hope this doesn’t delay britney freedom.
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