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  1. So she needs a conservatorship because she’s anxious???🥴 I’m sorry but that’s not what Conservatorships are for. There are already treatment options for mental health issues in this country, Conservatorships are not one of them. That would mean that the millions of people who suffer from anxiety need a conservatorship as well. Do I need a conservatorship, I have anxiety and I hate public speaking and I hate being recorded, I’d be looking exactly like Britney. You should be asking whether her team and conservators and causing more h due stress by “making her” do these videos!
  2. I hate the the makers of this are saying she’s going to show up. I really hope she doesn’t. If she does go I think it might be Sam who naively says “he let’s check this out, it’s fan made” and she’s not going to have any idea that her team funded the entire thing and are continuing to use her image to make money off her. I think she’s going to be like Aw this is cute. And that will be it.
  3. Guys just made a new thread on twitter to keep us updated about the movement. This is for 2020. The one for 2019 is pinned on my profile.
  4. Obviously sharia! She is going to out-sing and out dance JLo! Shakira has the bigger hits and she is a world wide superstar! Shakira has the same and the awards to back her up. I love J lo but Shakira is the going to kill it.
  5. Turn a new leaf??... Hasn’t he been trying to “turn a new leaf” for 10 years now?? 🥴
  6. No, they advertised it as clear with gold swirls. Picture was a little misleading but not the description of it.
  7. I’m still waiting on my vinyl! Seems like everyone already go theirs!
  8. No one cares! He’s pro-conservatorship and continues to bully Britney to this day. Such a shame that you would promote this individual. #FreeBritney I think it’s time for me to leave breatheheavy and exhale. Such a shame that Jordan has turned away from Britney and her fans for a quick buck.
  9. They are being cautious on when they reveal things. They want to talk to more insiders and hopefully get the information they have into the right hands, other people and journalists who have revealed things in the past. They want to make the movement more credible because it’s bigger than we know. Guardianship abuse is real, and it’s happening to Britney Spears.
  10. Jodi Montgomery is basically trying to sell this dudes house, Roger George! She has never met him. His mother was taken against her will to a long term care facility and Jodi is claiming that he isn’t fit enough to her his mothers conservator and Jodi is trying to take over his mothers assets!
  11. Honestly its been dead in the Britney news world... I would like to believe that Lynn and her team are laying low and they know what they are doing. So does Britney... I think they are just being tactful. I know things will pick up again come the next hearing in January!
  12. There position is the same as it was 6 months ago when the movement barely started... They are choosing to IGNORE all the facts that have been revealed and the facts regarding a conservatorship. They are choosing to not put 2 and 2 together. The facts are that a conservatorship is meant for individuals who are incapable of providing for themselves or others. Britney does not fit the criteria because she’s been working nonstop for the past 11 years. Jamie Spears is a person with a long standing history of abuse, Fact. Britney was not allowed to choose her own lawyer, she was given court appointed Samuel I. with history of conservatorship abuse, fact. Guardianships/ conservatorships have a reputation for being abused by conservators, fact. Britney tried to hire lawyers in the past, who stated that a conservatorship was stripping her of her civil rights, fact. Lynn Spears started liking Free Britney comments on Instagram which in turn caused her to hire her own lawyer to help Britney, fact. Britney Spears told the judge that she was forced into a mental health facility against her wishes, fact. Which all led to the investigation of the conservatorship and Jamie Spears. And what magical mental illness does Britney have, that no one else does, that constitutes a conservatorship. Millions of people on this earth have mental health issues, and they are not under conservatorships, why is Britney Spears?! So all you ignorant fans can get out of here with your “We don’t know enough, and aren’t comfortable spearheading a movement”, because we know more than enough! You guys are willfully ignoring evidence!
  13. They released their new episode today after taking a break when #FreeBritney started. When they took a break they were saying that Free Britney was a conspiracy and they didn’t want to talk about her private life. And they got backlash for it. Now 6 months later, with all the evidence that has been revealed, Lynn supporting the movement, Lynn hiring her own judges to help Britney, Britney telling the judge she was placed in a mental health facility against her will, and Jamie abusing her kid, they still have the same stance and choose to ignore all the evidence and facts, and still say it’s a conspiracy. How annoying, Like WTF. They are playing the victims and talk about how crazy the fans are, that’s it’s such a private matter that they dont want to talk about. They don’t want to assume anything, but they are assuming everything is fine, and choose to ignore how corrupt the conservatorship has been. Thoughts? They need to be dragged again!
  14. kind of kills the conspiracy we had going on lol. Embolisms and. It an aneurysm killed him
  15. He probably died from a build up of stress from being caught and being exposed for mishandling Britney as a patient, which caused that aneurysm #FreeBritney
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