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  1. I really liked Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa's performances at the Grammys.
  2. I love her! She's 100% right! Let her live and focus on the future. The media/documentaries are doing the same thing to her that the documentaries criticized. The #FREEBRITNEY movement by the fans is not the same. #FREEBRITNEY is about awareness for the conservatorship, but the documentaries basically made her re-live her most traumatizing moments, that I'm sure she wants to move on from...forever! She's a Sag and they like to be focused on the future and positive.
  3. Agreed. Not sure how people think a rich and lonely man like Michael spent his time hanging with kids for years, literally days, weeks and hours together. Playing hide and go seek? He wasn't their parent, he was raping and developing ***ual "relationships" with these kids. He's a sick pe**. I don't get the love for him. He made great music, was a talented performer, and that's the extent of it.
  4. Pretty much. The issue is she is not able to handle life sober but if she has to be high and trigger her dopamine receptors then w**d is the safest option. I hope she can stay well. Addiction, especially dangerous drugs, is a beast.
  5. She is a true addict. I dated someone struggling w/ addiction. He tried w**d and alcohol in moderation and it just doesn’t work. Perhaps just w**d, which is a hard habit to kick and little risk, but alcohol, too?
  6. She looks realllly good, and normal and just a little bit anxious and shy but not awkwardly so. She seems like she would be an awesome and down to earth person to hang out with. I love her!
  7. Justin is all over the place. I find it extremely random that he released a Christian album. His albums have always been kind of subpar.
  8. What’s interesting is that the way she starts off shy and unsure is similar to how she dances most of the time today, and every once in a while she breaks out with a lot of confidence, but never quite like this anymore
  9. That was so dope. Iconic! Probably her best Toxic performance, no joke. I like her rehearsals, they're a little more fluid and natural.
  10. She's right. Britney said in For The Record she doesn't want to be portrayed as a victim. The media, like always, continues to craft a narrative about her without her consent. Kelly Rowland also had this opinion when she was asked if she watched the documentary, on WWHL. She said "no, she hasn't seen the Britney doc", "she's having a hard time in wanting to watch it", "she respects when artists actually say this is a documentary, its okay to watch this" "I respect their space, and their privacy and their point of view, and their story, what they feel what their story is"
  11. She needs to stop smoking so much w**d, lol. And yeah, Rihanna has never really been a dancer, but she's decent and has presence when she tries (Where Have You Been). Her ANTI tour was really good. She has a big presence, but she's definitely a lazy performer compared to Beyonce.
  12. I love Rihanna, but yeah she doesn't have iconic performances...she has iconic videos, though. I mean, I would even argue that other pop contemporaries like Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, etc. don't really have iconic performances, and until recently I don't Beyonce did either (until Beychella, and I'm excluding Super Bowl performances, because who doesn't remember those?) Not that many pop artists have performances that stand the test of time, and are truly remembered and emulated. Britney is in a unique category in that sense. But, back to Rihanna, I think her most memorable performances are as follows: Any live Umbrella performance from 2006-2007 because of the outfits/aesthetics:
  13. I know exactly what you mean. I don't know why she's not proud of her past work. She should be. Especially the DWAD Tour which at this point has kind of been a forgotten era and legacy. Its weird to even hear her talk about it.
  14. I’m surprised she’s still talking about this. Makes me think she might be sincere about being ashamed of her past and wanting to work on her issues. She’s doing more than most but at this point I think it’s too much. Time for everyone to move on. There’s not much more she can do. That said, I’m surprised Taylor is still friends with her. She’s do image conscious and bring associated with someone who has a racist history is not something I think she would’ve done but Taylor has surprised me recently with behavior I see as sincere and genuine.
  15. Great article! I imagined his anger with every word. Justin was always this person, and probably still is, the general public is just realizing this now apparently because the tides in the media have changed in terms of misogyny and cultural appropriation. I have to say I like that Britney and Janet are now often said in the same sentence. Britney was always more of a Janet than a Madonna. A live performance/collab would be hot if the conditions were right. I think I'm realizing too that Britney will be remembered much more than Justin will as far as her musical legacy and cultural impact. I'm still a Justin fan though.
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