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  1. I don't like her at all. Anytime her name comes up in the media it tends to be something always about her. She wants to play X, Y and Z role regardless of how it makes other people, as an actor she's allowed to play any character (i.e. Black, Asian, white, gay, trans, etc.). I'd like to see more come out on this...I'd imagine she gets paid for streaming, since its not free and people have to pay for premier access.
  2. That's one way of looking at it, but she can't perform at her level if she's not in the right mindset. She could seriously injure herself, and ultimately her performance would bring down the team. At the end of the day, I think its a decision that might look easy, but it really isn't.
  3. How is she taking advantage of her Latin roots? She was born in Cuba and raised in Miami and her biggest hit is called Havana. You don't get much more Latin than that. If anything, her not embracing her Latin roots would be inauthentic.
  4. Legend. Seriously. He'll go down as changing the game for male LGBT artists.
  5. No, just saying the Don’t Go Yet in the chorus could’ve been more catchy. My only criticism. It’s like Havana without the Havana ooh na na part.
  6. The video and the caption are alllllll over the place....but kind of interesting. Very non-sequitur. And did she have no tennis shoes at all, or were they just old? She goes back and forth.
  7. I like the song, but not the title. They could've found something that rhymed better or was more catchy than "Don't Go Yet" in the songs chorus. That's the only misfire. Its like having Havana without "Havana ooh nah nah" that line alone is super catchy and kind of makes the song.
  8. I agree so much on the Sam comment. I love that he says he loves the song.
  9. It’s so nice to hear her say she’s proud of her old music and to sing it live and sound just like the CD.
  10. Britney has multiple personalities/voices/tones that she uses all the time. The British accent when she was running around with Sam Lutfi, the weird baby voice in her Instagram videos, the sometimes deep/froggy voice where she tries to sound more adult-like, and then her “true voice” which we heard in her testimony.
  11. Both can’t be true at the same time. Maybe she had mixed feelings about it or was just putting on a front at the time.
  12. People are allowed to be angry. People are manic. That’s not a reason to get locked into a conservatorship. I hope Britney gets the healing that she needs and I’m sure a lot of that will come from her being free and allowed to speak her mind. Her image has been more controlled than any other pop star I can think of, exceptions possibly being Michael Jackson, maybe Beyonce.
  13. The 2:20 mark is where Rachael Harris talks about Britney talking about fairy tales. She also talks about her dancing later in the episode. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/britney-spears-apologizes-for-pretending-to-be-okay/id1484422226?i=1000526872234
  14. Rachael Harris made that comment on E! News Daily Pop but it looks like E! took the video down because I can't find it.
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