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  1. The thing is NOBODY uses CDs anymore yet some use vinyl cause it’s trendy which is more than cds. Ppl don’t use cds at the gym or in the car anymore they use an aux and am iphone
  2. I don’t nessesarily get why they went with the 2016 cover considering they had better options within even the randee shoot and on top of that the booklet didn’t even have those album cover mock up pics which are better than the ones included in the booklet
  3. It is kinda crazy how much they hyped the album when it was kinda like BJ in a sense that they kinda didn’t end up using most of the material and was honestly just promo for the tour, looking back now. Unusual you and kill the lights should’ve made the set list tbh. Also radar should’ve had a better video that song had potential tbh.
  4. If she did that circus tour performance at an award show escaping the cage earlier with more choreo? Amazing this song is like the epitome of 2000’s tabloid culture
  5. Wait my prerogative charted in the bb 200??? Also on a slow week 20k can get u #1 tbh I’m just not sure what this weeks albums are currently selling. Like I’m p sure folklore is still doing 40k sps
  6. When she’s free the free britney movement can be a huge thing for her to discuss like this is the 1st thing the gp has been interested in about her since like the femme fatale singles
  7. If it’s her idea can she make a video for swImming in the stars lol like honestly just her dancing in her home is fine with me it’ll be unique lmfao
  8. No it’s literally her saying u can’t make money off of me anymore unless I’m free so good luck whereas this is legit the record label trying to cut losses while she refuses to make money for her team
  9. Britney is refusing work as in go on tour, push stuff that brings her team in $$$. An album is honestly promo for a tour these days. She’s not promoting the zone or going on tour cause it lines her teams pockets. The music rca is releasing however is to profit off of an artist they’re losing money on while respecting her wishes to not work. It doesn’t have anything to do with her team. I’m also positive britney would want us to just enjoy what’s being released. Maybe she’s relieved there’s something holding us over until she’s free. Overall I just don’t think she cares about any of this because her team barely profits
  10. I think her only bad album covers were ff and the original glory. But there are better options within each booklet. Like circus (love this cover) could’ve been the silver star dress pic, blackout could’ve been the pic of her holding the telephone or the outtake we just got with the lace dress. Femme fatale should’ve had an edgier theme. The britney Jean one was nice too but the booklet has some amazing pics in there that were better.
  11. I would’ve been ok with the album had the track list been (wish britneys vocals to the front) wb perfume alien tik tik passenger don’t cry brightest morning star hold on tight now that I found you
  12. Britney for sure. Not only was her music everywhere but ppl intensely cared about her the person, she was constantly on magazines and had enormous amounts of merch. Gaga had radio hits and iconic moments but ppl didn’t nessesarily care about her outside her stage persona. Where as ppl wanted to know every detail on britney til about 2009.
  13. Yeh or more consistent and not obviously favor the more attractive ones
  14. I hope they put out way more than 1k copies they’re missing out on a billboard rechart
  15. Yehhhh but that’s also social anxiety. I have it and I consider myself nice until I’m around ppl I’m not entirely comfortable with and I become shy and awkward
  16. I think she is genuinely very sweet but there are some moments when I’m like...is she really? Like when that guy she whipped for freak show wanted her to acknowledge his wife and she was ignoring her and paying attention to another guy in the audience. It may not be a big deal to us/her but what if his wife was actually the big fan and not him, u gotta put yourself in her shoes
  17. I was watching this yesterday I love it sm especially the ttwe part where she tells a fan I love u
  18. I actually think onyx needed more songs from the 1st 2 albums like she could’ve made lucky more sinister or cabaret for onyx. A tour I think that lacked new material was circus. Like where was unusual you??? Kill the lights?? Even out from under and shattered glass could’ve gotten a number. Heaven on earth and toy soldier?
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