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  1. Do u wanna come over was the obvious single choice and I don’t even love that song. Change ur mind and man on the moon too. Maybe If im dancing
  2. I was watching this recently idk why ppl were so harsh on her for the 07 vmas to me her body was the same as it was for this performance (which was great btw, I wish I had that body)
  3. If britney was into it ff could’ve been her teenage dream era w a ton of singles. scary would’ve smashed instead of criminal for fall 2011, trip to ur heart would’ve done well in the winter and for another smash they had their pick w gasoline, ddb, trouble and inside out
  4. I thought we’d get the pic disk vinyl like the 1st 2, and some online store merch, but something tells me they did the 1st 2 cause they’re universally known iconic britney albums.
  5. I think all the best are there, just not in order I’d add heaven on earth
  6. But is that more ground breaking than speaking up for ur human rights and in doing so raising questions about the mistreatment of ppl w disabilities and conservatorship abuse?
  7. I just feel like what britney went through will go down in history yet they give covers to ppl who do the same old **** every year, I mean what in the grand scheme of things is billy doing for the ppl in comparison to raising awareness to conservatorship abuse
  8. That’s easily her best collab if we’re being honest. It’s better than the original. It’s choppy but so good. Idk
  9. God I love all her eras but the 1st 2 are legendary. Like baby sometimes crazy pops lucky??? The FEELS
  10. Mmmmehhhh britney era had questionable choices like rock n roll over lonely and what it’s like to be me/bombastic love. Also me against the music wasn’t my 1st single choice. Toxic should’ve been if they knew what it would become. In the zone had a ton of better single options than matm and outrageous. Also why not release kill the lights as a single after radar? The tour was raking in $$$? Also at the time I liked criminal but ff could’ve had 6 singles if she did like DDB/how I roll and trip to ur heart. Passenger if finished snd tweaked would’ve done better too tbh. Also the singles for glory were all wrong.
  11. WB and perfume bring back nostalgia of seeing her in Vegas. I always wished it was just an ep of those, alien, passenger and now that I found u, w passenger having more britney and more digestible vocals. Now that I found u could’ve used more finish too. Hold on tight, BMS, and don’t cry are also good, perhaps bonus tracks.
  12. U should do the fairy! I have the signature heart but honestly I’m thinking of the fairy too
  13. I thought it was better than FF and that the dancing was improving but the costumes were very unflattering. I will say tho the show is milesssssd better in person.
  14. I’m not sure about the album but the era yes! So much nostalgia cause it was the 1st concert I saw and as a fan it felt good knowing she was better (so we thought) and in safe hands (so we thought) and happy again (so we thought.) idk the electricity in the audience for that tour was unreal too. I remember watching a vh1 countdown to see how far if u seek any would go on the video charts. Ugh. The era did die after amy tho tbh. That radar video and single felt like an after thought.
  15. These aren’t my style I prefer black tattoos, but they are great works of art and the artists did amazing. I’d consider a black and white portrait someday maybe, but I like my tattoos less on the nose
  16. She was very clearly drugged beyond lucid ness for that era
  17. It’s one of her most iconic albums for the GP, but I do agree I don’t listen to it as much. But that era was great tbh.
  18. I think britney will be the big figure of our time, especially after all this. Like the Marilyn, Michael, Elvis. We will always look back at her. She’s like the big icon on the 20th century
  19. Criminal, gimme more, breath on my onyx, chaotic, womanizer sauna, i mean she is naked in womanizer, her photo shoots in 2003. Her ig posts aren’t anything new…?
  20. I kinda get why it might not be one of her favs I mean I never go back to it. But I think it also may just disrupt the flow of a show perhaps so unless they find the right mix it’s a hard song to include unless it’s the opener.
  21. Tbh I really think she should’ve rereleased in the zone and did a video for breath on me and added the songs and had my prerogative as a single. I love that GH album but I would’ve rathered breath on me had its moment and the in the zone era been extended. the 10th anniversary singles collection made more sense and the box set is awesome but once again I would’ve been fine w rereleasing circus since the tour was still happening w 3 as the new track and maybe releasing unusual you. I don’t care for the remix albums at all
  22. Ma’me all those toys look used and out of shape she could’ve at least bought new toys to put on her story
  23. I think britney is shaping up to be the most important musician of all time if we’re being honest. This is like….nuts honestly
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