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  1. No. Her most successful era will be when she is free and able to make decisions for herself. Whether she makes music or not, that will be irrelevant and will still be her most successful era in a long while.
  2. Of course, but we know Britney (at least superficially) and she seems very insecure about her looks which is completely understandable... I can't imagine what all this hate throughout the years has done on her
  3. It's so sad because I remember her fans judging her literally at EVERY phase of her career/life and then they look back after a few years and PRAISE how good she looked/she was years ago when they were bashing her... she can never win. Her fans are her worst enemies
  4. It makes me so angry/disgusted whenever I see people comment horrid things on her instagram. Usually criticizing her makeup, her looks, her body, her fashion or whatever else... This is not about being a fan or a stan or a hater, it's about simple human decency. These people are disgusting. We all have opinions and it's one thing to discuss them amongst fans and another to go and blast them all over her instagram and risk her reading them (or her handlers transmitting the info to her and using it to make her feel worse). just STOP IT
  5. Stop it and get some help you insufferable troll! You need to go to the light and see Jesus!
  6. My god. You are such an awful awful person. I hope to god you are some young, idiotic, clueless ***** because that can only mean there’s some hope you can become better with time. here’s a tip you wanker, posting silly/odd things on social media is f**king normal, it’s not a sign of mental instability or that someone should be placed under a conservatorship. Why? because: A- she literally has never posted any type of content like this before so it could be completely new to her as well and a learning experience B- none of us really know who she truly is behind the spotlight and the tight controlled image her team has been shoving down our throats for years; meaning her quirks, her sense of humor, her references, we don’t know anything C- britney might appear to be dumb at times and saying “odd” things but It’s just because we don’t have the complete story. Like the “go to the light and see Jesus” video which now after 10+ years later we learn it might have had something to do with that other *****. now log off and don’t come back please.
  7. Yeah, that is definitely messed up... Because at this point, since it is a cosmetic behaviour, we're having the people who are responsible for her take those decisions that impact her life, are very risky and changes her forever and we don't even know if she wanted it or approved such changes. THAT is a huge point that no one is talking about. How can someone who is supposedly UNFIT to take the simplest of decisions about their own life (not even have friends or have internet access) get to decide that they wanna get plastic surgery and apparently that's okay?
  8. omg now wait a minute, something is ringing in my brain, remind me further sis
  9. Also honestly my main question was that if she did get plastic surgery in the past 10 years... How was that allowed under the conservatorship? I feel like her dad wouldn't approve such a thing?
  10. calm down sally, its not that serious
  11. I know this is a very controversial topic in the fanhood. It's kind of weird, because I do see some differences like in her nose... her breasts, her lips etc... But somehow I feel a little denial to believe she would wanna get plastic surgery? I feel like you could do a lot with a good push up bra and some contouring... Also I feel like her nose changed a lot in the past 10 years and I feel like her being under a conservatorship, her dad wouldn't approve for her to get plastic surgery... So what is the truth? What y'all think?
  12. omg the audacity on Jordana to only remove the ads from front-page and keep them on exhale. Good on you for cancelling, also install ad block plus boo! Free and no more ads anywhere!
  13. thank u!! I cant see the first two links though :\ although I can see the Marie Claire ones... Where can I find moarrrr
  14. Does anyone know where I can find some really crisp high-quality backgrounds for big phones? I really wanna rock a Britney background and just support her in this way
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