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  1. It's so strange that, around this time, we all knew that something was very evidently wrong but we had NO IDEA just how bad things really were and how much worse things were going to get. I just want her to be happy.
  2. The restraining order forbidding Jamie from seeing Preston & Jayden needs to be extended to forbid him from seeing Britney too. He's vindictive, and evidently, he's willing to do anything necessary in order to hold onto Britney's money and his control over her. His day will come.
  3. The first three comments read like a very very morbid poem Invented Red, Queen of Red Orange, Her Soul is Dead.
  4. I thought the video had leaked when I just saw this thread at the top
  5. I don't think anyone would be anything but supportive if you sought legal advice now, @Jordan Miller. You've been beyond patient with this man and have given him every opportunity to not air his unfounded statements on such a public platform, but he is bordering on being defamatory towards you now, not just the website. I guess you just can't reason with stupidity.
  6. Is this the same user who signed up to Exhale earlier today, spoke **** about Billy B, spoke **** about Exhale and then asked for their account deleting?
  7. I wonder why that is, you shady motherfücker. I'm sick of these leeches doing their all to keep her entrapped for the rest of her life. If it's distressing for us from the outside, I can't even begin to imagine how Britney must be feeling.
  8. I'd say the love and affection for Britney has always outweighed any hatred across the board, but throughout her career, Britney has been hated for a myriad of reasons. To begin with, the main reason for the hatred was her image being too **** and controversial for her young fans. Her image was considered highly inappropriate and this angered parents unbelievably so. They believed she was a terrible role model for their young children and was "everything wrong with America". Further hatred then came around the time she split with JT - not only did this breakup cause a huge shift in her public image and the way she was perceived, but it was also around the time pop music was seen as "uncool" and people's tastes were shifting more towards rock and R&B. It was then uncool to like Britney's "superficial image" and musical output - people hopped ship to Avril Lavigne etc. One of the biggest turning points, however, was when she started dating K-Fed and the years that followed. The Vegas wedding, the barefoot scandal, dressing like K-Fed along with Chaotic turned Britney into a trashy figure. People hated her and considered her a talentless hillbilly by this point. Not only did people see her as trashy, but she was overexposed, had oversaturated the tabloids and the general public were generally sick of her. She hated being in the limelight by this point and people HATED her being in the limelight. In the Matt Lauer interview, he asks who her audience would be if she was to release further music. At that time, it was a question everyone was asking. Who still listened to Britney Spears? Her teen audience had grown up. Children were no longer interested. Adults weren't interested. For quite a while, it seemed that her musical career was essentially dead and she was no longer relevant to any demographic. It's why a lot of fans feel like the breakdown, in a lot of ways, saved her career. It revitalised interest in her and solidified her status as an enduring pop culture icon. It's absolutely horrible to say that, but there's definitely some truth to it. For a long time, it felt like she'd come to the end of the road of her career with no turning back. (I feel like I went on a tangent there. What was your question?)
  9. I feel like Instant Déjà Vu was Britney dipping her toes into the water of this genre and I absolutely LOOOOVED it. It's Top 5 Britney for me.
  10. These pictures just remind me of @****ney who had Britney's shaved pubes from this photoshoot as their avi...
  11. There's been numerous occasions over the years where we've gone months without candids. Is the OP wrong to be concerned? Absolutely not. It's natural to be worried when we know what happened to her last year. But it serves absolutely no purpose to spread such theories when there's no other evidence to suggest she's been locked away. Also - no one is acting tough or attacking the OP. Stop sensationalising something so trivial.
  12. Why would we share this information when you said yourself that it is mere speculation? Sharing unfounded misinformation is largely what discredits the movement. Even before the movement, we would go months without candids. For years, Britney has been of minimal interest to the paparazzi (thankfully). A lack of candids is not unusual.
  13. I didn't realise my haircut would cause so much drama.
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