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  1. I see they had to include the sentence about B apparently getting a new phone. Did they think that was subtle?
  2. I have no particular thoughts, but thought it was a good question to raise as it wasn't mentioned in your post. I'm not suggesting you omitted it intentionally, but it may be a good idea to add it as a disclaimer in the OP. It shows you've been transparent about it from the start of the concept right through to it coming to fruition and may save it from being misconstrued and blown out of proportion later. You know how things can escalate on Exhale once they gain traction, especially with the narrative being pushed this last year by certain people that you look to profit from Britney and her unfortunate situation. It may save you from some unfounded accusations and drama down the line.
  3. Trust @Jordan Miller beginning his input with boasting about BH's traffic and social media reach. I'm surprised he didn't throw a thirst trap in there, too. Never change, king!
  4. I read the name Colton Underwood and thought it was a gay pawnstar... cue my confusion when it said he was coming out as gay. Who am I thinking of?
  5. It WAS the end of the topic until you just bumped it after 9 months
  6. Do you know something we don't? What/who was the source of the recent leaks?
  7. This was the problem though, Jordan - this is exactly what you advertised it as, yet the end result wasn't a song nor was it remotely related to her music. This angle in itself that you keep pushing is frustrating. The reaction yesterday was intense and perhaps disproportionate (myself included) and I did end up feeling bad that I'd been part of such negativity that bordered on cruelty at times, but it is reassuring to see that you have acknowledged the rollout was inappropriate. It was clear in the 14 hours preceding the premiere which direction this was heading in and how many people were perceiving it as a new track - you had ample time to dampen the fire and minimise the backlash and clarify (even just hint) that this was not a leak, but you chose not to. You are absolutely right that all of your hard work and all of the resources you have contributed over the years should not be forgotten because of a misstep or an error in judgement, and this is why I felt bad having made comments which suggested you did not deserve this community and its loyalty - I wholeheartedly apologise. In the end, there was wrong on both sides and I think both parties can acknowledge that and hopefully move forward.
  8. https://pagesix.com/2021/02/09/britney-spears-working-on-her-own-documentary/
  9. Let’s just hope Jordan reads the room as he should have last time and doesn’t release a video apology whilst asking us to give it a thumbs up and comment.
  10. It is something fun, and @remixedbynick’s work is exemplary as always, but advertising it as a new song with a 14-hour countdown, is not fun. You had 14 hours to read the responses to the thread - anyone could’ve gauged from the replies that this wouldn’t have sat well with people. You could’ve made it clear WELL before the premiere that we shouldn’t have got our hopes up. That is the minimum amount of decency you could’ve shown to us, the community this website and your channel relies on. Do better, Jordan. This really wasn’t cool at all.
  11. I seriously just can’t believe that Jordan pleads for our engagement on his videos to boost his channel and keep the BH community active, yet proceeds to disrespect us like this. Such a d**k move. We gave him ample opportunity to back out and just delete the thread before the premiere. Posting the video as a joke would’ve been acceptable, but posting it as a premiere with a 14 hour wait time is ridiculous. You don’t deserve us or our loyalty, Jordan.
  12. If this is a joke, then posting it straight away would’ve been forgivable. But making people wait 14 hours and getting them excited only to reveal it to be a prank will be a very bad look and I would encourage mass unsubscribing. We are putting our faith in you and your respect of us, Jordan. Don’t do us dirty.
  13. Jordan better be ready for a ton of unsubscribers if this isn’t legit
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