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  1. My two cents are, Jamie Lynn is playing Lou.. I have had that feeling for 1½ year.. When she praises her she barely does it wholeheartdly. It's like, she ows Lou something, or Lou knows too much.
  2. Loeb and Loeb are there to help Sam with what he should do next, not there to tell Britney what to do. That is a huge difference. Sam admits he cant tackle Jamies lawyers alone, thats why HE needs them.
  3. To early for them. And they are not there for Britney, they are there for Ingham..
  4. Yeah she really should take a decade or whatever and just do tv-shows, become a regular on something, or star in a few movies. I could totally see her star a miniserie, she so deserve that.
  5. Just saw people would now send threats to Brenda and "cancel" her.. Omg. how ******* stupid are you guys. She had no reason to reject it, she doesn't give a **** about what Jamie uses the money for, thats not what she is there for like that.
  6. Britney told them she doesn't need them and she was ******* right. Typically privileged males stepping in being like "Look we are gonna save your career"..
  7. wow.. I guess, thank you the Enginers for making a boring, overproduced, snoozefest.. i know we all secrely was scared it was going to be bigger and better than Britneys. But nothing about this song gets me in some kind of holiday spirit, it actually makes me want to cancel this year even more....
  8. Private chef costs:: https://privatechefsinternational.com/the-cost-of-hiring-a-private-chef/ https://www.care.com/c/stories/15242/how-much-does-a-personal-chef-cost/ https://fash.com/costs/personal-chef-cost
  9. Edit: Ups, wrong topic: Private chef costs:: https://privatechefsinternational.com/the-cost-of-hiring-a-private-chef/ https://www.care.com/c/stories/15242/how-much-does-a-personal-chef-cost/ https://fash.com/costs/personal-chef-cost
  10. I say time and time again, britney were never free, and will never be free. Thank god she is such a badass ***** who doesn't give a **** about what people say, but some people in here critisice everything about her and be like "i can hate her, because I am a fan who buys her album -thats its why I can say what I want". Oh please, those 9.99 dollar and you feel entitled?? She could meet mr. perfect and people would still hate.. WHen she dated Jason people thought he was to fat at first, suddenly he was too skinny, too old, to poor, looked like a homeless.. CHarlie was too gay, David was too ugly and that ONE single time he dared show up at an event he was an oppertunist..
  11. Actually I would love the shows more. BOMT is such a bore and always has been live. The General Public wouldn't like it but screw them.
  12. Yeah there are tons of ways to prevent, like, both IUD, and the little thing in your arm, could be they also try to prevent her from being alone with Sam. I believe Maxi, as I have said, Sam IS Britneys choice of "pet"(Boyfriend). Jamie could easily tell him to get lost if he was paid, because there is no need for him anymore.
  13. I dont hate Noah Cyrus, Ashley Simpson, or whatever, and I actually enjoyd JL's country-songs. But Britney is the real actor in the family, JL cant even sell tummy-tea or Push-pops...
  14. I understand her.. unless she can turn of comments. I dont want nasty people to write **** directly to her like that, so maybe Sam should just film her.
  15. A danish radio host made fun of Britneys latest videoes, like, the dancing one with red "bra" and wrote "Doesn't she ever have visitors coming over?" I told her no, Britney arent allowed to see anyone. The journalist wrote back "Uhm, of course she is!??" ANd I kinda had to say "Yeah, okay, she have this one friend who brought her to a dinner with Paris hilton this summer, and apparently also Ashley Tisdale - but she can't have visitors at her home, without asking for permissiong" Journalist be like: "Where are the 'fascinating' receipts and source for your claim that she can't see anybody??" So.. Now I screwed up, because I can't explain it without sounding like a maniac..
  16. He is not working with her anymore, I think Lou fired him.. Yes, I said that, Lou got tired of him, thats my honest opinion.. The questions is - Will he be back? Yes, I think so, I do believe Britney wants him back
  17. Not a possibility.. Her red project was her underwear.. Nothing more..
  18. I think we really have to ask ourself: Was britney 100% free before Blackout?= I mean, we know she didn't want showdown as a single, but her label wanted it. I mean, we can't know for sure if she really fully herself supported all her songs, all her performances and releases. So yeah, we can say "everything in c-ship is fake and not britney" but we have to make sure it was before
  19. People like you are almost saying Britney is not worthy of a nice guys love... That you can only be loved when you are Glammy and beautifull. Britney could be in a wheelchair with down Syndrom and still deserving a man like Sam's love..
  20. He lied, but we don't know what the truth would have cost him or britney. They are blackmailing Britney all the time, threatening, who knows what they have said to Sam to make him lie? Maybe that his future is over, and he wont see britney ever again?
  21. Britney should have a knight in shiny armour. She dont need him to fight for her or whatever. She is freeing herself. Sam is in it for the long run. I dont like him, but face it, they are in love. He is gaining NOTHING from that relationsship, and he could leave that and become bigger with someone else. They don't need each other. He is there because she wants him to be
  22. I ******* hate him, but he didn't do that. i do think maybe he have hit her, and Lynne, but never do I think he could do that and Lynne and Britney be so okay about it.
  23. Fans doesn't give a ****. Some fans arent happy until she livestreams everything. They want papz to follow her again, they send police to her door, now they want to track her hiking routes, it's really creepy..
  24. She would have been a one-hit-wonder. Because she is real. The others fake either their sweetnes, OR their divaness. Read a blind gossip a long time ago about how Beyonce acutally is tired of being SO huge, big, and a name, instead of a person. She can't just wear what she wants, because she have to wear designer-****, she have to be so Diva, and Glam, when she really just want to be at home, chillin, wearing jeans and whatever.
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