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  1. And when does fans realise, the real world out here have **** to do with the court-system. We know damn well Jamies Lawyer is all about "heresay". WHat happens in court stays in court, and must happen there, not from this world. So yeah, she could talk about it on direct television, and it still wouldn't change a thing, because it's not in court..
  2. Leave Britney the **** alone and let her do what she wants when she feels she can. Stop telling an almost 40 year old woman what to do, because you think this is a tv-show..
  3. There is no mirror tho.. She turns the camera so she can see herself.. You can litterally see her sometime push the buttons on the camera why would she push a mirror?? People reeaaaally hate the thought about Britney wanting to post dance videoes, and then we have other stars twerking on instagram without anyone thinking sits weird to show their ***. I think Heidi Klums videoes are SO weird sometimes, but I guess she isn't a laughing stock and her fans doesn't think she is stupid.
  4. Am I the only one who believe there are 2 kinds of freebritney going on? The one we do, and the one Britney actually does, and they have nothing to do with eachother?? Britney wants to fight for freedom to do what she wants, to see her sons, to maybe retire. Yes, the c.ship is voluntarily because of the threats against her, we just know that. We know she could try and object to it everyday but doesnt. Because she is threatened.. And then there is us. We dig up stuff, but they actually dont have anything to do with the court-stuff. What happens in court, would happen anyway. Something have shifted in the private life of Britney we dont see. And I reaally think the movement is cool and all that, because we spread the word, we make people realise how ****ed up this is. Big person in the movement go on Russia TV to tell about it and its the best thing. But thats where I think the credit should stop. BRITNEY is the one Freeing Britney. Britney is pulling the hard work, together with Samuel, and now he is going to get help from Loeb and loeb. And we can believe in "kingham" or not, that is soo totally unrelated to the court again what the hell we think. We just have to see Britney IS now talking to him. He only gets paid if he works, he doesn't get paid if he doesnt work. It doesn't work that way you like to think, because he is court-appointed, he is not conservator. AGain, its okay to have different believes and viewpoint but we should know what our mutual fight is: To get the general public knowledge in this, and make them question why there suddenly is merchandise, new songs everywhere, and that she is fighting for her life. I also believe Lynne, Felicia, even Jayden and Preston can be Anti movement, but still want britney free, because it is sooo different what we think we know, when we have no idea.
  5. Are people really believing that?? Omg. give that woman a moustache and she looks exactly like Sam, and especially Sams mother. Wow people are discusting.. Yes leave his family alone, and leave Britney and Sam the **** alone. How can we support her right to make her own decisions if we cant "trust" Sam IS her decision. Friends or lovers, who the hell cares, he is there because she wants him to be. Face it, James Spears would have fired him years ago if he could.
  6. I strongly believe there is a reason she changes her apperance, like getting Henna tattoos and now the short hair, or the bangs, or the colour.. I just can't get the point right to WHY she does it, but the henna thing really made me see she knows what she is doing, and it will look weird when they post random ****.
  7. I hate teasing. This is actually about some real peoples live, not a "click to subscribe" moment. Just release what you have, dont get peoples hopes up.
  8. Larrys must be for business ****, maybe they work together on other artist/clients
  9. Shouldn't Britney be the one to tell who are using her and who isn't?? If we want her to be free, we should trust her instincts and HER LIFE. Let Britney decide who she needs and wants to be with.
  10. "Her daddy".. OKay is this Bryan or Amber?? Its somebody who knows James is being called Daddy. A more distant source would just say father or dad. But there is something about that "daddy" thing. I think it's Britney...
  11. He got a lot of hate and flack for the Hold it against me choreography.. maybe that is it
  12. Of course Lynne can't or shouldnt. It would ruin a lot for her. She still wants to work together with Jamie, she just doesn't want him to be conservator
  13. Felicia liked it on instagram. Believe him or not, I understand that, but what he said to CNN is the truth. Jamie should shut his stupid mouth instead of making people doubt her even more. At least Billy doesn't make her sound more crazy..
  14. The new law firm is there for Samuel, not Britney. Remember that. They are supposed to help him behind the scenes, but not to talk in court neccesarily.
  15. He do have a point tho. Dont download illegally. Just, dont listen to it. Not just for Britney, but for the many people who worked on the song, it must feel **** to them, for instance new producers.
  16. The choreography was ****. Even in the one without Britney, and in the rehearsel. The way they planned on dragging her up on the bigger stage was just awfull. It was boring, not "britney". She could have done it flawlessly, but my take on it - she would still have gotten a lot of bad press about it, because it just looked wrong.. THis one is without britney, still boring..
  17. Isn't that just the circle of Being a britney fan - hate on anything she is giving, anything recent and new, and then years later be like, "It was so epic!"
  18. It actually did ;) around 36-37 minutes in he tells he was against britney going to the studio, they got bigger fish to fry"
  19. I actually think this was funny different. Not "teen-sensation sweet popstar Britney" But "The world famous diva Britney". Something she of course isn't but it's just more fun as an actor to do something different. Gosh I hope Britneys next era isn't music, but a regular on some show. Sweet Magnolia should have been britneys, not Junos..
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSsj5sEI2TU&ab_channel=TheJonathanRossShow
  21. Of course she is good at ping pong. .She has spent hours and days in hotels with probably many pingpong tables, and we do know she can play tennis well also so it's all about coordinating
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