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  1. Right now I have two of hers: Private Show and Believe. Believe is the best in my opinion. But Im so stupid cause I save them for events, parties, going out, which means they actually doesn't last for years. I think I also have an radiance, but it stinks like gasoline or something now because its old. So, buy one and use it I know many people who catch my smell and be like "...You smell like candy??" And thats what many of her perfumes smell like. I wish she had made deoderants tho, I bought a Christina Deo years ago and I really liked it.
  2. She dances to his songs. My ex had songs on the radio and I immediatly turn off the radio He doesn't have to publicly say he is sorry, I do think they have done that behind the scenes. Maybe it falls back on media, to actually let people have a private life?? And to remember there is more behind the scenes that we know, and we should only praise the art.
  3. But do it when his next flopalbum is coming out.. that is where you can hit him on the money. He already got the money for the movie, so thats no big deal if it flips (He looks unrealistic in it eventually)
  4. I think it's the other way around... The producers saw brit talking about project rose, and decided to use roses as a symbol..
  5. Its not his movie.... Just because he is in it..
  6. I just kNEW some fans wouldn't be satisfied Honey, this was not for you! This was for the general public. It started out about only being about her ***uality, that was the pitch. They started research long before #FreeBritney really took off. See the interviews with Samantha posted on here and you will know MANY people tried to stop her from doing the doc! SHe has spoken to lawyers. That way we can conclude, Lou Taylor probably sent her lawyers and The New York Times got scared.. Lou have sued fans. But bottom line is, this was not only about c-ship but about britney the person, and how people see her differently
  7. Yup, Circus Era and greatest hits. "3" still had that look. But, I do understand why she had eye-surgery/lift. She have the droopy-eyes syndrom and most people get that fixed before they get old, to not have their eyelids fall down on their eyes. So famous or not, I thinks he was bound to have that lifted. But that changed a lot, and then the nose/mouth issue.
  8. I like he says she was fun. She may have been forced to do it, but at least she does it with a smile sometimes.
  9. Im ready for whatever britney wants, come how unhealthy it may seem or be, at least it's her decision. Other stars makes bad decisions all the time. Emma Bunton went on world tour with the spice girls while having a little baby, other do movies and tvshows when their marriage is failing, or go to through a lawsuit when you really shouldn't show how bad of a violent drunk you are.. Stuff like that. But at least its their decision. So if James is gone from the estate, Bessemeer is counting the pennies, and Jody is in charge of Britneys doctorappointment and health issues, I really dont see the issue IF Britney actually comes out and gives a good PR and honestly say "NOW its great again"
  10. Fe's quote wasn't taken out of context. It was read as the devil reads the bible. People wanted to read it bad, because they either dont have a brain or WANT Fe to be the bad person. Some already hated her before this.
  11. It's her stupid PR team who think it gains views to show her videoes of her dancing to JT. I know she danced to them, but no chance in hell she would tag him.. And I do get why not every celebrity goes into this, I sure as hell dont think anybody should go into their business as well
  12. How on EARTH can we judge that without meeting the men in her life?? I'm gonna be a **** and say Reg
  13. Britney is about being funny, enjoying life, and not about listening about her dead-bead drunk dad or whatever sob story other artists try to putt it. Abusive relationssships like Pink... I love Britney uses stuff to defend her self like "Why can other do the things I cant?" i just read that after the Las Vegas Marriage, she defended herself with "We landed on Mars that day but all people talk about is me"
  14. Cries? I think she crinches over the songs... There are songs on "...Baby one more time" who isn't vocally THAT great. When she made "oops" she claimed she liked to sing differently because it's not that easy as just singing. I do think she does what she wants in some areas. She had In The Zone and still she wanted to sing like sheepney at times. Blackout, no big ballads either.. She choose to smoke also ;) What I love about brinteys voice isn't the range or sound, its the emotions. No one can sing with that many emotions like britney
  15. It happened a lot before corona their stupid quizzes lured me...
  16. Sorry but I sometimes hit the like button or answer their stupid questions because I forget to see which account it is. When I realise I just freeze and regret Maybe he just did that also?
  17. They were great.. For britney the person. She got her sons, and that is more important than fan-services.
  18. He was the good uncle as far as I can see. Her other uncle sold stories to newspapers but this uncle didn't.
  19. Nope. She didnt have another kid because her father wouldn't let her. But yeah, I have seen people try to make a point out of saying Britney can't have *** it's technically r***, so therefor they call Sam and all her boyfriends rap***..... There are people in C-ship who get pregnant and babies. It's only because its britney and her father doesn't think its a good idea..
  20. She would be dead from stress the first year with all those "Epic comeback" plans and expectations. And also anorectic, but not too skinny, but not chubby or else she is lazy
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