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  1. Wrong! That was not TSW car.. That was a Catharina or Cat whatever, who used to work for a lawyer
  2. For the first time I just read how frightened Courtney Love is by him. she claims he hacked her emails, and wrote letters on behalf of her.. Remember the Leaked britney mails that praised Sam???
  3. Notice how she called Louisiana her home. Serenity IS her home, not just Lynnes. That is my opinion, she have build that home, yes to her mother, but to call it her home also.. So when people are like "who cares if Jamie sells serenity, Lynne is on the paylist and doesn't want to do anything to keep her home" i think we should remind ourselfs: Its also Britneys home. In California it feels like the last 3-4 homes have been chosen by Jamie for security reasons.
  4. Nope. He is doing the normal thing. They talked about last year the possibility of her making a declaration to the court, and Samuel said Britney will talk when she wants to and when she is allowed to, and not because Jamie warnts her too. I see this as a part of that last year, that Samuel wanted a yes or no answer to if Britney can talk, because one moment Jamie and his lawyers claims she can't and the next they are like "We want britney to talk". Remeber, he said "she do want to talk but I dont think Jamie is gonna like it"..
  5. Yes, some people are deffinetly more into narratives, spin, and how they WANT it to be (tel me babaaaayyy) and not how facts actually are. And really, I feel like nobody gives a **** about Britney anymore and what she wants. People hate on her brother, but his "She has always wanted to get out" is suddenly the most truthfull thing ever. Of course she wants to get out, but doesn't mean she have tried for it actively until she felt the time is right. I have said many times, it's all about narratives.. So to conclude, I'm all for supporting Britney and her wishes, and I do believe Britney is going to free Britney. I just cant wait until she is free, because of Lawyer-tactics and not because a fan yelled into a megafone...
  6. He have tried to get her father suspended. He have given us the papers that shows us what britney wants ( to have her father removed) he have objected to papers to make Jamie and his stupid team explain their big billings, and he made Andrew Wallet take his application back. Done nothing? I guess he should go back to do nothing then..
  7. I havent got the covid vaccine but I do feel every other vaccine do feel like a bullet through the arm Low pain tolerance. I remember when I got the 1rst shot of HPV vaccine, I asked the nurse if it would hurt. She set the needle into my arm and said "no...".. Then she pushed the vaccine into my arm and said "but THIS will!" and laughed And yes, it hurt.. Like a bullet..
  8. Let's see where this takes miley and her support for freebritney.. probably wishfully thinking, but, now she is 100% larry free.
  9. He is not connected with britneys business. The guy is running a business selling champagne and coctails on cans
  10. Of course she is allowed to marry. She just needs permision
  11. Heres to hoping this was actually how Britneys business always have been. We know others have said the same, we know some actually say Britney doesn't take the credit even when she should. But, who knows if its actually her decision or it's just label-deals.
  12. I totally agree with this. I dont want britney "Free" if she doesn't want to be freed 100% completly. there is a big difference between feeling free and being free. I still believe the plan is to get jamie away, and THEN slowly show up to the judge how well she is, and how she can cope and live. Jamie needs to retire ASAP. We shoudl always remember we dont know her diagnosis. We dont know if she have 0 or 10. We only know: Britney wants her father gone, and Jody to be conservator of the person, and Bessemeer to to be of the estate. If she should get free from one and not the other, good, I just hope there will be safety nets for her, to really help her. Britney seems to seek to develop herself, I think it's clear for year she is working on herself, through what she reads in books, and her spirituality is always seeking. So maybe Britney do want Jodie a few years before she seeks to get out.
  13. Maybe it's just pregnancy hormones but this almost made me cry. My husband and I LOVE John Oliver, and we watch almost every show, even tho we are not from the US we are just from Europe.. So to have him say that, not hidden, but actually like a thing to support, wow..
  14. I know the demo was recorded by a guy, right? Maybe it could be his they just pitched different?
  15. Dissagree... Her label gave us 100 of hits, her producers and smart A&R people gave us some products..
  16. Yes, she IS creative, she IS deep, I DO believe she can make music, but I really dont believe it will be for the masses, or GP, or even some biggest fans. I just think we should be prepared it wont be some big radio hit or 60 mintues visual album. "Rebellion" is a good example of how deep she is. But deep or creaitive doesn't mean popular or huge
  17. SOme of us have been saying that the last year, even ThatSurpriseWitness and many other clever and great instagram/twitter people have said that. It's not the time to end the c-ship, it's time to remove jamie, so she can show the court HE was the ******* problem all along.
  18. Sounds like some instagram **** a young person would write, but okay, probably about britney Sorry but it's really cliché
  19. Another warning to some exhalers: Her comeback may not be fantastic, and great. She may not be snatching wigs, performing like 04, and it may not be the best **** to ever hit the radioes.. But, it will be from HER (I hope lol), it will be something SHE wants, even if its working with Will.I.Am We have to start realise britney really should be FREE, free from expectations, free from being compared to everyone else and her own self. I really get what Serena gomez say when she talks about retiring. SHe wants to make music she loves, but when people dont support what you love you end up being a flop...
  20. Well, fake source or not. it does have some truth to it.. They dont exactly live next door.. They go to school, and when they get home they dont want to drive a lot on a weekly date to see their mum when they've got homework and stuff to do. I think sadly its better a whole weekend concentrated every now and then. They are having their own life. I just ******* wish this rumor was about Kevin seeing them "periodically" and not Britney.. I'm all for dads having the same rights and stuff, Britney just deserves it a whole ******* much more after everything she have done for her kids. The boys will see it that way when they get older.
  21. As far as I can see, people talked him into deleting his twitter, because people on twitter were the most vile.. People really are mean to him
  22. Hmm. maybe.. I wouldn't mind my husband being my guardian if it ever came to that. Rather him than my parents or my kids...
  23. Jamie said his daughter was wearing Hooker-shoes, more than 10 years into her career, and she was 27 years old.. Of cours Jamie can say the N word and mean it...
  24. We fans just can't accept ANYBODY in britneys life. They are ALL enablers. Even her sons gets called out for only thinking about money. We are the worst fans
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