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  1. I don't HATE her, its' not that her actions arent redeamable to me. If Britney went out tomorrow and said JL had apologised, and Britney had forgiven her, I actually think I would respect that and her. I really hoped last year that all her love for Lou was just fake, and she kinda felt she had to proclaim some fake love for Lou, because god knows what Lou have on Jamie, or maybe Lou is the reason JL got a record out, got on netflix, and so on. A hate/love kinda business-friendship. But its really scary now how much she loves Lou and how fake she is to Britney. I do believe it must be hard to go through this as a family, it isn't black/white, Jamie will always be father to Jamie Lynn so it must be complicit even if JL had good intentions. But its really sad she doesn't feel "real". I think JL have changed a lot, she looked a lot more grown up even 5 years ago than she do now, now she looks like a big sister to her daughters, and the way she calls her 3 year old out on being a diva is just plain wrong and stupid. And all those stupid promotions and commercials on her insta, yikes... If you want to be an influenzer, OWN it. Look alive when you talk about the products, look like you really would use them, and go be an inspiration. There is NOTHING inspirational or influenser-potential when you talk about tummy-tea like you just rolled out of bed.. Gosh forget it, I hate Lazy-*** JL she looks and acts like an *** tired of farting.
  2. We can hate on Cade all we want, but he is a witness.. That dinner, as innocent it may seem, could be Rosengart wanting to hear what Cade knows and have info about. Britney and Cade are that close, that I am 100% sure and positive if Britney had wanted him to do something, he would have
  3. Well, Beyonces instagram is a mysterie to me as well, but I see why Britney would like it. Lots of random photos in random outfits, without any text often. Beyonce is all about photo projects, and album projects.
  4. She let a papparazi into her life.... Im sure she also meant adnan ghalib.
  5. People think Britney is so stupid.. Got let the woman live. If he is bad, let her decide. Being free means free to do mistakes, heartbreaks and so on. I think she have a masters degree in reading people now.
  6. The whole premise of the podcast was weird to begin with.. Podcasts about Britneys instagram sounds mocking and bullying, I really didn't know why people thought that would be funny to sit and judge about. And yes, I have listened to a couple of episodes before it all exploded.
  7. People really want to force the friendship between Britney and Paris Hilton, but I'll much rather wish for britney to stay friends with all the good people she have worked with. The good dancers from back in the day, they make-up people, the assistants, the background singers, those who are humble and down to earth, and can give her some normality.
  8. They are both told to obey.. Britney clearly knows the photogs where there, or else she would have hid behind her bag. That is not a papparazi photo, its someone with a good camera being paid. Britney was in on this too, or else she would loose sam, her kids and god knows what.
  9. I still do. He was just a footsoldier, being told to get that deleted.
  10. The rumor I heard back in the day was, that they recorded it for the court. Something about security and stuff, why britney needs bodyguards,.... but just a rumor
  11. Thats how and why I became a fan in 2007... I started to follow when she got divorced. But the night she shaved her head, I just started to follow more and be like "that woman needs my sympathy and support, and I will support her to everyone who hates her". Then Blackout came and I was officially a fan. Somehting about her makes us all have opinions about her.
  12. My Fanfiction thoughts (be real, we all just are fan fictioning at this point): Yeah, Cassie is fired, Crowd Surf took the account down to be pity. Nothing I can prove or know, that just sounds like something.. I think britney is okay and alive and well, and have nothing to do with this. This is a fight between Crowd Surf and Jamie I think. Something happened to Cassie and thats what I would like to know aswell, since Britney suddenly could send her posts she would post that had the word c-ship in it.
  13. This is just my opinion, and what I think: But he reaaaaally need to let Britney go. She wasn't that into you.. My 2 cents is they were drunk and just did it for fun. No way she loved him, she probably thought they could just get a divorce, or thought it didn't count or whatever (rumors say she didn't believe it was real wedding license). But he make it sound like some Romeo and Juliet ****, the one that got away and vice versa. Whats worse, is the fans who believes him, and hate Team Con for taking her away from Jason. We can hate Colon Spears for many things, but this is one of the times I think Britney is like, Jason who?? He last saw her that night, she didn't talk to him in the years after, even though no one would interfere..
  14. Colon gets maybe 2 cent, the rest of the full dollar goes to the label, writers and producers...
  15. I want Brit ey to do what she wants in music videos. She kissed Aguy in perfume while dating and she was like "it's just a job".. Britney know it's acting, just remember crossroads. They are adults.
  16. Totally agree here, he isn't THAT poor, I actually think he is the poorest of his siblings
  17. Okay Sam or not - is it true?? Can he get deported ??
  18. I stand by my opinion that we shouldnt tell Britney what to do. It should all be Britneys choice and not "Britney do this, britney do that, Britney write a book, Britney go on instagram"".
  19. Leave the kids alone for **** sake, I dont give a **** if Britneys kids also talks about money, but some people have actually attacked poor Jayden for it. Just, let the kids think hustling is fun, let them "Make it rain", just let them be a normal child.
  20. Omg. so much for fighting for Britneys Privacy, now we are disucssing her reproductive organs!!! Leave Britney the **** alone, but support her right to be a free woman, including some privacy of just SOME sort..!
  21. And listen.. In 2007 Britney was afraid to go to her costody trials, she left before she even entered the buildings sometimes. We know she says she have anxiety for some things, she hate interviews. We can't say this is or isn't britneys decision, but if it IS britneys decision, I fully respect that.
  22. They werent allowed to film, they are allowed to be there tho, but what good is that when you make a documentary. Normally the media who goes to this things are written media
  23. I remember everytime I went into a club, pub or bar, there was Gimme More. That song was very popular but the rest ? the sale numbers doesn't show people bought it that much
  24. Wrong! That was not TSW car.. That was a Catharina or Cat whatever, who used to work for a lawyer
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