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  1. I love it when you guys over-analyze everything she does. She was just unprofessional here, plain and simple, and obviously not in a good place emotionally/mentally, which was confirmed in the events that followed.
  2. They say that the brain represses bad experiences to "protect" itself so that's why we mostly only remember the good stuff from the past. I'm not saying everything back then was bad, there were good people on here as well, but it's a lot more tame today. To be fair, a loooot more users were checking up on this message board 10 years ago so there was more content as well.
  3. I was here in 2008 and people were criticizing her the same way, if not worse than they do now. They were calling her all sorts of names and there were a lot more trolls back then, the fights were constant. I remember some people would even post pictures of dead bodies. That being said, that girl from E! news could have said what she said in a more diplomatic and constructive way, but it's E! news so... I don't expect to hear anything intelligent when I switch to that channel.
  4. How come? Isn't it strange for you to see very private bits of someone's life? Someone you don't even know personally?
  5. I get that they were trying to be silly or whatever, but why post it on social media? Why do we have to know these things if it's a private "conversation" between two lovers? I don't see the point in sharing these type of videos with the world, it's a bit strange and embarrassing.
  6. Well... If this is not an insult to the intelligence of her fans, I don't know what is. They really think they will get money out of all of you by doing the bare minimum. Immoral
  7. I agree, we tend to (still) have huge expectations when it comes to her next career moves. At this point, it's more about us than about her. She taught us in the past 10 years not to expect the same stuff she did early in her career, only a few appearances now and then, a new album every few years and not so great performances. It is what it is, I've made peace with it and am just gonna be excited when she decides to release new music.
  8. It won't be much different, come on... It will be the same recycled performances and outfits with maybe just a few smaller changes.
  9. After everything, I'm not even excited about anything anymore regarding her career, and this announcement about an announcement is just one of the examples of it, it sounds ridiculous. Almost like they're mocking us fans. I've been let down so many times that I've lost interest. Not even these appearances excite me anymore.
  10. This is the first time in a looong time that I like something she's wearing. The dress looks really nice and it suits her
  11. When I read "full of herself", it reminded me of the clip from Chaotic where she's telling a story of how she left a guy in the middle of nowhere all by himself. When I watched it as a kid, it didn't seem like a big deal, just one of those stories friends tell to each other, but after I rewatched it I was unpleasantly surprised with her behavior. The way she spoke about it made it also seem like she is full of herself.
  12. OIDIA always seemed like a mean song to me. How can you let the poor guy fall in love with you and then you're kind of making fun of him for even thinking you'd reciprocate the same feelings?
  13. These quotes are usually posted by people who actually feel/do the opposite.
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