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  1. Isn't it the longest time ever that no picture of her got out? I hope they don't decide to kill her because a dead Britney would be making more money then a alive one.
  2. Worst case for the army, the best what could happen to her. Retirement. We'll get unreleased songs along with best ofs and that's it folks. Oh wait.. perfumes. We'll get perfumes.
  3. According to the reality you're not getting HIAM. According to the reality you're not getting My Prerogative or Overprotected neither. You're getting nothing accept a milkshake drinking & perfume selling Britney so stop ******** fights about **** which isn't real and go see a doctor.
  4. Not even a phillipino nail designer lady gets excited for Britney anymore. Just kidding.
  5. I know - we all hate the truth but here it is: MGM wasn't impressed or happy at all how the production went. 90% of the show weren't ready until new year, after the impact of Gaga's Enigma management decided to pull the plug due low expectations of the whole show and low ticket sales. Gaga is pressured to do more dates but she wants to take it slow and get into the shedule. Cher is offered to do more legs but she is touring all year. Another residency will be announced soon, offerings are in the works. They all play the game nicely cuz Britney is expected to be hyped in Vegas again in five years or so. Nobody ***** were they eat - Rudolph came up to play the ill father card so fans won't be pissed and the side effect is a lot of positive PR. It's win win for both sides : Britney gets 3 Mio to offer MGM her next residency and the Resort don't have to pay 550.000 EUR for a shitty production with empty seats. The only f**ked people are the dancers as usual. Jamie is doing fine - he is recovering. If it was all about his condition Britney could have cancelled/postponed if things really turn out serious during her running time. She only had 32 shows planned - she could visit her father a lot and perform the show. It's showbusiness. PS: that prerecorded vocal tea was bullshit as usual : DJ's only got the decades old studio vocals for their Domination reworks. Choreos we're only rehearsed for the songs you saw on her IG and one messy one for till the world ends they couldn't post.
  6. I have absolutely no doubt about that whole thang. So - now we're both pathetic liars Brit. It's best for her, best for the fans. Best for her family. Please retire gurl and have a good life! I hope you'll find it.
  7. I think the choreos are great..would be fun if Britney would be in it and actually do something. I can't handle the lipsyncing to studio vocals anymore. I outgrew all of that lazyness.
  8. This looks absolutely amazing!!!!! If you want to use your time useful until Domination kicks off - here is my 5 hour Britney Mix finially on spotify. https://open.spotify.com/episode/2XyNg6d82CBbE3cwmCWCsv?si=ofznmcqhQZmjlEqK6oGKKg
  9. Katy sang her superbowl live. Just rewatch it - her singing is far from perfect and when Missy comes in, who lipsynced her songs, the difference is clear.
  10. Of course she does the superbowl. She will release every 25 seconds another fragrance and she'll be singing live trough the whole set. Intensive hard core choreos inclusive. She will be surrounded by vanilla candles. My very secret source told me, that she will pass gas during slave and gimme more. The production management isn't sure but she will definetly fall asleep during hold it against me. Also her new hit single "apple pie" feat. Cardi B, Farti C., Douchy D. and Sheila E will be performed and Donald Trump will show up to grab her pu$$y because apple pie is a song about pu$$y. Her pu$$y will be hanging out during "don't hang up" and she is closing with "i've just begun" & announcing a 3 year world tour where she performs her first 3 hour show set feat. mostly B-Sides. I could tell you more, but Miley Cyrus and the ghost of Adolf ****** are here to bleach my beautiful *******. Bye!
  11. Discussing rumoured outfits - that's all we have. ****! Our standards really dropped.
  12. You're excited for a private show take out pic? Standards in the inner britney fan circle sinking lower than the Titanic. Get ready for fart fantasy, Hidden Domination & Lucky Radiance.
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