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  1. 1 Toxic 2 I'm a Slave 4 U 3 ...Baby One More Time 4 Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) 5 Slumber Party
  2. I don't care if her posts are messy. I'm only worried about her well being. I hope she's healing, and this is just her expressing herself like you said... but a part of me thinks that there might still be people behind the curtains trying to keep her under the conservationship and doing some shady sh** to mess her up. I obviously hope I'm wrong tho. Only time will tell I guess.
  3. Some of you get offended with people being judgemental about these posts, and I get you... but it doesn't come from a place of hate. We are just worried about what's really happening behind the scenes... This is a fan forum, we are all fans here discussing her situation and caring about her... I would never go to her actual ig post and comment something judging her.
  4. Exactly! I cannot wait for the Radar re-re-release with the music video in London.
  5. And we can't blame the edit this time. lol Like what is she doing? What kind of choreography is that? *sigh* I'm trying to stay positive but it's a little hard with these posts.
  6. a chair rutine? in a studio? she's clearly rehearsing for the hot as ice video. blackout re release incoming.
  7. Make Me. I do like it, but I never fully enjoyed the chorus. The "oohs" never really did it for me. And it wasn't catchy enough for a lead single. A close second is Work *****, I think is a great song, but it feels like at least half of the vocals are not hers.
  8. Lol. Sure. How old are you? My top 3 performances are: 1 - SNL - The dancing and her attitude are peak Primeney imo. Even tho she missed a couple of steps the energy more than made up for it. She was in the zone for sure. 2 - AMA - The look, the entrance and the remix with the pre-recorded vocals were great. But the dancing wasn't her very best. I think the outfit was holding her back a little bit. 3 - ABC Special - Even though the choreo was perfectly executed, this was the closing song from a long show and I think she was tired at this point. Still a great performance obviously.
  9. Drop Dead Beautiful>>> but with a remix with Nicki replacing Sabi
  10. It was hard to find his birthday but I found it: Feb 15 "She" wasn't talking about him. It was most likely about the Xtina vid. I still think it wasn't really her tho.
  11. The documentary just wasn't that great. There was no new info and they used a LOT of really low quality video footage. It was just boring and badly produced/edited. The NYT documentaries were way more entertaining and with better editing/production.
  12. Why would Britney come for Xtina after X made a huge touching post supporting Brit? This makes zero sense. I still think they're at the very least partially controlling her instagram. Hence the old *** rehashed pics/vids.
  13. I'm still mad about the fact that "Real Groove" didn't get a music video. It should've been the lead single!!! Or the second one after "Magic". Looking forward to the new songs.
  14. 1.5 M views. It basically started the movement. jk OP looks hot. I'd top that. His insta gives me catfish vibes tho.
  15. love them, but why are they releasing a new album this fast when two of them just became moms? it feels like a marketing strategy by their team to keep them relevant while jessy is making her debut as a solo artist. i just hope the girls are ok with this release.
  16. At this point I don't really care if her instagram profile looks messy or not. But I hope this isn't a shady move by someone in her team, and this just her being a little wild and really bad at photoshop. I just want her to be in a good place mentally and with good people around her.
  17. IKR? I'd love to be able to lie to myself and trust Sam, but I just can't... I hope he proves us wrong... I hope Britney gets to retire if it's truly what she wants. And I hope she keeps Fe around cause she seems to be the only genuine person she has in her life.
  18. I'm so glad the trailer seems to be Pro Britney. I was scared yesterday after what the Britney Gram girls said. You know the general public is gonna eat this sh up and take it as a fact. So hopefully this doc will be another step in the right direction.
  19. Why can't we discuss the fact that this is an old picture when it's CLEARLY ******* old and the caption is a lie? It is not a F theory, it's the plain truth. What the F!? Mama this is WILD.
  20. yas! and the part where she turns around looking devastated and says "that's horrible" is equally iconic. this scene was by far the best moment from the whole season. lmao @ 1:35
  21. I love her and I think she looks really se-xy but that video is just a little much. It's not that I care if she wants to flash her *******... but the TIMING for this is just weird, with everything that's going on with her case... First the TMZ report, then the backstabbing ***hole Mario Lopez being Team Con and now this post... Unfortunately I think team con is really trying to make her seem off.
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