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  1. She was forced to do this a long time ago and now they’re reposting it as a new vid with a new caption supposedly written by her.
  2. Girl. I'm on your team. I was actually talking about the members who don't respect people who think it's not her, like you and me. lol I mean it's ok to think either way. None of us know the true. But tellling people to grow up and stuff just because they don't agree with you is plain stupid.
  3. I mean I get it now. I don't check that often so I wasn't aware that there were multiple threads created about the same topic. I also think that's unnecesary.
  4. Baseless conspiracy theories? How are they baseless when we know FOR SURE they have lied to us on her instagram before? Dominaton cancellation? Her dissapearing for MONTHS while she was being held against her will, and they, I mean "she" acted like nothing was happpening? etc. Also who is saying that Britney shouldn't be angry or have "feelings and emotions" here? That is not the point at all. I'm sure she's mad as hell, as she should be. What we are not sure about here is that if she's the one actually typing the captions on her very controlled social media plataform. This could certainly be her team trying to change the narrative YET AGAIN. It's happened before. How do YOU know for sure this is her now? But anyways I don't really want to keep disscusing this cause I don't even know if I'm right... I mean this could be her. Only time will tell. Also for all the other people quoting me, chill. I'm not that user. lol I don't even post that much. I've voiced my opinion and moved on.
  5. I guess I'm just not aware of how much that particular user has been spamming. But I've seen lots of people getting bullied or being called stupid and stuff just because they had a different opinion. And they were not spamming. I mean I get it. We are all happy that she has an attorney now, but that does not mean that the war is over yet. Some of you need to learn how to respect other peoples opinions.
  6. Ummm why is freedom of speech no longer allowed here? Since when is stating an opinion different than yours considered spam? What the f? It seems like if you're not all like "YAS MAMA, GET EM!" "SIS DID THAT!" then you're not welcome to discuss news here. I'm sorry to burst your positivity bubbles, but some of us are aware of how manipulative her team can be. People are more than entitled to not trust a post on social media when we know for sure they have lied to us in some of her posts before. This is just not right.
  7. Skinny as a needle. I also think the main reason she went solo is because she just wanted to go solo. While there might be some truth to what she said, I think she was mostly trying to stop the backlash from the fans of the band.. I mean why didn't she get this skinny when she was in the band if it was affecting her so much? Anyways, good luck to her.
  8. Well they need to grow up and respect other peoples opinions. Especially knowing that most of the other "conspiracies" turned out to be true.
  9. GIRL SIT YOUR *** DOWN. We have the right to be suspicious when we now how nasty the people controlling her can get to keep her millions. This whole movement started as a conspiracy. Respect peoples opinions if you want them to respect yours.
  10. Of course most people are on her side now, and of course Britney has tons of reasons to be angry. Nobody is saying she shouldn't be angry. But in my opinion that post was exaggerated by her team to make it look like "Britney" is lashing out to the point where it looks like she's not stable. The overuse of the exclamation points !!! and emojis just screams Cassie to me. It looks just like "her "older posts. And why would Britney adress the instagram trolls so much when she could be coming for her father and her shady team instead? She was pretty straightforward while speaking in court but these posts just seem all over the place. I could be wrong tho... Only time will tell.
  11. Now Britney is suddendly allowed to drive too... See? She can do whatever she wants y'all! She just wants to break free so she can get wild and lose her **** again! She really needs the conservationship! They are so manipulative. God.
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