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  1. The fact that the snake posed so PERFECTLY IN HER ARMS for the live show is ICONIC in itself.
  2. I say yes. And I think she would WANT it as well. One last time. To prove to team con. That she has IT. And she can do it bigger and better without them. And to show them what Britney they missed out on having. By locking her up and not letting her do things her way. And yes again because THE WORLD IS WATCHING. AND SHE IS THE MOMENT!!
  3. I. Am. DYING. i was just watching the DWAD tour LAST NIGHT. And during lonely I said "I cant wait until she's free and she performs this song about her family" And here we are a few hours later. Y'all. I'm psychic
  4. Ugh. Can you just imagine how ICONIC it would've been if she had actually been allowed to film it!! Her in all these scenes refilmed. Omg. This just proves it was never her who wanted to act like 2006/07 never happened. It was her team.
  5. "it doesn't affect me either way, doesn't affect me either way" So it doesn't affect you that the sister you love so very much has been in an abusive, 13 year long conservatorship. Lost every right. Had her kids dangled in front of her while forced to work. And forced away against her will. Got it.
  6. "I hear that you guys have been writing in.." Proof she doesn't freely have access to her Instagram to read comments herself. And that they're telling her. .that should end the debate on if she's posting herself or not
  7. Ooh 'Spin The Record's & 'Outta Here' 😍😍😍😍 Would love to hear them both with Britney's vocals
  8. If they ever did something like this. I want songs we've NEVER HEARD!! Not an album of leaked songs we already have
  9. THIS. This is why she sounds like she doesn't give a ****. In the beginning of the video he says "Say it!" She could care less about filming the video. That's why she mumbles it the first time.
  10. So the person posted the actual like... Photo. Not a photo of the t-shirt. But a semi good quality of the pic... With his huge tags all over it. If he really wanted people to not buy it. He'd post it. WITHOUT his tags. So we can download. And make our own shirts. So no one needs to buy the team con one....
  11. I'm looking for a picture of the gold costume she wore for Slave/Circus during the circus tour. THE PICTURE IM LOOKING FOR IS OF THE COSTUME HANGING UP ON A HANGER IN HER DRESSING ROOM. She's not wearing it. It was a backstage pic posted through britneyspears.com back then.
  12. Today: "Red is coming.." "Red is here" Um hasn't red already been here for a few weeks???!
  13. If they were to EVER release something like that, I would hope it's at LEAST half songs that we've never heard, that haven't leaked yet. If they want to include a few finished versions of previous leaks, cool. But I want the majority to actually be UNRELEASED
  14. Now I NEED: "911" "OUCH"!!!! (I NEED a final mix of this) "Strangest Love" "Little Me"
  15. You can literally hear Larry In the background of that video at like :25 seconds saying put " Me & the Norwegian giant"
  16. She is SHADY for using that pic of JL. While using gorgeous flattering pics of everyone else 🤣🤣🤣 I LIVE
  17. This makes me nervous. I want her to perform again 😭😭 But only if she really wants. But the I'm learning to do things and be normal. Cause she knows she's about to get outta the conservatorship. So she's gotta learn. Cause she's gonna have to do it on her own
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