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  1. Omg.... Im currently working on a new video for my yt channel and just did a Google image search to see if I could find a GIF of Lou Taylor and this pops up....
  2. My God I feel so old.. but I'm one year younger than Britney lol. I never met her in the 2000s but I did meet her in 2017 PS sorry for the little bit of shine/flash I literally had to take a photo of a real picture in a frame because I'm not on my computer LOL.
  3. It doesn't matter if its been discussed if theres solid evidence now to show what Britney was talking about. But from the sarcastic responses and the its been discussed shows no one really cares anyways. I'll share it with the inbox of messages I now have and take it to a different platform. @JordanMiller PM me if your interested.
  4. This is a serious question for the mods. I did a search and see a lot of speculation on what is being referenced (not the documentaries theory) and sadly i have come across the proof for what is 'Project Rose'.
  5. I will say yes you are correct. And also I was. I got rid of it
  6. I have decided to delete this as it may he too much information for the eyes that watch.
  7. Great platform but it happens to be from the lowest Scum. A s** trafficer and an actual mentally deranged stalker (Greene: "AOC come out here I JUST WANT TO TALK" through the letter box).
  8. Possibly. I have no idea how that part works. I made an account just fine and can listen to anything but i need the court ID number. Oh well perhaps this is the gods telling not to revert to my 20s obsessed fan self and not be a stalker....
  9. You can sign up here but you need a case ID..... Which I don't know.... https://my.lacourt.org/remoteaudio/case-proceedings
  10. I am a year younger than Briney and been a fan since day one - however i rarely come on here anymore because I'm 38 now..... Anyways I bring up my age to say I who the..... Is Billy B? I've never even heard or seen this individual before.
  11. I honestly had zero intent on commenting on anything, and am only here after being sucked into the forum because I was curious to see if there were any threads with info on what amount MGM stole Britney from Cesars for. Not that it's any of my business.... Anyways since I'm here I will say it is interesting to watch these celebrity interviews from back in the day to see how... premeditated... I will say... the media was even back then. Creating a young teenage virgin Christian *** symbol and then asking her over and over again about 'why' 'why' 'what do you think about that?' 'Role model...'. Actually I just had a thought. I wonder if the reason why Britney rarely gives a good interview anymore these days (the last decade) and just says the same things over, and over, and over, and over is because she was asked for a decade the same inappropriate things over and over and over and over.... ? Interesting.
  12. Fat chance of him getting anything near his requested amount now that Britney's working for the mob.
  13. Being a long-time fan I have grown up with all the album's, singles, B Sides, and unreleased songs over the years like a lot of you... and I have to say, I have always heavily disliked 'Slave 4 U'. There I said it lol.
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