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  1. Maybe if one day Britney decide to do her own documentary, she can work with him again
  2. Well.. my initial tot is tht the recording is between Team Con or argument between Britney and Team Con... But since its what happen between Britney and her own privacy then its good that they did not show them..
  3. Love the new hair length and happy that she is feeling happier now and seems like enjoying her break. Can't wait to see what she will be posting after she is finally free from conservatorship (person and estate)
  4. Well.. I think Sam looks good, he have a job, had a nice family too and on the positive side, what if he is threaten to cover for them because if he doesn't co-operate with them, they will probably get him out of Britney's life. He also start calling out Colon after the Framing Britney Spears gain a lot of attention on the conservatorship.
  5. Congrats Britney! She deserved all the happiness and make the choice of her life by herself! I hope soon she will be able to announce her freedom next and then her pregnancy soon.. I dunno if i should ask but wonder since now Jodi is on her side, do you think Britney already got her IUD out already?
  6. i am in love with that outfit the first time i saw the performance..
  7. That dance in the middle of the fire ring is one of my fav moment of her performance, she’s feeling it during that part.
  8. i hope Britney continue the restraint order against him once she is free.. like i say before, as much as its good that he is exposing the family, he need to get away from Britney once she is free.. Britney already refer him as the bad people that she is letting into her life because she is lonely. Fans need to understand if his intention is good, he would have help Britney to stay away from the papas much as he can. Just because he let Britney whatever she wan doesnt mean he is a good person/friends. Real friends support you and want you to be happy but at the same time, protect you from getting hurt. Indeed its frustrated that some fans see him as the good person now just because he speak against the family.
  9. i have been seeing a lot of the FreeBritney activists liking Sam Lutfti post and fans commenting on his post.. One even say Britney should hire him back after she is free from conservatorship.. Honestly, it worries me a bit because to be honest I still don't trust him as much as he supporting the movement and telling out stories that he encounter (according to him), I still hope Britney can stay away from him.
  10. And it is a win-win situation for Britney and an add on to his already high reputation
  11. TBH, i dun care much about their life unless they wan it to be public.. All i asked for is they will be filial to Britney because they are her source of happiness and pillar of strength.. Not tryna put pressure on them but Britney agree with this thing because she afraid that she won't be able to see them anymore. Gosh.. Britney is such a strong woman (not blood related to me) i have seen in my life..
  12. Did Jamie Spears had JL signed some NDA too? Otherwise, just keep quiet at this moment or openly said she support her sis. it’s simple as ABC…
  13. It’s 6am in my country.. I woke up to read the updates and here I am crying on my bed knowing that finally she is officially on the road to freedom! And god her comment on her fans made me keep tearing ❤️❤️ we love you Britney!!
  14. Not sure what is she trying to prove because Britney can/might hate her but still be able to send the kids gift because obviously Britney loves her nieces...
  15. Probably Lynne Spears will take over since she is her next of kin
  16. maybe if Team Con found out that Britney is using Sam phone to call or update anything online, they will remove Sam from her life? Despite some fans questioned Sam position, he's probably the only one where she can be with/hang out comfortably at this moment. She can't even meet her friends down the street. That would make her feel more lonely if Sam is removed.
  17. While we hope that Britney will be officially free soon, what do you think she should plan after that? Whether or not she is going to retire, she need to plan how can she protect her estates? Now she is being exploited by people in the conservatorship but once she is free, we never know who else will take this chance to get close to her for their own benefits. Who can she believe?
  18. Cant wait to see headlines every where that read Free Britney!
  19. I have not seen many celebrity interview but I always have this impression where during Britney's earlier interview, when the host thanks her for coming she would reply with a "Thank you for having me". But she doesn't seems to say that post-conservatorship... probably because she doesnt really want to be there? Not sure if its just me or what..
  20. Hope Adam can represent Britney! He can help to Free Britney and finally get back to those who embarrassed him by rejecting him in 2008..
  21. Lynne did accompany Britney to court in 2019 isnt it? Maybe she promise Britney that she will get her out of the conservatorship but Britney is angry because no major change happened since then?
  22. Respect to Christina! That's a very sweet message and its coming from someone who might have some 'past' with Britney. Where are those people who claimed Britney is their inspiration, my first album was britney, my first concert was britney etc..
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