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  1. Hideous/ and they probably won’t arrive till January like their yearly Christmas merch 🥴
  2. Wait, so, she can freely make phone calls.. calls him directly, talks about the song, but doesn’t acknowledge it to the gp on the day it’s released. Okay, got it. 🥴🥴🥴🥴
  3. Dm what? The song leak? It’s basically Myah ft Britney. Mess. Matches better save these bonus songs.
  4. I never believed the kiss was spontaneous. Wasn’t there reports from mtv crew that something crazy would happen during the performance? Either way I hope this rehearsal leaks in full.
  5. It’s extremely tacky timing but at the same time petty little releases where Britney doesn’t have to do **** to promote them. It’s still not a substantial amount of money income otherwise leech taylor wouldn’t have jumped off.. but at least it’s from an era where Britney was passionate about her music.
  6. I messaged Neca (Facebook page) and asked if we’ll be getting any prototypes or photos of the doll since they’re expected in the coming months.. All they said is they have no images right now (duh?) and that any images released will be through loot crate. Which weird since Loot crate aren’t the ones making the dolls, just selling them.. but whatever. Hope to see something soon/ from someone..
  7. Lmao same. I think the dolls are separate from the other bundle, cause I was only billed for the doll/ but I emailed and waiting for clarification. Idgaf what they’ll look like they can’t look any worse than her singing dolls tho lets be honest.
  8. Back tracking to that letter she wrote about being “lied to and set up” I’d image that’s part of where her being “voluntary” fell into. Either way we all know this isn’t voluntary..
  9. She was HEAVILY medicated into the FF era.. all those promo performances are so hard to watch. Not dissing her at all, she legally has to take whatever they prescribe her. But the fact they hard her out and performing was all sorts of wrong.
  10. Despite her personal life I think she did exactly what she wanted to with it and let the music just speak for itself without promo. She still got to put together an album, have a handful of house of blues shows and that was pretty much it. If she ever gets out of the conservatorship and wants to still be active with music/ performing every now and then I feel like that’s the route she’d take and be content with.
  11. Agreed. We now have people that were in her circle speaking and they’re getting dragged for it. Tf do you people want? He really doesn’t have anything to gain from this.. if anything he would lose connections.
  12. Lou already blocked that account but feel free to drag her on the “all is well” video 🙃 #exposetheteam
  13. That entire paragraph is down right clownish. And to put it on a video for a situation that has nothing to do with the caption is both laughable and disgusting at the same time. #louforjail2020
  14. Whoever runs this account is either having a mental break or straight up trolling at this point. Ffs 😂😂😂
  15. Lmao at all the positive comments on BTI.. There’s no way he’s not deleting the bad ones. Holy **** what a mess.
  16. It was promising when Vegas was revamped and then all down hill from there. It was like picking a scab that wouldn’t heal.. between the outfits: makeup/ and hair ties I’m so glad it finally ended. I hope whenever she performs again she gets the looks she deserves.
  17. Not the more recent times I don’t think.. it was either lawyersforbritney or freebritneyla insta that posted the rescheduling by her I can’t remember which one 🤷‍♂️
  18. Didn’t Brenda postpone Britney’s cases a handful of times? Just cause she specializes in conservatorships doesn’t make it a good thing.. guess we’ll see.
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