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  1. I remember seeing her dumb *** post with the laptop yesterday but don’t recall that caption underneath.. like, she wouldn’t call herself out like that. Even tho it’s fake we know it’s still true 🥴 Stanning these 2 problematic queens going head to head 🙌🏻 The crossover episode we’ve been waiting for
  2. Jordan, I think the least you could do is send her a beautiful pink hat as an apology 💕
  3. Doing more for Britney than snake ingham has ever bothered to do.. We stan
  4. He’s at it again with a new post 💀 Poor Jordan being dragged by Britney’s best friend/ insta king 👑
  5. After listening to these in lq for years I’m in shock 😍 still waiting for all that she wants in full quality. It exists out there.. somewhere
  6. This is one thing that always sits in the back of my mind.. The same woman who wrote well worded letters on her website years ago can’t be the person typing these insta captions. I know it’s not the same type of subject material, but come on, can you really devolve to this extent? 🥴🥴
  7. Aside from the few soccer moms that believe everything they read tmz is being dragged to filth 😂
  8. Sounds awfully familiar to the statement “Britney” gave to tmz 🗑 but now it’s a representative 🥴😂 transparent af.
  9. Just gonna manifest this is in relation to that steel magnolias or whatever tf show jj lynn is doing to stay relevant
  10. Slay my problematic king 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 She probably texted him about it first thing when she woke up this morning. (We all know she didn’t type that tho)
  11. Same. Cassie and whatever other garbage people run that account can choke.
  12. She seemed like she was on autopilot the entire time. Going to the circus tour was exciting energy, but going to this show I felt obligated to feel like I was enjoying what I saw. Aside from a good album this entire era was uncomfortable.
  13. They were NOT going to recycle the same mix 😩😩😂💀 Aside from the circumstances I’m glad this “new” residency never happened.. mess. All of it.
  14. I mean if she wants to look like a clown (again) on national tv let her I guess 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  15. I wouldn’t go in expecting a Britney “museum” but it’s a very cute, quaint small place to walk through and see a lot of her memorabilia, etc. From what I’ve heard the hours can be limited or inconsistent so I’d just double check they’ll be open before going.
  16. Well I wouldn’t know. I commented agreeing with him, he liked the comment, and then literally blocked me for no reason. Like, okay 🥴😂
  17. Is she raising money to replace her dead cats what’s going on here
  18. Jealousss. I always hunt for Britney stuff when I thrift, very rarely do I find anything though (cds don’t count 😂)
  19. Lfb sounds bitter and wants to start more bull****.. They look like a joke with this clownery they’re trying now. We Stan Lisa.
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