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  1. So do a lot of people. They really wanna keep digging their own graves with this right up until the end huh 😂 Hope she goes after all of them
  2. She gets paid top dollar to bluff, and she’s grasping at straws at this point. This is the same woman who lied through her teeth on an unnecessary media tour.. Not worried in the slightest of anything that comes out of that snakes mouth
  3. Crowdsurf tryna save face with that hashtag yet using horse footage from June and captioning it “today” Mess. until Britney is out of this I’m still not buying anything from this account.
  4. The context of whoever she’s referring to and the iOS timeline don’t really add up to me.. I’m not defending this dumb ***** by any means but we can’t be slapping a screen shot anyone can type up and saying this is JL. besides she should be the least of this fan bases concern right now, or ever
  5. Cassie better be on Britney’s lawsuit list for all these years of insta deformation cause honestly what the ****.
  6. Okay? Girl you’re wasting her money just the same. It’s incredible how out of touch all these people are when it comes to logic, but it’s just as entertaining to watch them dig their own graves at this point with all this back and fourth bull****.
  7. I honestly thought her insta would go dormant after the last hearing.. they got alotta nerve. These videos have to be stockpiled by now. If Cassie posted what Britney actually wanted it would just be videos of her continuing to put team con on blast
  8. Even at her most fit her frame has never been this small.. what in the actual hell is this 💀 cassie please explain your actions
  9. It surely isn’t anyone in charge of her merch cause it’s been tacky as hell for years 🥴
  10. He did spill the tea about Britney’s lack of ability to have a child before she said anything.. I believe it 🐀
  11. Lou, Jamie Lynn, and this rat are really riding that death threat narrative to anyone who will listen 🤡 next up: Vivian Thoreen “I’ve been receiving death threats, but daddy still loves his daughter”
  12. Long/ short she wants to protect her career and jump ship now that Britney is done with this bull****.
  13. From what I remember she wasn’t a fan but there was so much going on at that time idk. Wasn’t he booted off the piece of me set?
  14. The way yesterday is capitalized.. this account is such a ******* sham 💀
  15. This transparent rat would’ve been better off continuing to be silent vs deciding to say something now that there’s a petition.. instead of waiting almost a WEEK after Britneys testimony to be “supportive” 🤡
  16. Girl you were never fooled, just acted a fool. Back tracking, band wagon looking rat 🐀🐀🐀
  17. Between Sam and Fe posting #freebritney support today I think Brit is gonna be addressing something to do with termination, hopefully 😫🤓
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