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  1. I think she should. She can help make a different and enforce better laws.
  2. Its so interesting how Jamie Lynn has yet to fire Lou Taylor. Like really?! After the way she abused Britney. Clearly Jamie Lynn doesnt give a **** about Britney. I cant wait for Britney to do an interview.
  3. It's the declining Jamie Lynn Spears' donation for me Now can we send her to prison please
  4. Lawd have mercy. That whole family are just white trash. I feel so sorry for Britney for having to go through all of this. She was the only one that tried to be positive and come out of that darkness and when she finally made it, all her family did was sucked her dry. It's disgusting how they all profited out of her fame and even after she tried to escape from her trauma, all her family did was drag her back in her misery and made her a prisoner. Like Britney said her family murdered her spirit. I can only imagine how conflicting this must be to Britney. To want to love her family yet she cant trust them. She has no other choice but to distance herself from them. She must feel so lonely to not have the support system from her parents, siblings, nor aunts, uncles or cousins. Jamie has the same criminal mindset as his siblings. It is frightening that she had to be surrounded by these people. Hopefully one day she can finally build a family of her own without her corrupt family trying to tear her children apart the way they did with Sean Preston and Jayden. That is why we need to support her relationship with her fiance because he is the only one who has been rooting for her since 2016. I believe he gave her the courage to speak up and fight for the injustice. #TeamSamney
  5. This woman is really asking for it. She has the nerves to try to tell people that she is the victim now and wants to talk about her trauma when we all know that Britney Spears was silenced for 13 years. Jamie Lynn was the abuser here and her time is over. I cant wait to make my comment in the review section. She can control whatever she wants on Instagram by limiting comments. This family is disgusting and they are the definition of true money hungry red necks. I cant wait for Britney to move on with her life far away from these parasites.
  6. Well she’s just trying to come out this conservatorship. I think it would be a smart choice for her to tone it down until all this is settled. Not give people a reason to question her behavior. The truth is people are observing her and she needs to demonstrate she is well capable of making mature decisions.
  7. Britney was being a shady petty queen that’s for sure. And we need to acknowledge her behaviour. She’s coming after everyone. In a way she’s coming off as an overly paranoid person which will make people wonder about her mental health status. The general public will wonder if she will be ok managing her life on her own. Not a good look on her end hense to why she deleted the post. Even though she deleted it, it demonstrated she’s not fully ok. It’s a bit concerning how she’s acting on impolses.
  8. It’s time to close this chapter Jordan in order to find your happily ever after 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I think that’s a great idea. The origination has 100 years of experience in fighting for injustice. They see something is wrong here and they provide all the legal resources to help advocate for Britney. We should make this a trend. #ACLUFREEBRITNEY
  10. Hi handsome. Do you share your insta?

  11. Guys calm down. She said the Free Britney people are “techie” referring to how we dig up information. It was a positive statement. She is on our side since she liked the Free Britney post and she is working on trying to end this conservatorship.
  12. Anyone wondering what happened to Britney’s wealth. Bryan confirmed that the fragrance made 100 billion dollars. Meaning Britney should had made at least 1 billion on the fragrance alone. On top of that she sold 100 million records and had sold out world tours during her prime. When the interviewer asked what happened to the money Bryan stated it’s complicated. What the heck does that means?! I got the sense he’s a ****** the way he was bothered about the thought of having strong women in his life. His mentality is just like his father and want women to be submissive and listen to men. It doesn’t surprise me why Jamie and Bryan are in support of the conservatorship abuse. I don’t know if you remember back in the days when Britney admitted in an interview that when she was younger her brother used to treat her horribly such as spitting on her face. She said that on MTV. And now he admitted of beating up a couple of Britney’s potential partner when she was younger just for simply asking her out. She has been controlled all her life and want to continue doing so. He feels incompetent that Britney outshined him with her success. And you can tell she wasn’t letting him control her during her prime. With the conservatorship in place it’s like he is letting out his frustration on all those years she wasn’t listening to him or Jamie. It’s like suppressing women’s rights. A very old sick mentality. I find it interesting that his only concern during the interview was about the Free Britney movement. When he asked how many people are a part of it sounded as If he’s worried how rapidly it’s growing because once Britney get justice for the corruption then everyone will be exposed including him.
  13. We for sure will boycott, however the general public will not. Look at Michael Jackson and Whitney Huston for example. Their record sales skyrocket to number one. Several of their albums and singles where in the top 10. The headline of their death is promotion itself. Michael Jackson tried to speak up about the control his team was having over him. He was scared to say it. If you search on YouTube you will see plenty of times that he was close in giving hints on what goes on behind the scene. The media portrayed him To be unstable and a *********. He was making a lot of money for his team and then he suddenly died. And his team released unreleased tracks and album. They were still making money off his name. So sad to say that if Britney dies whether we try to boycott her name will still sell and it will be the front line news world wide. Expect to see remixes, unreleased tracks, special edition albums. It’s all about the money. Not about Britney’s well being. If they can use her children as a scare tactic which is cruel, abusive, manipulative and evil, then they can go as far as threatening her life. How is it ok for TMZ to say that she will die right after the Conservatorship ends. What is her health condition that will back that claim? What diagnosis is so detrimental to her health that without a conservatorship a person is at risk of dying? I work in the healthcare field and that sounds a bit irrational. What it sounds to me is more like a threat than an actual medical condition.
  14. It’s disgusting what they are doing to her. How they just stole 12 years of her time with her children. Her conservators need to be investigated and I hope the federal government can get involved on this.
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