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  1. You should! I love new bern. Its waterfront, very touristy and lost of historical sites. It was the first capital of the state before Raleigh.
  2. The little pharmacy that Pepsi was created at is in my town. They blast her Pepsi songs on the speakers outside and I love it so much! Its a little museum type shop that you can get fountain drinks/glass bottles of pepsi or popcorn. Not a big place but they love their Britney blasting downtown. Its at one of the busiest intersections downtown
  3. I was actually there for that! The reaction on TV was fake, when the real thunder happened they weren't out there so they played a loud sound through the speakers later on to scare everyone and recreate the reaction.
  4. Doesnt help that she has lived off Britney's income her entire life. Taking advantage of her sister is the only life shes ever known. Britney was put in the cship when Jamie Lynn was a teenager, so by the time she went off to live on her own it was thanks to Britneys money. After so many years of taking advantage and living this luxurious life of being "Britneys little sister" instead of successful actress or country star, shes being bitter and greedy. I hope the real world hits her HARD here soon. They cant get away after years of abuse.
  5. Didn't she post about getting new shoes in the last couple of months and she said "Robin told me to go to my closet" or something similar
  6. Vivian can only say one thing in 100 different ways. That Jamie helped her during her worst time and thats the reason she's where she is now. Shes like a parrot
  7. This is so bad!!!! I feel like this is disguised as an anti con doc but it's really saying "hey, look at all these bad things that happened and remember why this is good for her"
  8. Are the stories of her heartbreak really necessary right now? I didnt realize Cry Me A River had anything to do with the cship. And their "insiders" so far are staff from 20 years ago
  9. All I can make out is "as soon as britney is out of the ______ she will be _______"
  10. Same! Im in New Bern, the place Pepsi was created is always blasting her Pepsi songs outside the store.
  11. I saw him too, he was just walking laps around the floor section of the audience? He did like 4 laps in a row and it was really weird. I also went to an Xfactor audition taping and Britney got up a few times to go over to them and get advice on what she should say Im guessing.
  12. Okay, sure, his made accomplished many things, all odds against her. Now, at some point im sure she made some mistakes. How would he feel if his mother made a few mistakes and completely lost ALL of her freedom. Would he blame her being a slave to a conservator racism? Or would he completely resent the judge that did that to his mother? He's trying to humamize her but he's too blinded to even see whats really going on here. No one cares that shes black!! Idc what color she is, shes continually dismissed Britney in court with proof of abuse right in front of her. Its not a race thing, he's the one making it that right now. Most of the people we are upset with are WHITE! They are criminals, thats all it comes down to
  13. I live in New Bern, NC where Pepsi was first made. They had the little pharmacy it was created in at a little museum/pepsi fountain drink/popcorn stop. They are always playing Britneys Pepsi commercial songs on the speakers outside and it makes so so happy everytime
  14. Right? She had to use every penny she got from her 2 seasons on the show to get this long enough to take some pictures. Sure youre staying there THIS TIME! No one cares, where were you the other times??! Yeah thats what I thought.
  15. Ughh my Femme Fatale tour got DJ Pauly D, skipped his set. In 2000 at the oops tour it was BBMack and Innosense
  16. At the show I went to he was constantly circling around the floor section, it was very strange
  17. I live in the town where Pepsi was created! It was formerly a pharmacy but noe its a museum type little place that sells Pepsi and popcorn. They are always playing Britney s Pepsi songs outside the store! Brings me so much joy
  18. Right? She uses emojis like she's trying to recruit people into her MLM.
  19. Another 5 star from LuLuT ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars. I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring it Out · 19 hours ago Amazing, 100% Great! Life, love and god. It’s all we need and this book gives that 100% of the way. I recommend this book 100%. God be with you. Lx
  20. heyycaitlin


    Of course she has a 5 star review on barnes and noble from LuLuT ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars. I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring it Out · 19 hours ago Amazing, 100% Great! Life, love and god. It’s all we need and this book gives that 100% of the way. I recommend this book 100%. God be with you. Lx
  21. I went to FF twice and Ill always remember Jason just creepily circling the floor sections over and over. I saw him walk by the first time and was like Oh theres Jason, but he kept just walking around the audience over and over, for what? I also went to X Factor in Greensboro where at one point she had to get up and ealk over to her team before she responded, she seemed terrified to give her own opinions
  22. I love she is able to demand we hear this! Its time the truth comes from herr! We knew this day would come but I never imagined it would actually happen
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