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  1. Guys, her dance to haunted gave me chills watching it. Just the tempo & the punch at the screen. I do think based on previous Justin ig comments, this song & dance was powerful. It symbolizes they do still haunt each other. Or, she is using her voice to speak now.....either way, just powerful.
  2. I wonder if the cry me a river reference is also about her impying the tables are turned now its your turn to cry referring to team con/family & the feelings of betrayal she is feeling. Also, the part in the song where JT says why did you leave me all alone? Maybe, it is shading hom for not helping her & leaving her alone?
  3. So, is this a collaboration in the works between Britney & Beyonce?!🙀💘🙀🙀🙀🙀🙏
  4. When I read this... I had tears in my eyes. As another person on here said ....'it affected me to my core'... it did me as well. We cannot even begin to imagine just the complete terror, trauma & feelings of betrayal, abandonment, isolation & entrapment she has felt all of these years. We should all continue to send her messages of love, hope, prayers, positivity, & support ❤ She needs that!❤🙏
  5. YOU ALL did this.....her tweet proves it. I sm so amazed at all of you who have been here since 2008 screaming to the roof tops every step of the way & Britney knows it. Just want to thank you for using your voices, expertise & professional backgrounds to FREE BRITNEY. YOU & BRITNEY DID THIS NO ONE ELSE, NOT THE MEDIA, COURT INVESTIGATORS/ADOCATES/JUDGES (HER SO CALLED LAWYER SAM)...UNTIL THE DAY SHE WAS BRAVE ENOUGH TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH OF HER SITUATION. Thank you for your advocacy, truth & bringing those responsible to eventual justice & accountability under the law as this horrifying situation deserves.
  6. Updated cnn report airing tonight, including an interview with Mathew Rosengart! Chloe Melas says she has updated information and interviews.....
  7. So, are her assets now frozen so team con cannot steal from her? I hope she has fired everyone, filed protective orders against everyone involved & had all of the locks changed!
  8. Can rico laws apply?😊 sorry, I just have to wonder.....I have a masters degree in social work, but, I have been seriously considering a masters in jurisprudence......not a j.d. no offense. I am truly fascinated by the law & would love to have a deeper understanding as a social worker & advocating for the patients i work with in a hospital setting. ❤
  9. Where did her fortune of an estimated 225 million go? Why is it now only 60 million? She earned 30 million per year in Vegas (correct me if I am wrong). I have complete faith in our justice system & her forensic accountant....
  10. The injustice of it all just breaks my heart. Force, fraud & coercion are elements of trafficking, and she made it all so clear the day she testified. It just angers me. Lithium levels are available via a blood test. I have even seen something called lithium toxicity which many medical implications. As I have stated previously, I am not an attorney, but, I wish it could be proven to a court of law that this family trafficked britney under the disguise of a legal conservatorship.
  11. So, would that be an invasion of privacy charge on a federal level? Is there a case of potential labor trafficking given britney saying she was forced to work against her will with no break or time off? Her movements were restricted/very controlled. She did not have access to her i.d. or passport. It sickens me. They kept her drugged with high doses of lithium to control her.
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