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  1. But wait imagine a live video tho. Also her mentioning her cousin Marilyn Monroe omg
  2. Cry Me A River.mp3 wasn't she the one praising that song a few years back on twitter tagging justin timberlake and saying she understands him? hehe
  3. It seems Cassie is hinting that over the last few months something changed where she takes orders directly from Britney and not Jamie/Lou/Robin anymore when she said "i don't work with those people - haven't for a while". I still don't trust her and hope she's fired after Nov 12th when Britney does a deep cleaning on her team and fires all the rodents.
  4. This song really grew on me, I like it! Such a shame it flopped catastrophically worldwide outside the UK but I hope it rises and actually charts in the billboard hot 100 next week or something cause it's a cute bop!
  5. Doesn’t surprise me that nicki would do some clownery like this just for some promo since her song with jesy is tanking hard.
  6. He fails to get the point. He claims Britney would be “dead and broke” if it wasn’t for Jamie interfering back in ‘08 but fails to recognize that most of the world was okay with Jamie stepping in back then, maybe Jamie did help her then because, yes, her life was in shambles and it wasn’t just a silly teenage high school K Fed breakup as some fans are now re-writing history to be. But everyone’s point is that conservatorship had NO place beyond after the Circus Tour wrapped up, she was MUCH better and seemed to be in a better space. And he also should have never controlled her that tightly like he did during that tour but we would have turned a blind eye if he wasn’t so greedy for power and kept the cship going for 13 years. In conclusion, our point is there was no need for a 13-year cship, maybe a 1-2 MAX year one but not this circus aka “hybrid business model” empire that he built with Lou *allegedly* and Andrew Wallet.
  7. There's only a 10 second version of Santo out there now as the 2 minute one was removed but I loved it and played it like 20 times while it was up. This 10 sec clip sounds a little remixed and different than the actual 2 minute leak so you'll probably like the actual song more when it drops. The Pa Mis Muchachas has been extremely hard to find so I haven't even listened to that one yet.
  8. I'm proud I kinda guessed it before I even looked at the video lol! I'm one of the younger fans that just got into B around 2012/2013 when I was 11 and throughout the 2010s I was one of the fans always pissed with the residency and its multiple extensions because I wanted her so bad to tour and promote and just smash and be everywhere (cause I didn't experience primeney) and the other day I was just thinking to myself of how nowadays I actively WANT her to take a long break and have more kids as she so desires and I don't even care about her success anymore, she honestly achieved the highest of highs and it doesn't matter if I was there to see it or not. I'm cool with having to wait till I'm like 25 (and 90% of exhale is 35-40 lol) to see her perform again (or she might take even longer). She's been talking about having a family since forever and honestly she never had a normal family life with her kids, she was forced to go on tour after tour with a long residency in between ever since she popped them kids out. Take that break Queen! #rant lol
  9. The comments are 90% positive on this thread lmao. The two or three drama queens. OT: So cute, if I understood correctly that was his last show ever, didn't know about that :( but he's a legend regardless!
  10. Hope Britney gets a better bestie soon that’s not a Hollywood s.exual predator like Cade.
  11. Funny you mention Madge's s** book... I was JUST reading it a few hours ago lol.
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