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  1. There's like 16 personality types, right? ESTJ, ENTJ, ESFJ, ENFJ, ISTJ, ISFJ, INTJ, INFJ, ESTP, ESFP, ENTP, ENFP, ISTP, ISFP, INTP & INFP What types of personality do you think team con have? You probably have to be a sociopath to put a human through something so disgusting and disturbing. I'm just curious about psychology behind their actions, any thoughts?
  2. Why this moment to tell the story? Definitely looks like she tries to use Britney's case to promote herself and put herself in a ''victim'' light. She ALLEGEDLY has been friends with Loucifer all this time so it's hard to feel sorry for her
  3. Are you ******* serious putting Do You Wanna Come Over?, Pretty Girls, Everybody, Now That I Found You, He About To Lose Me there?
  4. Why do you always have to be so negative, mean and disrespectful towards people that do literally nothing to you? You have a problem? Then log off as you said You aren't Britney Spears or Beyonce so calm down, princess
  5. I played the album in the background during work And I really liked this, I have no idea what tracks I liked because I played it all one after another not paying attention to name of the songs Overall it's such a vibe
  6. Pleasseeee, there will always be someone to post her paparazzi photos. We can do nothing about it. Someone can make a rule here about not posting her paparazzi photos and guess what, people will post it anyway, most of 'em won't be even aware of that rule. I think Britney at this point understands that that's the life she chose and there's literally no way back... it's still wayyy better than 2007 and there are laws against paparazzi. Y'all should call out paparazzi (they won't listen to you anyway), not fans. Photos like that are all over the Internet, Twitter, Instagram etc. And you think you are some type of God and you have the power to stop everyone from sharing it? IMPOSSIBLE. Obviously paparazzi are gross but they won't stop.
  7. My house looks better than that even if it's not as big Just not my style I guess... I like everything in white, black, grey
  8. Good luck w/ that. She's a public, extremely famous person, it's impossible
  9. I don't think so. Like this ''Britney all in her glory'' ad that shows up sometimes is like a recommendation to watch other videos of her. Channel owners definitely can decide what shows up there, many youtubers do that to recommend their other videos Not only this music video of Britney It was on Twitter long time ago, I have no idea where to look for stuff like that. I think it was this famous Britney Fan account on Twitter that got deleted 93849383 times? I'm sure some Exhalers have receipts
  10. Why those hidden hills houses are so ugly Seriously, if I were that rich I'd spend money on huge modern villa, not on some medieval castle
  11. Okay, I think it's worth of its own thread. But first of all... who's AJ MItchell? Well he's some 20-year-old twink that I think is new in music industry. I literally have never heard any of his songs, I only know how he looks like. From what I read L*u allegedly works for him and guess what! Today I played Britney's ''I Love Rock 'N' Roll'' music video on YT and suddenly recommendation of AJ Mitchell's music videos showed up on Britney's video in the right corner. I don't know how this is called but this little recommendation disappears after few seconds. C'mon, it can't be a coincidence. Using Britney like crazy in every way??? Don't tell me that ''Oh this happens when artists have the same label'' (no idea if Britney and AJ share labels), out of every new artist they'd choose him?
  12. I don't know if this kind of thread is okay here but well maybe I won't get suspended Britney obviously has loved to express her ***uality since day one, she's a very, very attractive woman (not only appearance) so it got me thinking (no matter your gander and ***ual orientation) have you ever questioned your ***uality because of her? Like ''Damnn she's so hot''. Not like dancing to her songs and ''Oh I'm gay'' ahahahahaahha My answer: I'm guilty My Prerogative, Boys, Make Me, Im a Slave 4 U and I Love Rock 'N' Roll music videos make me feel some type of way (I know, bi***uality exists, it's just a joke)
  13. Yesterday I was thinking like ''Maybe we judge Juno Lynn too much, maybe she had her own problems'' and then I remembered the ***** is friends with Loucifer...
  14. One Kiss from Rosengart Can't Make Rosengart Love Me Do Rosengart Ooh Ooh Rosengart (Rosengart Drive Me) Crazy Born To Make Rosengart Happy What It's Like to Be Rosengart (I Got Rosengart) Boom Boom Mmm Rosengart I Wanna Rosengart Rosengart About to Lose Me Work, Rosengart! Chillin' With Rosengart Man on the Rosengart Hard to Forget Rosengart Looks like I already used the best ideas, the game is over
  15. It's still Britney. She still looks like Britney. Peak of her career Exhale's roots as it was created around that time, right? People till this day use old photos of Britney and what's wrong with that? She doesn't even do professional photoshoots these days so quality isn't that good
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